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  1. Amen. Let's move on to more Big Mike TR's! Quoted for agreement. I think it's a fine line with the bikini shots. I personally don't like seeing them at all in ANYBODY'S reports, but we can't have one rule for some and one for others so I never bother commenting. I didn't see the pictures in question here but I think Mike deserves some props for not kicking up a fuss and being laid back about us removing them and about the criticism. I think everyone's said their piece. Let's get back on track with 8000000 more pictures of Big Mike's mug and his yellow shirt. Keep it up Mike, I'm impressed you're keeping this thread going so steadily!!
  2. ^ If she knows the situation (ie, that you're gay but attracted to pretty much her and her alone from the female half of the species), then I'd leave it up to her! As long as she understands that she's likely going to be the one to get hurt, then why not go for it? If you truly know you're gay, then it isn't gonna work out between you two, but it might result in a lot of happiness for a short time and then a great friendship... That's what happened with me, pretty much. *shrug* Just make sure she gets it, don't let her go into it blind.
  3. Did you know I LOVED finding this out when I was there!! I like little things like this, tributes to previous attractions: like Mr Toad handing the deed over in Owl's house in Pooh at WDW too.
  4. ^ Well, apparently your mate Divv can be bribed with alcohol, so... I like this thread muchly. And since it was just said in chat, I have to add the comment I forgot: I can't BELIEVE somebody actually won a 360 from one of those machines!!
  5. ^ No Jeff, you've been upstaged by UMBRELLA LOCKERS. And that isn't humiliating, it's an amazing invention!!!!!!
  6. ^ I figured I'd surprise you with a lovely picture of yourself. Also, I was loving your post up until the final sentence... Revenge will be had. In 33 days or so.
  7. ^ Erik, that was deep!! As much as I've left huge gaps (it's been five months since I started this for heaven's sake) I've really enjoyed doing the updates and reminiscing, and being reminded of things by peoples' responses!! I've probably got only half a dozen updates left, and I've also finished my update project over on the Europe board... *sad!* ^^ Peter, it's worth a look if you're nearby, just for the entertainment value! However, I doubt we would have been half as amused by it (or remember it half as fondly) if it wasn't for the fact that we were expecting a huge building-sized statue! Seriously one of the funniest things that happened to me on that trip. We walked round a corner and Chris goes "I can see it!", and we're all looking upwards... Pathetic. I also think watching Richard do a pretty accurate dinosaur impression in an attempt to overcome the language barrier was really rather funny, and there was one guy who seemed genuinely scared by the prospect of Godzilla. Good times.
  8. ^^ Boo you!! What's all this loyalty! I have this horrendously hilarious picture of Chris from Japan that I wasn't going to post and planned to keep for blackmail material, but in the end it was too funny to waste! It's posted somewhere around here! The Hooters Crew obviously like each other too much to screw each other over. Yeah, I've heard that but I don't know how long ago it was, I don't remember it!! There used to be several I think, pretty sure the one near Oakwood is the last one now! I really want to go back to Oakwood, I loved both the park and the Maze when I went with the TPR lot in '06, but it's just such a pain in the arse to get to.... especially without a car.
  9. Fantastic report Divv, looks like you guys had a great time!! A few random thoughts: * I'm always glad when Nemesis blows people away. I think it's really easy to forget just how amazing it is. And has it really been 14 years?? Jesus. * LOL at the Blackpool night out. Is there any way I can bribe anybody to post more pictures of that? * Oakwood is great fun, Speed is one of my favourite coasters of all time, and I'm thrilled to see that the Crystal Maze is still there as I'd heard a rumour about it disappearing. Was my favourite show as a kid! * This whole report (reading it all in one go) brought back so many memories of the TPR UK trip! * Divv, this entire report was like the Buffet of Divv Expressions!! So many random faces! * I must go to Hooters..... Fun stuff!
