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  1. Six Flags is the Costco of the amusement industry. Lots of crap in high doses with no real quality.
  2. Yeah, it's the building under the Skycoaster. The only reason I know it's the Food Court is because it was labeled as such on their Facebook page recently.
  3. It's been a little while, but I've got another doozy of an update for everyone! Lots more work has been done on the parking lot and entrance! Trees are starting to get planted, and they've put in curbs, as well. In case you were wondering about the Enterprise, here it is sitting across the street from the park. These have been here for a while, but they're the seats for Freedom Flyer. I imagine we'll start seeing a little train construction before too long. More palm trees waiting to be planted. Entrance building is coming along nicely. They've started putting up the supports for the pre-lift section of White Lightning! Walkways and handrails are going in! These men are working on a section of White Lightning across the street. Bottom layer of track is on, it's starting to look like a real roller coaster! Mmmmmmmm curves. Hard at work on the track immediately after the first drop. Oh yeah, looking good! Nail guns were made for this sorta thing. We've already seen this in this thread, but Freedom Flyer track construction is finished! This is the landing spot for the mid-course ramp. Hello there! Doors and windows are going in at the food court building. The whole perimeter fence is installed around the Skycoaster lake. Backside of the entrance building is getting some paint love. As is the food court building. That's all for now, thanks for reading!
  4. Outlaw Run, basically because it's a brand new ride and it doesn't involve walking into a SF property to ride it. Iron Rattler looks awesome, though.
  5. You're insane to go to that place on a Saturday in the first place.
  6. ^B&M doesn't typically do pull throughs or clearance tests before testing.
  7. Gatekeeper, simply because riding Full Throttle would involve going to SFMM.
  8. This was posted a while back somewhere, but I can't find it, so here it is again. Helps give a little perspective on everything that's going up.
  9. I should get double credit for even going to New Jersey to get it in the first place!
  10. Ha, I got that credit while it was in New Jersey, looks like I get to count it again!
  11. Not that this won't be good, but better than Voyage? I don't imagine it'll even be close. And it'll be using Millennium Flyer trains like every other GCI.
  12. Looks like they should have the first drop just about done by the time I get back over there, which should be Monday. Awesome!
  13. ^^If they have any mercy at all, they'll tear the whole thing down. ^The new trains only helped for a short time. They would have had to completely rebuild the track from the ground up for the new trains to make a difference since there was already so much irreversible damage done to the track from the PTCs.
  14. I didn't think Wild Eagle's restraints were any worse than those of Maverick/305/Storm Runner/Skyrush/Cheetah Hunt. Any restraint system utilizing hydraulics instead of ratchets is going to inevitably tighten down during the ride, which is why I love ratcheting restraints. For the record, I enjoy every ride I listed quite a bit.
  15. I'll never be able to take this ride seriously, even if it's awesome. Fake records and YOLO have ruined that forever.
