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  1. Damn my dyslexia - now I'm on this list!
  2. Wow! You got historical on his ass! I knew there must have been a good reason for us driving on the correct side of the road and everyone else on the wrong side of the road, now I know! You learn something new everyday! Any chance you have a historical explaination for our system of currency? Matt
  3. This one made me worry about the intellegence level of the poster: I think the thread was called 'how do you build RCT Buildings?' and it was in Ask Alvey - luckily we have Wes to filter out the dumb threads really: Classic Wes!
  4. I know it is kinda confusing but our coinage goes in size, shape and colour order - Mainly because being english we like being awkward and making things hard for foreign visitors! If you look our currency is in bronze, silver, gold order - like medals! Within the colour bands you go up in size as the currency goes up, so in bronze a 1p is smaller than a 2p! Then you move into silver 5p is smaller than 10p - then we change shape to be awkward - the septagonal coins in the silver colour (20p, 50p) also go in size order! Then in the gold colour the £1 is smaller than the £2 and I then we move onto notes which also go in size order I believe - although not as noticable! I think the reason people get confused is that the way US and British currency are divided up and the way the coins are designed is so different - and some of your coins being called things like 'Dime' also confused me! You have quarters (effectively a 25p coin to us) and we don't - we have a 20p (effectively a 20cent coin) and I think differences like that make it difficult to understand, but ultimately it all adds up to 100 (100cents = 1Dollar and 100p = 1Pound) so we shouldn't get so confused... but we do! Hope that was helpful? or atleast vaguely helpful! Matt
  5. Looking closely at the train in that dark pic where you couldn't tell if the coaster was laughing at you or not - it looks like the same train front as the previous coaster so that's yet another coaster mocking you when you couldn't ride! On the plus side; yet another great TR! I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have Big Mike searching out credits and giving us the low down on all these small parks (as well as the big parks!) - enjoyable as always, thanks Mike! Matt
  6. Just thought it might make it easier for people to see the full list and look a bit tidier but it's your thread so it's up to you!
  7. decided he didn't like them so made some hilarious sarcastic remarks before quickly removing/banning them from his stomach, but then... EDIT: Just thought I'd add this wasn't sarcastic or meant in any bad way towards Wes - I actually do think his sarcastic remarks are hilarious, they make me laugh everytime! : )
  8. The timing of this announcement, some of the wording in the article and the poor quality of their website (including a picture of someone else's rollercoaster?!) kinda made me think 'April Fools' - But I am probably just being synical! If it goes through it could be good, but I'm with Elissa - I'd put my money on Dubai!
  9. Pros: General Atmosphere (it's more of a party feeling!) all the crazy random stalls and rides that you don't get at your average theme parks. Cons: No Rollercoasters (generally - although the big ones have them occasionally), less variety of rides (some places will have two ferris wheels or multiple carousels) and obviously they are never as big as a theme park and don't have any theming - you can't really spend a day at a carnival/travelling fair just enjoying your surroundings and riding rides all day long! Just a thought but would you be better editting the first post everytime someone adds something rather than making a new post with the updated list?
  10. Thank you Carnage, I've found that one now, that's quite helpful for finding threads with similar subject matter and has been very useful, as I said - I knew it was probably there but I just find the search function a bit confusing, probably because it has so many useful options and I havent quite worked it all out yet, thanks for the help! Also, thank you Red B, I will try that in future as well, hopefully that will help and I will be better at finding threads now and won't make the same mistakes again! Thank you both! Matt
  11. This may sound stupid but I recently started a thread that got locked all because I couldn't find anything close using the search function but it turned out the thread already existed and I just want to improve my future posts! All I am asking is could people give me some advice on using the forum search function? There are many check boxes and stuff and I think maybe I am missing something because last time I tried to search I came up hundreds of threads, none of which seemed to relate to what I was going to post about, but someone else managed to find the existing thread, any ideas what I might have been doing wrong? Also is there anyway you can search by thread title rather than words in the content of the thread? Again I am probably missing something! I don't mean to be a Dumbass but I just want to make sure I don't make the same mistake again and that way my future posts on this brilliant site might be better! Thanks, Matt -What's the betting this thread already exists and my inability to use the search function properly has resulted in me looking stupid again?!
  12. Never, but my girlfriend does it all the time and I really don't like it!!! When was the last time you ate too much sugar and had a major hyper-active freak out?!
  13. www.myspace.com/leftoftherightside - I don't have one but my band does!
  14. I can understand the occasional point he makes but most of the time I agree with most of the people on this thread, he's finding really bad examples to try and back up his theory that WDW is rubbish! I also agree about his attitude - it does come across that he didnt talk to anyone or make any new friends whilst in WDW, how?! I left my family to go off on my own during spectromagic last year and after my second ride on Big Thunder Mountain I had already made some new friends who rode with me on Splash Mountain and other rides before I returned to my family! I am really shy and even I made friends and talked to people when I was on my own in Disney, it's impossible not to! I can't say I am that impressed with this article - it is nice when people acknowledge that WDW isn't perfect but thats no reason to hate it, it still has some of the best theme parks, hotels and water parks in the world in my personal opinion!
