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  1. Tomorrow Great Adventure is open 10-5 and then 6-11 for Power Hours. I separate reservations for each. Does anyone know if meal plans reset for Power Hours? I wasn't planning on going to Great Adventure tomorrow, but it looks too risky to go to Hersheypark with the winds. I saw Candymonium close last November when winds were in the 15-20 mph range and tomorrow is calling for 20-25 mph sustained winds with 40-50 mph gusts. Meanwhile I know Great Adventure is willing to play with fire as evidenced by that Nitro test run I witnessed last month when winds were approaching 40 mph on a cool 40 degree morning. Days like this are especially why I love Great Adventure.
  2. The original plan was to hit Hershey on Friday for minimal crowds and then do Great Adventure on Saturday since I have the all-season Flash Pass. I agree Power Hour and all those night rides at Great Adventure sound awesome, so that's not a bad consolation prize.
  3. Has anyone had experience visiting Hersheypark on a windy day? I was hoping to visit Friday expecting low crowds, but the weather calls for 20-25 mph sustained winds and gusts of 35-40 mph. The back-up plan is a park two hours east that I know has zero cares in the world running things in any weather conditions.
  4. Hersheypark's official statement was that Storm Runner was closed in 2020 since they were waiting on a part that was delayed due to covid.
  5. In early 2019, Scandia Ontario closed their doors forever. The small park had some awesome mini golf courses, a few carnival rides, and most notably the Scandia Screamer, a giant Miler coaster with some frightening airtime and aggressive turns. The ride was sale for a few years, but it finally found a new home. Traders Village in Grand Prarie, Texas will be opening the Prairie Screamer this fall. Link to Traders Village SCREAMING INTO TRADERS VILLAGE FALL 2021, PRAIRIE SCREAMER, a family-oriented roller coaster that will be popular with all ages! • Drop 80 feet • Speed 50 mph • Duration 1:56 • 2 Trains with 10 riders per train Until this announcement was made, I honestly had never heard of Traders Village. But this place is less than 5 miles from Six Flags Over Texas and while it's mostly a flea market, it has a decent flat ride lineup, including a Larson drop tower. And rides cost just $3 a piece or $14 for an unlimited wristband. I will be sure to check this place out once the Screamer reopens because that coaster really surprised me.
  6. Most of the Six Flags parks start reservations up to an hour before the park actually opens, so that makes sense. I will probably only ride two rides that night. But I am going to ride them a ton.
  7. Has anyone been able to determine what the hours for preview night are? They aren't on the calendar.
  8. Their dino event is slated to run through May 23. I suspect the latest they'd reopen the full park would be Memorial Day weekend, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start soft opening some rides for the dino event. This announcement was paired with Massachusetts relaxing its outdoor mask mandate. Now masks are only required outdoors if you can't physically social distance. I strongly suspect Six Flags will make them mandatory inside the park like they've done for their other parks and that would especially make sense given how long it took for them to finally reopen. Wicked Cyclone is a weird one. It seems to run better in the cold which is the opposite of how most coasters run. When it runs slow, the ride starts bleeding speed on the final lap. The ride still gives good airtime, but you'll feel a pause in between the elements.
  9. Is Maxx Force available with the membership skip-the-line passes or is it only on Platinum?
  10. I was able to book 3 days for Cedar Point; however, I had to do a separate "order" for each reservation.
  11. That looks like they may be down for a while unfortunately.
  12. ^ I wonder if that one had been sitting out. I've gone there a few times and every time the brisket has been moist and juicy.
  13. My favorite food item there is the brisket sandwich near the water park entrance. That's my favorite food in the park and my favorite brisket anywhere.
  14. I like all their major coasters best in the back row, particularly Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman. The park is likely going to be empty tonight, so as long as they don't close you should have the park to yourself and they usually will run things in the rain as long as it isn't a monsoon.
  15. Good news for those looking to visit Canobie from out-of-state, New Hampshire no longer has the rule that anyone who used public transportation outside of NH, VT, and ME in the past 2 weeks is denied entry into the park. Realistically, I know most people probably said they didn't even if they did, but I decided to respect that rule last year to avoid getting the park or the employees I knew in trouble. In fact, I think the park assumed everyone would just say no to that rule. I tried contacting the park last year if a negative covid test could be presented as an alternative if I took public transportation and they said I was the only person who asked, so they had no clue if it was acceptable or not.
  16. Most parks last year didn't ask for any proof of anything. None of the parks in states that required a covid test to travel there actually checked. They just had the covid exposure questions and I think they assumed everyone would automatically say yes/no. The only park I saw take the covid questions super seriously was Canobie. The security guards would change the wording each time so you couldn't just blindly answer yes or no.
  17. I can only think of one or two instances where an indoor ride has closed due to rain and it was a leaky roof. I'd like to think this new building was made correctly.