  16. Robb teased an update on Fun Spot earlier on Facebook, and here you go! White Lightning's tallest support and bent went up today, and I was there to capture it all! It's been pretty amazing watching this all get built from the ground up, especially considering it was still just a big grass field as recently as five months ago. Lots left to be built, but it marks another big milestone for Fun Spot and the expansion! First off, we'll start with Freedom Flyer progress. This is basically all that's left for track construction. The helix was finished in the last few days. Once, just once, I want to send a train flying off a track to see if it really explodes like they do on RCT. Anyway, enough of that Vekoma crap, let's check out the shiny new GCI going up! That's as tall as it's going to get, but as most coaster enthusiasts know, size doesn't always matter! As the lift hill goes up, so does the end of the layout. Now that's some twisty goodness right there. Not quite as terrifying as standing on top of the Skycoaster. The view from the other side. Getting everything tightened down at the top. Prepping another section of supports to be lifted into place. Now we pause to talk about how lovely the weather was today. Hi, Northeast!! Moving around the other side, they've installed safety fence around most of the artificial lake. I think they should train sharks with laser beams attached to their heads to target Brazilian tourists and put them in this lake. Then Fun Spot should have a "free rides for Brazilians" day. Orlando's biggest problem would be solved in one glorious afternoon! The entrance building is also coming along nicely. Down on the very end of the White Lightning layout, they've finished up the footers for the turn around. Here's the launch platform for the Skycoaster. Given my affinity for Skycoasters, you can probably expect a picture of this in every update from now on. Looks like they have also started laying down wood for the go kart track expansion. There's what the extra track will look like. Nice view from the other side of the park. Here's a nice little reminder for those of you who think it's ok to just drive right into a construction site. And now another section of supports has gone up! It seriously blows my mind how quickly they've gotten this all up. Tightening bolts, pretty important step in the construction process. These guys are definitely earning their paychecks. It's a wonder we don't see more steel-supported woodies, it just seems like it makes the process so much easier. Starting the climb to connect everything together. Moving on up...... I feel like the guy in the neon shirt should have screamed "I'M KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!" Another section about to go up. And there it goes! There were a few uneasy moments because of the wind, but it all worked out in the end. We have liftoff! I sure hope the guy driving the crane doesn't have Parkinson's. Almost there....... Closer...... This will be the first bent of the first drop. And there it is. At this point you just hope nothing goes wrong with those straps holding the giant steel contraption above your head. Ok, time to leave and let these guys work. I have a good feeling about this ride! We'll see you again in a few days!
  17. I was actually thinking about that earlier, and I can't see why it would be that big a deal if there were dueling flight lines. If you have two flights at the same time, it stands as a good possibility that they would be swinging in opposite directions at some point, and the arches are already engineered to have the flight lines far enough apart where there's zero chance the flyers could collide. But once again, while it's possible that it could be done, it never will be. I couldn't ever see a situation where Skycoaster, Inc. would sign off on something like that.
  18. ^I suppose that technically could be done, but I really don't think Fun Spot wants or needs a second tower.
  19. Fun Spot (sorta) beat me to the punch, but I have new pictures to report! These were taken Wednesday. So now we have this giant contraption of supports up for Freedom Flyer. This support will be doing quite a bit of supporting. It should win the 2014 Oscar for Best Supporting Support. We also have pretty much the whole lift hill complete now. And a mini helix! This thing has certainly changed the skyline. There's also been lots of progress with White Lightning! It's really different watching a steel-supported wooden coaster go up. Not your typical woodie construction. Here's where the first drop will be! Tangled mass of supports. And this thing has gone vertical even more! They've continued to work on the bents for the end of the layout. Hard at work on the lift hill! Won't be able to get this good of a look at Freedom Flyer from this vantage point much longer. Panorama of the construction thus far. Moving along nicely!
  20. I'm still blown away at the number of people that get upset over these results. It's just a combination of opinions, it shouldn't affect you negatively or positively in any way, shape, or form. If you think Boomerangs are awesome? Great! If you think some "popular" ride sucks? Awesome! That's what makes us human, difference in opinion. No need to get butthurt because some ride halfway around the world that you've never ridden ranks higher than your home park's/favorite manufacturer's shiny new ride. Edit: And please. Conspiracy theories involving online coaster polls???
  21. What's wrong with that? Maggie, Mavie, Millie, Draggie, Gemmie, Mantie, Raptie, Wickie Twistie, Corkie, and Windy need another partner!
  22. ^I'm pretty sure that rumor has gone around before. And while Robb said not to discuss whether a myth is true or not, I can tell everyone with 100% certainty that one isn't true.
  23. "Coasters go faster in the back." Absolutely maddening when I hear people say that.
  24. I'm pretty sure that guy said a couple pages back that the expansion to the go kart track is going to be directly over where the other tower would go, not to mention having to build a second extension to the building under the arch in order to have a second site for the launch platform. So basically, there's no way they'll ever have the second side open. Definitely looks awkward, but it makes sense.
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