  10. Last full day and morning in Japan! Our last park day of the Japan trip, the plan was for us to return to LaQua (as some of the group hadn't made it there at all, and others had missed out on credits and/or other attractions), then head to Sea Paradise and Yokohama Cosmoworld. I'd skipped a load of stuff at LaQua at the beginning of the trip, figuring I'd be returning in a couple of weeks, but ultimately I couldn't be bothered and had an extra couple of hours' sleep and then wandering the hotel until it was time to go to the next park. For some reason I remember the train journey to Sea Paradise being *excruciatingly* hot... And I know I've bitched about the heat a lot in this trip report, but I don't think I've mentioned it on the trains before, because generally they were fine, even when quite busy. But this one was bad. Maybe the A/C was broken? All I remember is discussing the heat, and Robb and others winding me up about Blue Fall. "Why do they call it Sea Paradise?" The ginormous () Blue Fall. This was one of the main draws of the trip to me, and I was panic-stricken when it was closed after the SFKK accident, and *still* closed when I flew out to Chicago. Thankfully it opened in time for our arrival, but I was still irritated when certain fellow-trippers kept saying on the train "oh no, look, it's not running!"... GRRRRR. Kristen's all "Will I be rewarded if I destroy Ryan's face??". It was around the time that we got *this* close that Brian started sh*tting himself. The thing really is monstrous. And I loved it, really really did. One of my all-time favourite drop towers, and they're pretty much my favourite ride, though I do say that about several others. The fake drop thing (where they drop you about ten feet then stop you before you fall the rest of the way) was very cool. I'm excited!!! Brian, not so much. I feel the need to explain my priorities for the day, which were, in this order: 1. Food 2. Blue Fall 3. Anything else. Which is why I ended up eating (none of my own food but half of Chris's), riding Blue Fall, doing the Rapids, and then wandering off on my own to ride the coaster. LOL. I need to match my priorities with other peoples' if I don't fancy walking alone!! After the Rapids. I'm sad because they didn't deliver: Despite 8,000 signs telling us we WILL get wet, I had three drops on one shoulder. And my hair was a mess. LOL. On the train to Cosmoworld, Officer Hot Fuzz takes a short break from interrogating me to point out a hot contortionist woman with a laptop... The future Mrs Hot Fuzz, I think. Yokohama was a really cool place, lots of unusual buildings and funky-looking stuff. Horrendous photography, cool buildings, *amazing* park setting. I love that it's just plonked in the middle of the city, and has all that water... <3 <3 <3 That picture was taken from just outside the exit of that Vanishing Dive Coaster, by the way. Rich and I rode in the back row, and WOW was that helix intense back there! I greyed out pretty strongly and I think I have a *fairly* high tolerance for the forces as I've only come close on a few. I, umm, Bill, yeah.... Bill makes Richard's sword light up when he licks it?? I really don't know what to say about this picture, so I'll move on. What was the prize somebody won on this shooting dark ride??? I don't remember who it was, I just know one of us won a teddy bear or something!!! Cosmoworld had an amazing arcade area... And I wish I'd taken a picture of the popcorn machine (which I think was featured in the 2004 Coaster Expedition Japan DVD, for those of you who have it), which produced the second best popcorn of the trip (after Disney's, obviously). The "Cool Gunman" made me laugh. I laughed even harder when Aussie Richard won... Hot Fuzz is a cop for God's sake!!!!! Last night in Japan... Sad. I really don't know what was going on with my camera this day, but I have about a dozen really blurry evening shots. Perhaps I just couldn't be bothered fiddling with it?? Anyway, the place was pretty, lots of lights and trees, and a pretty funny mirror maze which we spent ages getting through and being embarrassing only to come outside and find out that people had been watching us on CCTV screens the whole time! It's like being in London! Dave, I felt so at home at this moment!! Heading back to the hotel, I had to help carry some of the awesome stuff Elissa had won for Jahan.... Who by the way sadly died when this giant peanut reached the shores of his