  18. Kalahari Round Rock Since I saw a few people discussing the pricing of the Kalahari parks, I thought it would be a fitting time to discuss my experience at the chain's newest location in Round Rock, Texas. I visited just over a week after it opened on a weekday. Depending on the day you visit, prices can cost upwards of $120-130 if you aren't a hotel guest. This is to minimize capacity so on-site guests can enjoy the water park with very little waits. I suspect the fact I visited during an off-peak period before many people knew the place was open is why I could get a day pass for just $50. That's still expensive for a water park, but it's significantly better than most days. This was the first Kalahari I had ever visited. While the water park looked hideous from the outside, it looked pretty good on the inside with the vibrant color schemes on the slides and murals on the walls. Since I visited during 2020, I arrived right at opening. I didn't want to risk dealing with crowds in a water park, especially an indoor one. I didn't have to wait in a single line. The only downside to arriving so early was that the Sahara Sidewinder drop pod slide was closed for a rather weird reason. Maintenance had forgotten to unlock the ride for the day, so the employee couldn't operate the ride. I kept checking if the slide was open, but maintenance never showed up to open it, which was a bummer since I love these drop pod slides. The park has two main slide towers. The first featured my favorite operating attraction in the Tanzanian Twister, a body bowl slide. I always love these slides for the fast initial plunge and awkward final plunge into the splashdown pool. 8 out of 10 The other body slide on this tower is the Zig Zag Zebra. This was an average body slide with a few decently forceful turns. 6 out of 10 The tower also had a series of tube slides. Stingray was one of those slides with a giant wall and it had a thrilling drop. The others were slightly better than average since the park allowed riders to experience them backwards. Not many places allow that. Across the park is another slide tower. This one features two of the park's most extreme body slides. The aforementioned drop pod slide was closed, but Screaming Hyena was open and it had a very steep and thrilling drop. 7 out of 10 This tower also included a tornado slide, another family raft slide, and a mat racer. None of these were standouts, but they filled out the lineup nicely. Beyond the kiddie rides, there was one other water slide off on its own. I forget this slide's name, but it was a shockingly long name for a water slide. I liked how this slide was built among this fake rockwork and I was surprised these body slides had a rather high drop off into the water. 6 out of 10 I mainly visited Kalahari since I had an extra day to burn and the state's major parks were closed on weekdays, but it was a fun water park. The park has an extensive slide line-up covering most genres outside of a water coaster. While the slides are fun, none are truly unique to this park and they all can be found elsewhere. It's just rare to find them all in one specific park like this. So I wouldn't recommend adding this on a Texas theme park trip unless you can get a great deal on a hotel room.
  19. ^ It was expensive when I visited that Kalahari back in November, but it was less than half that. I also visited on a weekday and the place had just opened, so I'm guessing not many people knew about it. I can understand why a place like Kalahari jacks up the rates to keep crowds low for the hotel guests. The DreamWorks Water Park is a bit of a different story since it's not attached to a hotel. But if they can reach the crowd levels they want charging those prices, all power to them. I only visited once. I loved the park. But I went on a weekday when I was one of like 50 people in the whole park, so it felt like I had the place to myself.
  20. They are very transparent at the gate which rides are closed. All of them were open in my last visit.
  21. I suspect it'll be a super compact coaster that takes the inversion record. Isn't Cedar Point rumored to get a new coaster in 2022? That seems like a record they'd love to get and they seem to be pressed for space right now unless they remove something.
  22. SeaWorld updated the note to remove the option for out-of-state residents to provide a covid test. The only way for out-of-state residents to visit now is being fully vaccinated. In the reopen California documents, there's a statement "fully vaccinated persons from out of state may visit or attend activities or events that are restricted to in-state visitors."
  23. Per the SeaWorld San Diego website, out-of-state residents are now allowed to visit with evidence of being fully vaccinated or by presenting a covid test taken within 72 hours of visiting. SeaWorld San Diego is now operating as a theme park with rides, indoor and outdoor animal exhibits, and outdoor live animal presentations with physically-distanced seating. Per state COVID-19 restrictions, attendance is limited to California in-state visitors, and now out-of-state visitors will be required to show proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their park visit (required for guests 3 & up). Guests may also be asked to present proof of residency upon entry. Party sizes may not contain more than 3 households. To adhere to capacity guidelines, and for the health and safety of our animals, employees and guests, reservations and proper face coverings are required to enter the park. I think it will be interesting to see if the other California parks begin doing this as well. Edit- Upon doing some digging it appears the covid test or vaccine exception is in place for zoos currently, but not theme parks. It looks like SeaWorld is claiming they're a zoo to use it.
  24. I saw a report online that Magic Mountain has some single rider lines open currently. Is this actually correct?
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