  15. Sorry! Thank you for the link, I did search but didn't find anything, I was a bit suprised that no one had started a topic like this before, now I know they had, sorry for starting something that already existed, I will search harder next time!
  16. Ok, I have searched and can't find anything in the forum about Robb and Elissa's fame (and fortune?!) but I have found a few random posts about them cropping up in random places, including an educational DVD and on RCT, the cheat where you type in Elissa White as a guest name. I was just interested to see what other random places these two turn up in! Sorry if there is already a thread but I couldn't find one, if there is I am really sorry, feel free to add me to the stupid things said on TPR! Being in England I wasn't really expecting to behold a random Robb and Elissa sighting but was suprised when my girlfriends dad was flicking through the television channels last night and I saw two familiar faces. On Sky Three at about 7-8 there was a programme about theme parks, I wasn't allowed to watch it as 'Eastenders' was on but in the few minutes I did get to watch it they showed Ghost Rider at Knotts. They showed some POV and other shots including a look back along the train, and in the front seats were none other than Robb and Elissa. Came as a bit of a suprise so it got me thinking; has anyone else had a suprise when Robb and Elissa popped up somewhere they wern't expecting? although having said that I suppose I should have been expecting them on a programme about Rollercoasters! Matt
  17. I have two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, a ukelele, 3 keyboards, a Ukulele, A Bontempi Organ (Look It Up!) and a few other random bits and pieces, I'm kinda like a collector, except I play all my instruments! But mainly I am a drummer, I have an old bashed up kit, a tama swingstar in vintage red, a custom OCDP in Baby Blue and loadsa random percussion! Basically I am a lucky B*stard who loves music! EDIT: I now have a Stylophone, Hell Yeah!
  18. ^Both! So random but so funny, gave me something to laugh about whilst stuck at work! Thanks Mike!
  19. It's good to hear some more details about your experiences, it is very different to a lot of the other trip reports on here and so it makes your trip reports unique and gives them a level of detail that many other people don't go for, I just find it interesting to read! They definately look like Mind Blowing experiences and I would love to go one day, unfortunately money is always an issue, I am in full time work but not earning a huge amount so it is often not affordable for me to go and add into that the travel it just doesn't work out financially for me at the moment, I would love to go though! My only other problem is that I am pretty shy so would probably find travelling with a big group of strangers difficult, I have difficulty coping with situations where there are large groups of people so I worry about that a bit too - that's kind of why I was saying about difficulties fitting in, I know being British would be nowhere near as difficult as it would be for you as there would probably be a large group of Brits there so I wouldnt be the only one, but I can understand where you were coming from and why you had a bit of a hard time fitting into some of the groups! Glad you had such a great experience and gained so much from it! Matt
  20. It took a lot of guts to post that on a public board and to apologise to people on the trip like that, good on you! I am really enjoying reading your TR; as someone who has never been on a TPR Trip it is great to hear about the trip in a different light, I love looking at all the photo's in other TR's but it is so nice to hear about your own personal experiences of the trip! It is so hard to fit in with new people, especially being from a completely different culture, I know I would find it difficult coming from England and meeting the whole TPR Crew for the first time, plus a lot of the people would already know each other and have friendship groups and that makes things even harder! Hopefully by apologising and trying not to cause any upset during the rest of the trip you have redeemed yourself and people are giving you a second chance, but at the end of the day you can only be yourself and people just have to deal with that! Kudos to Ryan for being a good friend and telling you the truth and helping you out, sounds like a great guy! Thank you for posting a different perspective on the trip, it's been really interesting to read and I am gald to hear despite this major downer in the middle of the trip you still had a good time! Keep up the good work on the Comics and the TR! Matt
  21. "HAHA!! The tower and the circle... and OH MY GOD I have a dirty mind" Stewie: "...like throwing a Hotdog down a hallway" I apologise, It appears have a dirty mind too, great TR, those fairs look like fun and about 20times the size of anything we get in the UK! The camera on the iPhone is pretty impressive, good pictures!
  22. 8/20 - not very impressive when I guessed quite a few of those! Great quiz though, learned some interesting stuff there!
  23. It's sad to see that out of my small list of coaster credits there's still a few that have gone. I don't know if some of these have been moved so if they are still in existance somewhere else I apologise! -Runaway Coaster (Side-Friction), Rotunda Folkestone -Magic Mouse, Rotunda Folkestone -Big Apple, Dreamland Margate -Blue Coaster, Dreamland Margate -Ladybird, Dreamland Margate -Wild Mouse, Dreamland Margate -Dragon Coaster, Butlins Minehead I guess it's not so bad as it's mostly Kiddie coasters I went on when I was younger that have gone. I also went to two parks that are no longer in existance: Rotunda, Folkestone and The American Adventure - unfortunately I was too young for any of the coasters they had at AA so I only went on two powered coasters - The Mine Train and The Buffalo Coaster, but it is wierd to think that at 18years old I have already seen two theme parks dissapear aswell as a handful of rides! Luckily though Dreamland is still just hanging in there - got to love that Scenic Railway!
  24. I won't try and reply in german, I'm afraid I my german skills are not very good! However those are some really brilliant photographs, very well shot, very professional, nice TR and looks like a great park! Fantastisch!
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