continent. Back at the hotel, the majority of the group gathered to have a final dinner together and say goodbye. GUESS THAT A$$. After this, myself, Chris, Adam and Mark stood outside for aaaaages!! I was so sad to say goodbye to you guys and then get stuck with Chris for a further week!! The next morning, as we weren't flying to Korea (or home in some people's cases) until late afternoon, myself, Chris, Richard and Bob decided to head out to Ginza and try and find this huuuuuge Godzilla statue we had been told about. I know most of you will already have heard or read this story so I won't go into too much detail, except to say that after asking for directions several times, being laughed at several times (and that really means something considering how polite the Japanese are!), and staring up into the sky (we knew the statue was between skyscrapers and figured it was close to them in height), we found THIS: "Godzirra???? IN GINZA???? " Fearless Lou will not run from the monster. *sigh* Not quite what I was hoping for. I think I'm actually more scared of the boys than I am of the "giant" statue. At this point the builders behind us starting shaking their heads in dismay at our behaviour. Despite the disappointment (this statue REALLY Dumboed), yes, we love. Having not quite had the exciting experience we expected from Godzilla, we checked out our map to find something else to do nearby (pretty fountain behind us though, right?). We ended up heading to the Sony store (which is like electronics retail heaven, by the way) for a while... Wow that place was amazing. And full of Westerners, I spent most of my time in there trying to geographically identify all the British accents I heard! We definitely saw more Westerners in Ginza than anywhere else in Japan, which Bob had told me to expect. We also shopped in a model store (they sold keyrings that were tiny replicas of the train station signs, a couple of us bought the Shinagawa one) and in an incredible department store that made me nearly jump out of skin with desire to buy everything in sight. Nice street in the area. Notice how few people there are, whereas on the main shopping roads, there were hundreds... See! We were boiling from wandering around, so we grabbed an iced coffee in this really cute little place that I couldn't quite figure out... All over every single wall were these publication covers, all in order... I didn't understand whether the coffee shop was owned by a publisher, or whether the coffee shop produced its own magazine!!! Back at the hotel, I had to photograph one of my absolute favourite tiny little details about Japan... No, not Jeff, the umbrella lockers! I've obviously seen umbrella stands and stuff in hotels and offices here, but never anything like this. You put in your umbrella, take your key, and you know where it is when you want to pick it up. If they had these in the UK, they'd be vandalised, set on fire, people would steal the keys all the time, etc etc. After spending five hours with him this day (and photographing him several times!!) I *finally* notice that Bob has an England football shirt on! LOL! I was very very happy about this. And that was Japan! I was excited to go to a new country, but REALLY sad to leave, both the place and some of the awesome people. South Korea coming up... The few pictures I took, at least! I'm sad that my thread is almost over!
  11. Dude, I would have done one of two things in that Betty Boop area of the store: 1. Spent an absolute FORTUNE. 2. Bought nothing and then cried about it for the rest of the week. Soooo much amazing stuff. I have my eye on this flat that I'm totally planning to rent when I dig out of debt, and the little study there is totally gonna be a Boop room!!!! Oh, and nice report by the way, Michael. But really, it's all about Betty.
  12. Sorry Elissa!! You know me, I love the rodents and I do keep track of my count but I don't care enough about increasing it to actually wait an hour for that!! LOL Kyle. Mmmmm, corn dogs. When will they catch on here. ^ We didn't have time, but I'd be way too scared to do that anyway!!
  13. Nice report, Hanno! Your pictures are gorgeous as always. I'm looking forward to riding G'Sengte Sau again, and checking out Mammut. I also need to ride the loooooooooong Zierer family thing, I missed out on that (and basically everything else) last year because I wasn't feeling well. Can't wait to get back to Holiday Park either! See you in a few weeks!!
