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  1. So I can use my 2006 Baltimore/ Washington DC pass this season and as long as I can get it processed at the same park in 2006 I will be able to visit the Greeat Adventure park in NJ anytime after that? I also got the impression that they will be processing the 2006 Pass right now when I enter Six Flags during the fright fest? Once again, once I take my voucher to them and they process it ( give me my ID at the park), either in 2005 or in 2006, I will be able to go to any Six Flags around the country. Please correct me if I got it wrong. Regards
  2. I was not sure where this should be posted. Its more of a question. Six Flags Season Passes for 2006 are now available and the website claims that the passes can be used for 2005 during the fright fest, which I believe is upto October 30 2005 . The website also says that the passes can be used at Six Flags theme parks worldwide. I will be visitng Six Flags America in Baltimore this weekend. The season pass for 2006 for the Six Flags America is $50 and it also says that the pass can be used at parks worldwide. The pass for Six Flags Great Adventure is $75. Can I buy the season pass for Six Flags America in Baltimore and continue to use it in New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2006?? Please advice.
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