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  1. Chuck is right, Pass Preview Day is always a cold, damp affair and we wouldn't have it any other way. Today was a good day though I think. Didn't get to ride the Wolf because of said breakdowns and yeah DarKastle was being weird on us, but it's all good. I do however want to share a special moment I witnessed between two strangers at the park entrance. I got to the park so early that I was probably one of the first 20 people to walk through the gates. While Clink Novak and the rest of my party were processing their passes, I had chosen to be a loser and enter alone. Right as I entered, there was this couple getting their picture taken by the fountain at the entrance. Right after the employee snapped the picture, the guy drops down to one knee and pulls out that magical ring box. You know what came next. She said "YES" and they both hugged and cried....and a total of 3 employees and myself clapped in celebration. The guy was really embarrassed/nervous/happy. But on top of everything else, I don't know if he appreciated my fast acting camera skills as I captured this moment. "Honey! Nothing could be more perfect than a cold, wet, cloudy Season Pass Preview Day at Busch Gardens Europe! Will You Marry Me?"
  2. HA! That happen to me last March. Forced to watch the 1920's over and over before we got evacuated. It was a sad day in my life. I never did get to see the full ride.
  3. Hell YES!!!! I love that Pirate picture. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!
  4. I thought fights only happen at Great Adventure when I'm there. Glad to know it happens all the time. Heh!
  5. Hey Terrance! I'll see you Saturday...may the force be with us. LOL!
  6. Yes for the really true fans, the Wizards are still called the Bullets and throwback merchandise sells like crazy. And just so this comment stays on topic, the former home of the Bullets/Wizards was in Largo only a few miles for Wild World/Adventure World/Six Flags America. The awesome park that we all will be attending on the 21st.
  7. HAHA A lot of the locals here still call it Wild World. I guess it's the cool thing to do.
  8. This will be fun. If anything, there should be a big group ride on Superman.
  9. Hey Robb, me and Clint are here at IAAPA and we saw your video over at the GCI booth. Pretty sweet stuff man, great job. If anybody is interested, we have been doing some "In the Loop's" here at the expo. So head over to HERE (ITL). Let us know what you think.
  10. Steve Irwin was an idol to me. When I first watched his show, it was to see all the crazy antics he did with the animals, avoiding injury each and every time. Over time I began to appreciate his work and his message he was trying to bring forth on his show. I really am upset I will never get the chance to meet the guy, but I know his memory will live on in reruns and his cheesy, but yet hilarious motion picture from 2002. It's obviously not a shock that this had happen. But the simple fact that he is gone it very hard to swallow. This is a very sad day for me. Rest in Peace mate! Crocs Rule!
  11. Best food overall hands down is Busch Gardens Williamsburg without a doubt.
  12. HAHA! That's freakin awesome. I totally forgot we interview Kim Possible on "In the Loop". Great stuff. You should have said "hello" real quick.
  13. I had a blast hanging with Robb and Elissa. Fun times and big thanks to Robb for helping make our premiere episode of the new podcast a success. Glad Robb enjoyed Sue making fun of me in the show, going back and listening to it, it was pretty funny.
  14. Yeah, the number in my signature is a voice mail line, so if you want to leave me or Clint a message, thats about it. Other then that, it's as good as the show....DEAD!!!!
  15. Yeah you need to understand that it takes a freak to know a freak. ;-0 I'm posting on this site too, so it's all good in the hood. Don't worry about our new podcast turning serious, everything will be ok.
  16. The Coaster Crew is $10 and it's ran by some very cool people as well.
  17. I bought and processed my SFA 2006 Season Pass today. Your money saving technique will work.
  18. I think I should attend more Furry Conventions. Screw everything else. And why the hell did we keep the record button down after the credits???? Anyways that was awesome. I had to cover my microphone soo much because I was laughing my ass off.
  19. Yes, I should add that this is open to everybody. I don't care if your Janet Jackson or some bum on the street. We just need two guys and two girls to play, winners get prizes and everybody else gets an entertaining Coaster Show. I also need to add that an extreme sense of humor is needed to do the show. So shallow jeopardy nerds who know every little detail must be forwarned.
  20. Hey guys and gals, Tonight we are recording "In The Loop, Weekend Review" and on the show is our first ever Battle Of The Sexes. Two guys will square off against two girls in a trivia contest and the winners will receive prizes....including TPR DVD's. The questions also won't always be theme park related, got to throw curves in.
  21. I'm excited about this. People can say all they want about how boring the others are, but I think this is good for PKD. The theming on Tomb Raider this past year was excellent and they are going to follow that up on the "Stunt Coaster". What else is good is that all the whiney enthusiasts who are complaining about the ride won't be stinking up the lines while I wait. Everybody wanted some kind of B&M so to that I say, go down south about an hour, BGW has a nice pair to shut your mouths. I'm ready to get shot at by a helicopter.
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