  14. Much happier about posting Fuji-Q now that I'm engaged to Hector and we're getting married at TDR within the next two years.... Message board posts are legally binding, right?? Thanks for all the feedback as always, guys. Glad you liked my award-deserving photograph, Bob. Right, next up... Fuji-Queue!! I'd heard a lot of stuff about this park, moreso than anything else in Japan really apart from Disney, some of it good, but more of it bad. I really wasn't sure what to expect from the place except that I was *really* looking forward to Dodonpa, and was extremely hopeful that I'd get to ride Eejanaika. Honestly, I think the fact that that was all I really wanted out of the day helped a lot, because I missed out on a lot (much of it through choice), but didn't really feel disappointed because I did the two things I was really bothered about. On the way to the park, we started getting into seriously hilly country! I think I was so excited to see Dodonpa that I just snapped a picture of the first view I got. LOL!! So rubbish!! At this point, we were all a little concerned, because despite having changed our itinerary specifically to try and avoid the weather destroying our day, the weather had caused the park to not yet open Dodonpa or Eejanaika. We just crossed our fingers and got in line for Fujiyama.... King of Coasters my arse. Not a bad ride though. As we exited Fujiyama, Dodonpa began testing..... *RUN!!!!!!* Through actually sprinting, we managed to get in line pretty close to the station (well, close to where they were letting us get to), and the line quickly quadrupled behind us. We were really pleased with ourselves, thinking "wow, once they let us into the station we really won't have to wait long at all!!". Wrong!! I could be wrong, but I think we waited somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours. It could've been much much worse, but still. It was more than enough time listening to that freaking chant too. I can still hear it now! At least we had good company below us in the queue!! And that isn't the usual Japanese peace pose, by the way, that's "two hours". Dodonpa was another really mixed ride! I thought the launch was insane, seriously pushing the limits, and I *LOVE* launched coasters, and right around the curve and up the top hat it's all going well... Then at the top it's fun meets pain as you get this fantastic burst of airtime before your head is *slammed* into the headrest. Seriously, OUCH. Makes for hysterically funny onride photos, but nasty headaches. This was in the bathroom of the food court... Oh the irony!!!! One of the stall doors.... "Is everything ok?"... I couldn't stand far back enough to fit it all in the frame, LOL. These bathrooms also had "YOU ARE CUTE AND PRETTY GIRL!!" above the mirror, which I thought was rather life-affirming. How long do we think we're going to wait for Eejanaika?? (That's two and a half hours, by the way.) It was actually more like three, though we weren't the worse off. We would actually have waited for pretty much dead on two and a half if they hadn't decided to take a train off and then have some problem with the other whilst we were literally about eight feet from the station. Luckily, because we'd expected queues, some of us had brought iPods and other entertainment, and at least as always on a TPR trip I was in great company and we had a lot of fun waiting. We talked about the most random crap! The iPod helped to drown out the "music" that was pumped through every speaker within a square mile of the ride too, which seemed to consist of about a dozen rabid monkeys on speed squealing the name of the ride. I actually LOVED Eejanaika, though I know I'm in the minority. While we were in line, Robb told us that he had ridden outside back, and wanted somebody else to do the same so he could compare notes. I grabbed that seat, and actually thought it was fine!! I didn't get beaten up at all, which I find quite strange, as other people with much bigger frames than I seemed to have real problems, and I would've thought I'd get thrown around more than them. *shrug* The last fifteen seconds or so got a bit brutal, but up until that point, I really liked it! It's definitely a strange ride (more so than X) in some indefinable way, but I liked it all the same. I also had the same problem as Elissa in that one of my legs got literally *thrown* over the divider in the centre of my seat!! Would I ride it again? Definitely. Would I wait more than half an hour or so for it? Probably not. We had arranged to all meet at a predetermined time and see if we were ready to leave... We didn't have time to do much else before that time (and we all suspected that we wouldn't be leaving since we doubted anybody had really gotten more than two or three credits), but we nipped into the indoor coaster, Zola 629, on our way past. This ride is supportive of horrible illnesses. How terrible. This piece of crap beat me up, so the less said about it the better. Walking back past Eejanaika.... They'd changed the sign to reflect something slightly more accurate!! Anybody wanna ride again? No? Only in Japan will you find cartoons of fat sumo wrestlers playing volleyball with watermelons. Hi Matt and Jow! Boobs and beer makes me think of you guys! Jeff just HAD to ride the kiddie coaster... *shakes head in shame and despair* I just remembered that we rode the mouse at some point this day!! I was thinking that I only got three credits at Fuji but I guess it was four! Don't remember if it was any good or not though. At this point in the day, most of our little group had headed off to get in line for the hamster coaster... Had it been a walk-on I totally would've ridden, but frankly I was done waiting for the day and just didn't care about the stupid hamsters! Bob had been to this park before and was going to wander around for a while so I decided to join him instead. Tee hee, Licca Town! Boooo to Mount Fuji being covered by cloud! Still a pretty view from up here though, all the way round. I love seeing the land disappear into the cloud, very strange. That's Dodonpa in the foreground there. I don't know what the point of this photo was, but I'm so impressed that I got the train in the frame that I'm making you all look at it!! Mmmmm, Eejanaika. Why are all my shots so badly framed?!?! Am I defective?!?! Clouds are starting to clear a little! Prettiness! Don't quite know why it's so dark though when it's light again in the next shot! *shrug* Is it Mount Fuji, or is a walkthrough treasure hunt attraction we don't have time for? YOU DECIDE. It IS Mount Fuji! You can see it from all over the park. Love it. Next time I'm in Japan I'll climb it.... And then drop dead, probably. Do-don-PA! Do-don-PA! IT COMES FROM THE SKY. Bye Fujiyama! Bye Fuji-Q! That evening, Chris and I took Richard down to our hotel basement to ride Galaxy 999, which he had missed at the beginning as he didn't arrive until Day Two. I tried in vain to get a decent picture of the theming around the pirate ship down there, but I failed. Rest assured though that it's pretty freaking cool considering it's not even in a real theme park! Exploring later that evening, we were interested to see these guys around the exit of a Pachinko parlour.... Somebody told me the next day that they were basically a thank you committee. They bowed and spoke in unison to every person exiting the parlour. Blue Pacific is the name of the bar in a rival hotel, about ten storeys higher than the bar in the hotel we were in, and with RIDICULOUSLY expensive cocktails, and drinks that got you drunk not from just one sip like in many other places, but from merely being in the same zip code as them. Which of course made me all the more irritated when stupid Aussie Richard managed to pour his $50 cocktail all over the floor after two sips. LOL. Only two parks left in Japan! So sad!!
