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  1. ^ Probably had money when at the mall. < Is depressed whenever i take my broke ass to the mall. v Is going to get mauled by a mountain lion on June 7th.
  2. ^Is morally against hats, and I have never ridden EITHER. v Is fantasizing about a sexual act involving a pencil sharpener, motor oil, and mass amounts of baking flour.
  3. Waterproof :: Valentino Runway Remix Du bist feo (Sperman).
  4. They're not all "local" but my favorite channels are: XM: 1. Flight26 2. Top 20 3. System (82) Sirius: 1. Alt Nation (21) 2. Punk (29) 3. Boombox (34) FM: B95.1
  5. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self :: Pink
  6. LMFAO Mark was so not joking. But roll with it homie. :]] BTW Nice lip ring...Lose the bandana. Makes your hair stick out funny. Not a bad funny but a "Makes me giggle like a 4 year old" funny. Your still my hero. :]] No, it just makes him look like Angie. Hahahahaha
  7. ^Knows about my fondness for junk in the trunk. vGoes hot tubbing with out a hot tub.
  8. Today, I was sitting in a hot tub with three old people who I've never met when I was at the Yacht Club for some party. They were really cool and funny. I love old people, they're so awesome.
  9. Can you say invasion of privacy? Honestly, is this news? A dad yelling at his daughter, big deal. Its people who think its their business to speculate on celebrities lives that make me sick.
  10. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is The Press Coverage :: Panic! At The Disco
  11. We Want C*nt :: Jeffree Star Ohio Is For Lovers :: Hawthorne Heights Tonight :: FM Static
  12. I'm not coordinated enough to play that game.
  13. I love X!!!! That and Deja are the only rollercoasters that still make me scream out of actual fear. The drop is amazing. You just have to experience it to know what i'm talking about.
  14. My sexual orientation is whatever comes along. My parents know about it, they don't really care.
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