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  1. "Robb feels pretty, oh so pretty, he feels pretty & witty & bright...!!"
  2. Way too difficult to pick just one, I'm a bit of a film addict, up to about 350 DVDs now but a few favourites include... Pulp Fiction Officer & A Gentleman Monty Python & The Holy Grail Breakfast Club Casablanca 50 First Dates Lost In Translation Drop Dead Fred Usual Suspects Austin Powers movies Dogma Matrix Lethal Weapon movies Bambi Shaun Of The Dead American Beauty Clueless Flashdance Donnie Darko Quadrophenia That list ended up being way longer than I intended, could probably have listed the whole collection. But they're the main ones. If I had to pick a single one, the Breakfast Club might just win out... It was made a year before I was born, but damn I still love it! Lou- "how can I pick a favourite, they're my babies!" -ise
  3. Jeez, a couple of these are worse than mine, lol! Ok. one of my own: A guy walks into a pub and places a tiny piano with a little guy sat playing it on top of the bar. The barman asks him, "that's great, where did you get that?" The customer tells him that he found a magic lamp in his attic, with a genie that granted him three wishes. With his first wish he asked to be rich beyond his wildest dreams, and with his second wish he asked for a beautiful wife. Both wishes were granted. "So how did you end up with this little guy?", asks the barman, gesturing to the little man tinkling the ivories on his bar. "Well", replies the customer, "turns out the genie had a hearing impairment, he thought I asked for a twelve-inch PIANIST!" Sorry about that. And as an earlier poster said, no you can't have those two minutes back. Lou- "depressed herself with that terrible joke" -ise
  4. Make private jets accessible to all members of TPR so everyone can visit everyone else's local parks! So many Trip Reports to post, so little money for flights!! Lou- "can I be president if I'm not a US citizen?!" -ise
  5. I often laugh when I read the information leaflets that come with over-the-counter painkillers and headache medication, which usually read along the lines of: "Side effects may include headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, distorted vision, drowsiness, coma, or in extreme cases, death". Why bother taking the damn things?! And are we now so flippant about death that it is merely considered a side-effect?!?! Lou- "would rather just have a headache!" -ise
  6. ^ Ummm.... You told me a joke on the thread I started and asked if I was blonde... I'm not, but I may as well be as I had to stare at that for two minutes trying to figure out whether there was something weird about it... Duh! Lou- "isn't blonde and therefore has no excuse" -ise
  7. Lol, liking both of those, keep em coming. And no, I'm not blonde, although I used to be, but still enjoy blonde jokes! Any jokes anyone has that are inappropriate for a PG-13 site, feel free to PM me with them, I'm not easily offended (except by prejudice), just like to follow the site rules is all.
  8. Ok, my life's not exactly going to plan at the moment, I have a busted knee, glandular fever, and was recently made redundant and had to cancel a holiday to Lanzarote... In short, I'm depressed. So, how bout telling me your favourite joke to try and cheer me up? Lou- "having a bad year" -ise PS - Please don't post any horrendously offensive jokes that'll make Robb close this thread! Thank you!
  9. ^ On this picture Robb seriously reminds me of an Albanian woman I met in Greece who tried to take money from my purse when my boyfriend refused to buy a ten Euro rose from her... Robb, were you in Corfu last May?!
  10. Mmm, Bob Evans's home fries... God I wish I was still in the States... Lou- "particularly misses Steak-n-Shake" -ise
  11. ^^ Hey Wes, nice to see some decent British comedy in your DVD collection... Think I spotted Space and The Office there? Good choices. Get hold of the complete Black Books DVD collection and you're covered. Lou- "loving Dylan Moran's work" -ise
  12. Another random body sizes fact... Apparently if a guy takes his shoe size, half it, and add five, he gets the length of his... umm... manhood. My pub is full of randomness. That's UK shoe size by the way. Lou- "is it 'randomness' or 'randomnity'?" -ise
  13. Ok, guessing it's coasters only then?! So what would be one step lower than a credit whore? A credit ho?! Lou- "the credit ho" -ise
