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  1. i would say: go to a shooting hall to fire some machine guns i really loved it cause it's impossible here in belgium to try such weapons ^^
  2. 3 Days ago i booked 3 tickets for thorpe park. Payed with visa and i'm 100% sure i used the correct email adress. i checked the reservation paper that i've printed but my email isn't noted on it so i cant check if i typed it wrong or not. checked for a contact adress but i can only the phone. i live in belgium so i rather prefer email then phone. anybody else ever had problems with it? if i didn't recieve the mail before tuesday, i just have to call i think i guess i won't get the tickets when i take the reservation paper with me that day. i'm going next weekend so...
  3. yea i also miss vegas i've been there about 3 weeks ago and loved it thank god i didn't ride the manhattan express but i love speed the ride ^^
  4. then it most have been very bad... the last time i rode it, about a month ago, it was actually pretty smooth for what i expected and told to my friends who did it for the first time in 2 years that i'm visiting disney, this was my best ride ever from the 10-15 times i rode it up till now
  5. sorry for bumping this thread but is there already more news about this coaster? going to LV in april and it would be sad if it's still closed
  6. we rode rita when it was getting a bit dark and the pictures i had just werent THAT good enough to post on the second day i didn't have the time to take some decent pics from those two coasters ^^
  7. crowds were really ok max queue time i saw was 60min for air. nemesis and rita were around 40-45 minutes, oblvion also. and about DM... pirates adventure was really bad imo i liked excalibur (the boat ride with that dragon theme) more. The haunting (madhouse) wasn't that bad as well (nice story) but the ride itself was shitty
  8. Nemesis front seat at Alton Towers on 27/10/08 my last one this year will be Black Mamba @ PHL on the 21th of december
  9. 26/10 the skyride was also closed for us but the 27th it was open! thank god cause i really liked the ride over the valley
  10. Pictures from Alton Towers now! First visit and it's my favo park so far together with Disney Paris The nature is absolutly stunning. Sometimes it felt like you were in a national park instead of being at AT ^^ We were there with scarefest, they had 3 Halloween attractions. Terror of the towers witch was a walktrough trough the old towers, really nice imo. Also there was a boiler room nearby the AT hotel and they also created a cropfield maze there witch was also really nice. I don't have pictures of it just because it night at the moment we did the spooky attractions. where we took our last shot in Alton Towers! see you back in 2010 when Secret Weapon 6 will be opened then we headed back to the entrance this is the passage way (last corridor to the vault, its main show) here you exit the original towers the paper they have to fill in. riders/head is how many people they had in that hour. all the parts from the entrance to the exit again the real inside of a madhouse. the part you see is the house witch turns around 360° monitors to check everything Vekoma -_- Control panel Hello Hex ride operator This is the building where they placed the madhouse in. I thaught it was inside the towers :$ Not to forget, we also got a backstage Tour of Hex! This is the place where there used to be an old Schwarzkopf but I don't remember the name anymore This helix is awesome. going down to make speed for the Zero-g over the station Vertical loop again First element after the small drop Again Nemesis! After riding it at the 6th row, in the dark and front I most say it's one of the best coasters i did. It's cool in the dark but front seat during the day is better. Specially the first element is great riding front seat Day two started off with b&m madness. First up was Oblivion, after that we went to Air for again riding it front seat! After riding the two b&m's at Forbidden Valley, we went to Ug-Land. Hell + Heaven together on one picture Again the turn where you go on your back Lying on your back with the sun and blue sky above your head was the greatest feeling I ever got on a coaster The moment where you turn on your back Time for some Air shots again Zero-G over the station, love this element Going down for the vertical loop Vertical loop Nemesis After collecting our Fasttrack for Air, Nemesis and Obl we started with Air. Favo coaster so far. The part when you're going on your back is awesome Lovely After the Halloween fun, we went trough the gardens straight to Forbidden Valley. I never saw such nature in a park... Actually it was unbelievable for me that you could find this kind of nature at a themepark! Nerd shot? Taking some Oblivion pics while waiting for Tower of the terrors. We rode it in the dark witch was really crazy cause you really didn't know when the drop would end Hex Again the towers In front of Hex, best madhouse I did so far. The story, the music, the legend behind the story... I loved it We took our Halloween tickets after Spinball and went to Hex. The towers are simply awesome They're having a great time i suppose Horshoe turn First stop: Spinball Wizzer. Pretty good spinning coaster but not as good as the Winja's I love the Halloween decoration! Arriving at AT
