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  1. The dive loop is going up incredibly fast, compared to the turnaround. Gives me hope
  2. Such an awesome ride - maybe the only Top Spin I've re-ridden.
  3. I felt so guilty being around Paul in Europe that I bought a Krake keychain. My collection of 1 is still wonderful. . You've got some awesome ones though - looking forward to seeing them here.
  4. Thanks for all the updates on this ride Loefet - I'm ridiculously excited for this ride.
  5. Fire Dragon - the camelback plus the weird twisty thing after makes up one of my favorite coaster moments. Plus the little flip before the brakes. If only they still dueled and weren't Harry Potter themed.
  6. I wish I wasn't working and had time to play the game --- good luck everyone. Very fun Robb & Elissa
  7. Awesome pictures, Ken. This was the same day we went on Raging Spirits, and I was doing my best to look short because they have a 6'4" height limit. The woman monitoring the line took me to get measured, and she was very, very happy to let me know I'd be able to ride. She was also quite short Hooray, Tall American Can Ride!
  8. Thanks for all these pictures Martin & Cheryl - lots of fun to look at Also, work on those selfies, Martin
  9. The existing station has already been expanded and is going to be refaced and remodeled. It won't look like the old station when they're done with it.
  10. Hi All - I just got back from SFGAm -- TPR and Six Flags were kind enough to let us stomp around the construction site for a while, take pictures, and answer a lot of questions. I'll attach a few pictures here, but first wanted to capture what I remember about the questions we asked: * The track is four layers of wood (instead of the usual six) and the orange part is 2 layers of steel * The wheels on this ride will be polyurethane, where Outlaw Runs are steel. This isn't because of noise, it's because of speed and the particulars of the ride * The structure should be complete by April * RMC is handling construction with a lot of the same people who built Outlaw Run, plus some locals * There will be two trains, one with red and one with orange fiberglass seats * No verdict on seat belts - for now there aren't any - just the lap bars with the ankle holders (horseshoe shaped). RMC is building the trains * Trains are not on-site yet * The station is going to be Roman themed, white columns. There's a really cool looking entry arch as well. * No opening date yet, they're aiming for memorial day * There are big circular discs attached to the footers. A metal ring mates to that and includes some arms that are vertical. The bents are attached to that (so the structure, in a sense, is bolted wholesale into the ground. Wood doesn't actually get embedded in the footers) * WGN news was there and a bunch of us taped a segment with them that will appear on the WGN morning news next Monday at 9 * It was awesome * The ride is in a VERY compact footprint (not much bigger than Iron Wolf was) -- given its height, the turns are going to be tight and very very intense. * Being in an empty theme park in winter with lots of snow on the ground is very unusual Thanks, Robb, TPR, Brandon, Katy, and Six Flags for the opportunity. It was spectacular. Here we are walking backstage after meeting Brandon and Katy in the SF offices The group, both cold and awe-stricken, watch workers on the structure at the turnaround. Here's the (very deep, very scary) tunnel, and behind it the two super-airtime-bunny-hills-of-crazy. Bunnies beware. Here's the turnaround from the show stadium. The show today wasn't as good as normal, I admit. Since all the footers are already down, the excavator is presumably looking for Jimmy Hoffa. There's going to be a steep drop from the station. I love it when rides do this. Here you can see the big concrete slab where the lift motor will go, and the lift hill will be going away from where we are. On the right, the return bunny hills. The track on the left is the return into the station (at a pretty steep angle)
  11. Awesome report, Ken - and I think I can still feel the brake on that sneaker coaster in my crotch somewhere.
  12. Such a nice batch of pictures to see when the weather is so ugly outside right now. Thanks Ken!
  13. Thanks for posting all this Robert... what a great day that was.... The Spider-Man tour is squarely my #1 TPR experience so far... amazing.
  14. Loefet - thanks a ton for these pictures and frequent updates... definitely one of my most anticipated for 2014. I'm surprised that the electronics are there on the launch already - I was always under the impression that stuff was installed after all the metal went up.
  15. In case any of you make the same mistake I did, I thought I'd post the result here: * If you can't remember your password and try to log in too many times through Tapatalk, the forum software will require you to answer a CAPTCHA question to make sure you're not a bot trying to break in. However, the Tapatalk login screen doesn't show the captcha, so you can't enter it through your phone. If you need to "reset" things to try again, just log in through a browser and enter the CAPTCHA there. It will solve two problems - first, you'll have to remember your password Secondly, the next time you try to get in through Tapatalk, you'll be able to enter your username and password and get in. Thanks to the forum admins for adding this - really useful. -Matt
  16. Thank you all for getting involved in this... love seeing this kind of stuff. One of the things that makes TPR special.
  17. name: matt fc: 1435-4554-5048 City: Chicago Fruit: Cherry AC Name: Matt (Original, I know!)
  18. I've thrown my hat into the ring for Scandi too... if for some reason there's not enough room, Mini New Hotness looks like a lot of fun, even if it's in my own back yard Happy to see a bunch of familiar faces, too.
  19. Elissa and Robb did a crazy good job of keeping us on track that day... turned out to be awesome. I loved takabisha and the haunted hospital..... Eejanika, on the other hand, should be turn down. I had shaken baby syndrome after. -M
  20. I'm really happy to see that the NTAG incident hasn't scared parks off of RMC. And yes, the inversion/drop on this thing pushes all kinds of buttons.
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