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  1. Why not go on Revolution before Batman or Scream? But if you have to pick between Scream or Batman I would say Scream is probably better because Batman is WAY more intense, even though it has less inversions.
  2. I'm happy to see that SFGAm is finally getting another 'major' coaster. Just as I am happy for the success of the B&M Wingrider design.
  3. YAY for a good flat coming to SFMM. But it is kinda weird that (I'm assuming) they will have to close a "new" ride to do this. This thing is going to be amazing. Can't wait!
  4. This looks like a total WTF coaster. Looks fun, but short. Look forward to riding next year!
  5. ^^^ That idea might work, but that would have to be a Intamin project more than likely. Also, that idea could work consider what Intamin did with Ceetah Hunt.
  6. I think that something like Fahrenheit would be a great fit. While Fahrenheit isn't exactly a top 10 ride, a similar ride would be a great fit for SFDK IMO. I think that SFDK needs that one more "good" coaster to compliment Medusa, V2, and Roar.
  7. They must be planning on finally getting the sideways upside down trains ready for Superman.
  8. Why is everybody wanting a new coaster? 18 or 17 thats still a crap load of coasters, and when you look at SFMM's flat collection, Buccanear is agruably their best. SFMM needs a decent flat ride before another coaster IMO. If they do get a coaster as the next addition I'll be happy, but I'm still rooting for a good flat.
  9. When is the closing date? I need to get a last ride in before it goes to SFNE. Never thought I would be sad to see a Vekoma go...
  10. Silver Bullet for about 5 minutes, was kinda cool to look down at the water. Been stuck on Riddler twice, only for maybe a minute both times, was pretty interesting because you get a pretty sweet view.
  11. Wow, looks twisty! So it won't be exactly the same as Behemoth.
  12. I can't wait to see this thing. I'm really hoping for a giga! And if people are worried that its going to be too similar to Behemoth, B&M could go with a more twisty "Raging Bull" type of layout. And with the Dick Kinzel quote about breaking records, this could be a giga and "break" the 300ft barrier, which has not been done in Canada on a coaster.
  13. If Deja Vu is leaving I will be sad to see my favorite Vekoma go. But if it does go to SFNE I will be happy. The park really needs another "major" coaster to compliment with Bizarro and Batman. I mean after I got all the credits there those were the only two rides I re-rode.
  14. ^Heres how if this is a giga CW should market it. "Canada's only/first giga coaster." Even if it is a giga and similar to Behemoth if you market it as the "only/first" the GP won't think of it as similar to Behemoth.
  15. I remember about two years ago somebody posted about a rumor of a giga coming to CW. So maybe it is the first B&M giga. It might happen considering B&M is starting to look a little more like B&M did during the 90s.
  16. Interesting that this came up, because when I was about 8 or 9 I always had this problem on Hershey's log flume (and Tidal Force) where my nose would bump really hard into the front of the log/boat once we hit the splashdown. It really, really hurt and while not scary, it was a pretty major detractor from riding until I grew taller! I loved Hershey's log flume mostly because of the skip. I wish that the more log flumes had this.
  17. Looks pretty fun and it seems like it will provide two slightly different ridding experiences depending on if you ride on the inside or outside, which is kinda sweet. But is the ride going to be all white? What happened to the blue/yellow? I know that the picture of the train was colored.
  18. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=35647&p=1032165&hilit=Overrated+ride#p1032165
  19. Maybe Disney will be as cool as Holiday Park and remove the trim...probably not because this is America.
  20. Great photos. I really miss this park a lot...or it could be I miss Bizarro. What'd you think of Cyclone in more detail? I didn't really like it, I would like to summarize Cyclone to me with a quote of the guy behind me on Cyclone on the brakes "I just got the biggest @$$ whopping of my life."
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