  11. Oktober means Halloween time so we went to the UK! CRAP, made a mistake with the attachments so you have to view the DM pics from the end to the top of the post I hope you enjoy the pictures + comments but be warned that my comments aren't that cool and funny to read, imo... Overall opinion about this park... I didn't like it very much! it was good for a one time visit to have the coaster credits + riding the only standup coaster in europe and the only standup floorless drop tower witch was really good imo! Alton Towers report will come tommorow, right now bed time! Yay, after a trip that took almost 9 hours, we arrived at DM. First stop, the pretty unique drop tower Apocalypse! Hmmm witch one should we take? Standup floorless ofcourse! BTW I really loved the "seats" G-Force, shitty MS X Car coaster! Car on the airtime hill Vertical loop 1 Vertical loop 2 I like this kind of steel Corkscrew B&M Look-a-like Kiddiecoaster time! Train in the new 2008 section of the park, Thomasland. They have a monorail @ DM o_O Doesn't look bad but the coaster is hell 2 Times corkscrew pleasure Home o_O AT you mean *woohoo*
  12. i'm also still learning how to use AHG. i know the basics and i can heartline a track but not perfect... i'm always having problems with loopings. track right now is: launch-dive loop-airtime hill-looping the dive loop is ok after using AHG, the airtime section also (painted it black and the piece before and after red and green) but i keep getting problems with the looping. the top piece always turns around after using AHG (if you know what i mean?) someone has en explenation for this? even when i paint it black it keeps turning around that piece of track
  13. mine so far: 1. 05/02: DLRP + studios 2. 06/02: DLRP + studios 3. 28/03: Toverland 4. 06/04: Parc Astérix 5. 23/04: Phantasialand 6. 18/05: Drievliet 7. 26/07: Tripsdrill 8. 27/07: Holiday Park 9. 24/08: DLRP + Studios 10. 25/08: DLRP + Studios Next: 25/10: Drayton Manor 26/10: Alton Towers 27/10: Alton Towers
  14. indeed, that's always the first thing i do when i enter disney! go to frontierland and take a FP for BTM, then meanwhile go to Phantom Manor. After PM, you can do the boat around BTM (if the queue wasnt too lang @ PM) after BTM indiana jones, then pirates, small world, space mountain, buzz light year. also try to take a FP for buzz. waiting time there is almost always around 50-60 minutes
  15. only one day... are you planning to do the park and the studios? if yes, i'm begging for you that it's not too crowded that day just try to get all the big attractions in the disney park like phantom manor, big thunder mountain, indiana jones, space mountain, it's a small world, pirates of the caribean and buzz lightyear. if it's not too crowded you have a chance to do them all in one day but i'm not sure if you will make it in time to the studios to ride RnRc and Tower of Terror. with only one day, you won't have a chance to ride crush's coaster cause its capacity is horrible... if you really really want to do that ride, make sure to be at the studios 30min before opening time
  16. awesome footage of vekoma! don't have the time to read it right now but i'm certainly gonna check it out again tommorow!
  17. going to ride it 27 or 28/10 one of the last rides then
  18. First coaster I finished with a good feeling about it. In my opinion, it is pretty smooth altough some turns could have been better... For this one, I didn't use AHG. The end is also a bit abrupt as you will notice http://rapidshare.com/files/149744250/Desert_Cross.nltrack.html NL Layout: First Drop: Some comments would be welcome and also tnx for riding it
  19. does anybody already applied to send a postcard from belgium? maybe i can send some chocolat too
  20. the rainbow, memories the sound was awesome, rode one in bobbejaanland years ago... it's been gone now for about 5-10 years i think ^^
  21. your TR was a warm up for my visit within 4 weeks looking forward to it (specially the drop tower)
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