  15. I rather shockingly got 14/20. Three of them were lucky guesses though. LOL at Robb appearing in a question about books.
  16. This made me laugh for about five minutes. Sorry Chris! But it did!! And thank GOD we are on the next page, that one was taking soooooo long to load!! Thankfully I didn't take quite that many pictures any other day. Quite the opposite actually, I got sick of my camera after Disney!
  17. ^ LOL!! Bill gets it!! Yes, Fuji-Queue Dumbo'd horribly. I was expecting so much greatness and all I recieved was crap. Thanks for the explanation, Chris... I actually do seem to remember that story now you've reminded me, but honestly it makes my whole "Stupid Chris Story Number 462" far less entertaining, so I think I must have blocked it out. Thanks for the feedback guys. And I'm glad people agree with my assessment of the Creepy Tower photo. Actually I have another identical picture somewhere but without the blue hue: Basically I accidentally had the camera on "Water" mode or "snow" mode or something and it turned everything blue, so I took another on regular mode... Then realised the blue one was much more arty. So that was that.
  18. Our last day park-hopping at TDR... *sob* After another breakfast at Starbucks, our little group made our way back to Disney for another long and exhausting (but so totally worth it) day at the resort. We decided to hit Disneyland first and pretty much finish everything we wanted to re-do, then finish up the day at DisneySea and try and see the nighttime show that we had missed on Day One because of the rain. Seems like the long days were catching up with Aussie Richard. First stop, Space Mountain. Many crazy antics in the "queue line"! After Space, I dragged the boys over to Fantasyland and forced them at gunpoint to ride Dumbo. Trying to decide who was riding with who (I think the logic was that whoever rode with me would look slightly less tragic) was entertaining, and afterwards a Castmember snapped this shot. They weren't particularly enthusiastic, but Bob did very sweetly say that it was worth riding (well, more to the point, it was worth waiting in line for 20 minutes) just to see how ridiculously happy it made me, though. So after riding, Chris tells us "this Dumbo isn't as good as the one at my Disneyland". First of all, did anybody else here know that our own COASTER FREAK 11 owned the original Disneyland?? Nope, me neither! Secondly... WHAT?!?! When questioned about this Dumbo being "worse" (seriously, a Dumbo is a Dumbo, and I LOVE Dumbo), he stated that, because of something to do with the theming, Tokyo's Dumbo is "anticlimactic". Please feel free to mock him because I still have no idea what the hell he means, and as much as California's Dumbo is great, I was not aware of it having a climax of any kind. Moving on! Doing some shopping (rather a lot of shopping, actually), I spotted a picture I liked on the wall... My attempts to steal it were not successful. Time for lunch! We had decided the day before to have lunch at the Blue Bayou, and had gone and scanned the menu, and were somehow quite surprised at how completely different to the California version. Not that there's any reason why it should be the same, but anyway. Lovely menu! Despite my fussiness, I actually managed to easily find three courses I loved. Erm, Chuck? I'm over here! Starter: Cream of potato soup. This was soooo much better than it sounds. You guys look happy but tired, which I suppose was our theme for the day, really! Main course: Chicken and shrimp gumbo with rice and spring vegetables. I LOVE cauliflower, just as a random piece of Lou trivia, for those of you who collect such facts (RapidsNerd, I'm looking at you ). I include this picture only because it amuses me. And for dessert, Créme Brulée, complete with Minnie-embossed white chocolate! Damn good meal! As we were paying the bill, Chris nipped off to the bathroom, and our waitress stopped and chatted with us for a while. My immediate assumption was that she was being extra-nice in order to get a tip, until I remembered that you don't tip in