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  1. Glad to see Steel Curtain open again! Any idea what's wrong with Black Widow? I think that ride has been closed for longer than Steel Curtain at this point.
  2. For an initial test, Jersey Devil was moving very fast. Those drops in the back row should be crazy.
  3. I agree Velocicoaster is amazing. I got several rides on it this past week. I also didn't mind waiting in that queue line one bit because the outdoor section had fantastic views of the coaster and the indoor section has a lot of cool items and videos to look at. Plus, the line flies. Usually I only waited about half the posted time unless the ride broke down (which it only did once for me in all the times I rode it).
  4. The section being replaced appears to be the second drop, so it's definitely not to add a second train. Maybe they thought it was running too smoothly and they wanted it to better train young guests for the older, rougher coasters.
  5. There is a photo floating around of Slime Streak missing track. Seems like they may be retracking a section of it already?
  6. ^ I was the one in the Waldameer shirt. I definitely saw you a few times. Scream was running one of the back towers in space shot mode around 6 pm when I was heading towards Wicked Cyclone. It was shocking how fast Superman's crew was getting trains out considering it has been a long time since the park last opened.
  7. For Wicked Cyclone, they allowed you to wait by the turnstile if you wanted either the front or back (at least the operator between 6-7:30).
  8. As many of us expected, Six Flags New England is skipping rows on Superman and Wicked Cyclone. What did surprise me tonight is that they are allowing guests to wait for specific rows. Superman is absolutely flying right now considering it's the first day it has run with guests in a long time.
  9. My goal tonight is to just get a handful of rides on Wicked Cyclone and Superman.
  10. I'm excited to hear how the lockers turn out since I heard Cedar Fair did something similar with Twisted Timbers. I'm glad the park listened to guest feedback and found (what's likely to be) a better solution.
  11. Storm Runner has not opened yet. When I was there last week, the train had water dummies loaded on the train. As far as I can tell, no one has seen it test yet.
  12. I think one of the big differences with Velocicoaster is that it was a ride type Intamin has built several times (LSM multilaunch). Most of their unreliable rides are either prototypes or things no one else would build like Ka or Dragster.
  13. Speaking of that, one dark horse I have for that record breaking Gerstlauer is Lake Compounce. In the past they had looked at adding a spinning coaster and I think that mountain terrain would count as a challenging location. They could build a spinner that's larger than Shredder to take that ride's records. I'm just being optimistic today between that and two train Boulder Dash operations.
  14. The optimist in me says they're doing this so they can transfer a second train on without having to dispatch the first from the station. The realist in me suspects the control system just broke and they waited until the last minute to replace it. On the bright side, every other ride was open including Thunder Rapids. That ride was closed all of last year and rarely runs outside of peak season due to its asinine location.
  15. Today was Lake Compounce's opening day. Unfortunately, Boulder Dash is closed until next weekend since it's waiting on a new control system.
  16. I've never done the membership preferred parking at Six Flags New England before. It is the lot on the side of the street where they put people for the Holiday in the Park Lights event or do I got to the main parking area?
  17. And I'm reading some reports they have the single rider line open. I think it'll be interesting if it switches to a virtual queue at any point during the soft oepning, especially this weekend if people suspect it'll open again.
  18. Ah ok. I'm usually pretty luck while in line for Ka (getting into line is the issue) so I never realized they parked on that side.
  19. I was surprised Kingda Ka was down as well, but it allowed me to focus on El Toro and get nearly 30 rides on it. From atop El Toro's lift, I noticed Kingda Ka had a train parked on the side of the dual load platform that hasn't operated in years. When Kingda Ka is closed, do they usually park trains on that side of the station? The reason I ask is because if people did see Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro operating together, maybe they're thinking of bringing back the dual load platform on Kingda Ka to boost its throughput.
  20. I love how the POV lists the forces throughout the ride for us nerds.
  21. I saw it operate for one hour during a visit late in 2018. And the whole park knew it was operating between the ride's loud scream and the screams of pain from riders.
  22. Kemah Boardwalk I was trying to figure out how to cram Kemah Boardwalk into my December Texas trip figuring it would be on weekend only operations. But much to my surprise, it was actually open on weekdays still and it was an absolute ghost town. As a result, I was able to marathon Boardwalk Bullet to my heart's content. While that ride was fully staffed all day with two operators, the other rides had a limited quantity of rotating ride ops, which was completely justified given the crowd levels. Adding Kemah Boardwalk onto my Texas trip was one heck of a detour, but Boardwalk Bullet was worth it. I only got two rides on this wood coaster back in 2018 due to crowds and time, but this time I got well over two dozen rides on this Gravity Group creation. It's impressive Gravity Group crammed a coaster of this scale into just one acre of land. This ride may be one of the finest layouts ever made given the available space. Boardwalk Bullet is running like a dream. I rode Boardwalk Bullet both during the day and night. And with full trains and empty trains. And it ran consistently regardless of the time of day or train load, which was great to see. The ride is remarkably smooth despite its twisted layout and PTC trains. The ride has many pops of airtime. The large drops are incredible in the back row, but I prefer the ride up front since the airtime is more consistent start to finish. The coaster also feels ridiculously fast because of all the near-misses and it seems to go on forever. It just barely missed my top 10 wood coaster list. 9 out of 10 The rest of Kemah Boardwalk is a compact cluster of flat rides, many of which are from Chance. The best flat ride is the Drop Zone drop tower, which is one of those intense Larson/ARM towers with a powerful drop. It also helps the ride offers a great view of Galveston Bay. The only ride I wasn't able to experience that I wanted to was the Observation Tower. This ride was closed in my 2018 visit and it was down for maintenance this visit, although it was testing non-stop all-day. I imagine the views of Boardwalk Bullet and the bay are incredible. The one other ride of note is the park's train. Kemah Boardwalk is more than just an amusement park. It's a full-fledged entertainment complex with a hotel, shops, and restaurants. The train ride gives a tour of the entire complex and it even includes a themed tunnel with a shootout. I was not expecting that! While Kemah Boardwalk alone may struggle to fill an entire day for coaster enthusiasts, Boardwalk Bullet is a coaster well worth the trip.
  23. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is responding on Facebook that Harley Quinn is no longer an operating attraction at the park. Very rarely do I celebrate the removal of a ride. This one is one of them.
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