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  1. Does anyone know if Shivering Timbers has opened yet for the 2021 season? Queue-Times is usually pretty good, but it's showing that Shivering Timbers has been listed as "Closed" every day thus far in 2021.
  2. We tried going to Chocolatier this past weekend, but it was a 5 hour wait when we tried putting our name in around 5, so they stopped taking names. At least the nearby Primanti's wasn't a bad back-up plan! As for Fahrenheit, it closed early on both Saturday and Sunday. It was cycling empty test trains at the end of both days, so I'm not sure what's going on with that ride. It opened late in my prior visit to the park earlier this year. In the past, it's usually really reliable.
  3. Speaking on the one at Canobie, their's is impossible to snap. They have metal chains limiting the motion of the fin. It also isn't a super fast one. Kong at Morey's is another one with a strict no snapping rule. That one is located on top of a building, so I suspect it can be snapped if you get a good wind. Eagles Flight at Holiday World is a hard one to snap, but the park allows it. American Flyers at Lake Compounce is a slow one, but they're very snappable. In the past, they allowed snapping, but there was one operator this year who took issue with it. Flying Scooters at Camden Park allows snapping, but the cycle is super short so you barely have enough time to snap them.
  4. I didn't look yesterday since crowds were so light, but I didn't see anyone using one.
  5. It'll be interesting if the other parks in the chain make you do the same thing as Kennywood.
  6. Also, just a FYI to anyone who bought the Palace Platinum Pass. I bought mine with Lake Compounce as my home park and when I went to the turnstiles at Kennywood, they couldn't scan it. I'm not sure if the other Palace parks that aren't your home park are like this, but you need to have your Platinum Pass scanned by guest services. They'll then print a paper ticket that you use to enter the park.
  7. Yesterday, it rained very hard for a 15-20 minute stretch. Kennywood kept most things open during that time except Steel Curtain. The bigger issue is if the park uses the rain as an excuse to close the park early, but while they're open, they're good about keeping rides open as long as there's no thunder and lightning. I would prioritize Steel Curtain if its clear when you arrive at the park. The ride is only on one train and a lot of people will head there first since it was closed all of last year. The line was around 45-60 minutes most of the day, which the employees were saying was less than the 2 hour waits it has been getting most weekends.
  8. From my experience, most of the rides will run in even heavy rain. There was a brief heavy rainstorm today and Steel Curtain was one of the few rides that stopped operating for a bit. The biggest issue on a day like this is if Kennywood closes early due to weather. But if there's no thunder, you should be able to get on everything without much waits.
  9. Kennywood just hit 35 dispatches in an hour on Phantom and didn't stack once! This crew is amazing.
  10. Reading through old posts, I see the park used to close most of their coasters in the rain. However, that was before the park was purchased by Herschend and I know Silver Dollar City and Dollywood are rather aggressive about running their rides in rain. Does anyone know if Storm Chaser and Lightning Run still close in rain?
  11. Here's a picture of the cable spooler from yesterday. I was there on Saturday and Sunday. The cool, drizzly weather kept the Memorial Day weekend crowds to the level of a standard summer weekday.
  12. The Palace chain is very good at keeping the list of open and closed attractions up to date. For example, Lake Compounce listed Boulder Dash as opening late a few weekends ago and sure enough it opened around 1-2 pm. The most interesting thing to me is that Noah's Ark was moved from closed indefinitely to temporarily closed, so maybe they're finally willing to reopen soon it after it was closed for covid.
  13. I don't mind the delayed ride openings since Kennywood is up front about it. A lot of parks let you in the park before the official park opening and then have you wait for rope drop. From experience, Kennywood doesn't seem to let you in until the official opening, so it ends up feeling similar to me.
  14. I think all the Saturdays in June plus the Memorial Day weekend Sunday had 10 pm closures before this update.
  15. Last week, they were giving people the option to use the physical device or their phone.
  16. Boulder Dash in the very front row is still incredible, but the ride definitely suffers in other rows from a roughness and reduced airtime perspective. I will happily wait how ever many extra trains needed for a front row ride on Boulder Dash. I think all but one of my rides in the past few seasons have been up front.
  17. I think adults can ride it during normal hours if they go to town hall/guest relations and get a card stating they're an enthusiast.
  18. Did it look like the Titan Track that was announced it would be getting or standard wood?
  19. Looks like Ride Entertainment has a used skywarp available for sale for immediate delivery from California. I'm almost certain this is Harley Quinn. I'm surprised they went with an animation over actual ride footage, but I'm guessing footage of the ride operating was rare. And the video is quieter with that background music than it would be if the ride were actually running. The one weird thing with the animation is that it shows the ride operating with just one half of the train. Maybe that's just an accidental omission in the animation?
  20. This is the right sized park for a Raptor, but I wonder if this is one of those family hybrid coasters RMC recently announced since the park has mostly had families in my visits. But whatever RMC they add, I'm sure it will have plenty of airtime and this is a very pleasant surprise.
  21. ^ I'll be there the day prior. I really hope Phantom is open (and I'm cautiously optimistic since it did test over the weekend), but with Kennywood I can never be too sure.
  22. Looks like Phantom's Revenge is now on the temporarily closed list. This park can't catch a break with signature rides being closed.
  23. ^ Last Friday, Superman and Wicked Cyclone still had hour plus waits due to the reduced capacity. Six Flags New England is dropping the mask mandate starting on Saturday for vaccinated guests, so I suspect they may start loading all rows on rides sooner rather than later. I think every Six Flags park that reopened started by skipping rows and gradually switching to loading each row.
  24. I was at the park again this weekend and there are two observations I wanted to note. First, while the park was still skipping rows on several rides, the operators were trying to pair single riders up. I was asked to be paired on both Wicked Cyclone and Superman. I didn't mind since I'm fully vaccinated, but it's puzzling the park is skipping rows on rides but willing to pair different parties in the same row. Two, Goliath's sign was removed.
  25. I'm seeing a few posts online that Intimidator 305's cable may have snapped. Is anyone there to confirm? It's listed as closed on Queue Times.
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