  14. When counting up how many credits you have, what exactly do you count? Is it JUST coasters? :?
  15. I'm studying Linguistics... It may not give me such wide career options as for example a Business degree, but there are enough options available to me that I won't simply be forced into one particular job when I graduate. And I'm loving every single second of it. Do something that you enjoy that gives you several different options... As long as you don't pigeon-hole yourself, you should be fine, and doing something fun makes it easier to finish assignments, go to classes, and not waste all the money and effort you put into it. It's great to get up every day and look forward to classes. Of course, that could just be because I got to a fabulous uni over here. Lou- "grateful for a second chance" -ise
  16. TokenYankeeGuy, your heel should be on the inside of your arm where your elbow bends... By the looks of your photo if you put your heel there, my theory might work. Oh yes! I'm undefeated! Lou- "feet scare me" -ise
  17. Hmm... Size 10 American would be... Smaller or larger in UK size? I may have to look that up, I don't know off the top of my head. Post a photo to prove it, I refuse to believe my theory doesn't work!!! Lou- "so this is what my life has come to, asking guys in online forums to post pictures of their feet for me" -ise
  18. ^ Really?! This is a thoroughly tested theory in my local bar and it's always worked for everybody!! Did you try the other one? See whether your height is the same as your arm span... If not then maybe you're just strangely proportioned... Just kiddin'. Lou- "this guy must either have very small or very large feet..." -ise
  19. The distance between the fingertips of your right hand and the fingertips of your left, when your arms are stretched out to your sides (at shoulder height) is identical to the distance from the top of your head to the ground at normal stance. Also, the size of your feet is exactly identical to the distance from your elbow to the crook of your wrist. This was a public service announcement. Lou- "I feel better now I've posted on the 'Say Something Random' board" -ise
  20. I was just wondering whether anyone had any further information about Leanne Deacon, the 16 year old British girl who became ill shortly after riding ToT at the Studios back in July... I know they were almost 100% sure her condition was caused by a pre-existing medical condition she didn't know about, I know she was in surgery and critical a coupla days after the event but never heard anything since... Anyone know whether she recovered or not? I really hope so, it's scary knowing that even someone as young as she was can have a condition they don't know about that can be triggered like that... Any information would be appreciated, I always wondered. Thanks.
  21. As well as the obvious (stupid Jamster ads on 50000 times an hour, diarrhoea adverts -"when you woke up with diarrhea, you had a choice" - aah!) I have a particular hatred for any commercial that BLATENTLY LIES about the product it promotes for no apparent reason seeing as everybody who sees it knows they are BLATANTLY LYING!! Prime example: the dumb "are you a wax virgin? try our new leg waxing strips" advert which shows two girls happily waxing their legs with colgate smiles and "wow, that didn't hurt at all!" exclamations... those bitches are lying, that stuff kills!! I have a pretty high pain threshold and I screamed so loud when I tried the bloody things that my neighbour thought I was being attacked.
  22. It's so great that not a single person here has had a bad word to say... Having just read this entire board in one go though, the only thing I thing is a little bit of a shame is that people still feel the need to defend the way they are, such as "even though I'm gay I don't listen to this music or act effeminately" etc etc. Hopefully if we eventually reach the stage where everyone is as open-minded as the TPR posters nobody will ever have to defend their sexuality in the future. Much kudos to everyone who's told their stories by the way, especially Allison, who I really hope finds happiness in the future, you certainly deserve it babe. We are seriously outnumbered here! I realise it's probably the case that not every female registered to the site has put herself into this poll, but jeez, less than 20 of us?! Robb & Elissa, do you have any kind of figures to how many males and females are actually registered to the site? I've been visiting for months but only just started posting... didn't realise how few of us there were! Lou- "can't decide if the sausage fest is a bonus or not" -ise
  23. Wow, other people with broader taste than me...! I believe my iPod's on-the-go playlist currently consists of... Gwen Stefani Queen Ben Folds (around 80 or so songs) Beach Boys James Blunt Scissor Sisters Kaiser Chiefs Stevie Wonder Ministry of Sound's Mash-Up Mix Oasis Coldplay Garth Brooks Outkast Take That (ahh, remember the days) Maroon 5 Muse Basement Jaxx and Embrace Mostly good stuff I think... except for perhaps Take That but I refuse to be ashamed of the best boy band who ever lived.
  24. Generally I think I'm ok with all this new millennium technology stuff, i'm generally able to cope with my computer, digicam and ipod anyhow, but for some reason I couldn't get my photos to post on here the other night. From the look of an above post I did everything right as far as multiple photos and everything goes, and the pictures (as far as i know) are of a manageable size, but when i posted them on the board i just got the dreaded red X... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?! PLEASE HELP ME, I'M FEELING TECHNICALLY INSUFFICIENT!! I'm useless.
  25. I've been visiting this site for some time but this is my first post so figure I may as well introduce myself by showing some (admittedly pretty bad) photos of myself! These were from the day the shop I worked at shut down and I was made redundant, and the subsequent drunken night out! Lou- "hope these photos down scare people off from speaking to me" -ise (Also hoping the pictures show up... If not can someone help me out, I'm useless with this kinda thing! Sorry Robb & Elissa!)
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