Japan, and then Bob suggested she was practising her English. Anyway, it was just pleasant small-talk, she wanted to know where we were all from and if we were having a good time, and she gave each of us a sticker on our way out. Of course, we all took the ones we wanted, and Chris was left with Minnie Mouse. Which he refused to wear. Boo you Chris, with your climax-free Dumbo experience!! Incidentally, from that day forth, "to Dumbo" is now a verb, meaning "to be anticlimactic". It's seriously a part of my vocabulary now. I *obviously* took the Pluto sticker... Bob had Donald... Richard grabbed Mr Mouse... And Chuck is Goofy. Oh, and Chris is no fun. After another quick Pirates ride, we went on a hunt for cold drinks and Bambi ears. I'd seen a girl with Bambi ears on Day One, and was insanely jealous and determined to find them, but hadn't been able to thus far. This afternoon, I was finally successful, and was clearly quite happy about it! This guy's shirt amused me. Whilst Chris and Richard were off doing there thing, Uncles Bob and Chuck took me on the Carrousel. CAROUSEL POV. I'm so tragically childish sometimes. Before heading to DisneySea, we decided to check out Tokyo's version of Downtown Disney, as Richard had visited the day before and said it was worth a look. It's... interesting. Don't get me wrong, it's really REALLY nice, but it doesn't feel very Disney, it almost feels just like a really upmarket shopping mall. It has the most random assortment of stores, from high end jewellery stores to little seemingly family-run places selling comic books and model trains, clothes stores of every variety, dozens of capsule machines (obviously), and then the usual Planet Hollywood and cinema. One of the little stores I spent a good while in. This is part of the outdoor area of Ikspiari. See how pretty it is? It's very Disney-LOOKING, but not the usual Downtown Disney/Disney Village style. THAT'S more like it. We stopped into the Godiva chocolate shop for a free sample and an iced chocolate drink. Mmmmm. This guy was quite entertaining, though he did keep dropping stuff. Which is perhaps why he was so entertaining! Resort map in the monorail station. Reflection shot!! I was convinced the monorail was gonna go without me while I sorted my camera out to take this! Chris is so Japanese!! (LOVE the monorail theming, by the way.) See, he *is* Japanese, he's even courteous! I tried literally about 8 times to get a picture of the castle through the window but every time I snapped, a tree or building got in the way. This is the best I got. Sorry. I love monorails and I don't really know why... Maybe just because they're so synonymous with Disney to me. Near the entrance of DisneySea, doing yet more shopping, we caught Mount Prometheus spewing fire. There are lots of people in the way of all my shots today because I gave up on being patient enough to wait for free space. Everytime I look at these pictures I'm like "WOW, the place really is beautiful". So freaking cool. This was self-photography hour, we were all standing around this general area snapping ourselves in front of pretty backdrops! 30 seconds ago I was in Japan, now I'm in Italy! *JUST* missed the sodding boat!!! I don't remember now what this is... It can't be Mount Fuji can it?? It's some big mountain hidden by cloud, I remember that much! It looks freakishly close in this picture. Even Disney's smoking areas have gorgeous views. We/they were walking too fast to get a good shot, but yes, that is Richard's name on the back of that kid's shirt. Back at Tower. We probably bumped into Barry again around this time. Perfectly done, every single detail covered. Disney still amazes me. Back outside. The steamship is almost full-scale, and apparently you can wander around it and there's a restaurant and stuff??? I'm not sure I knew that at the time!! We ran into Ryan... He'd already finished his day at Disney but had used his PoS car to come back in time and meet up with us. This picture came out really creepy, I'm actually quite pleased about that. Another random ToT/SS Columbia shot. Love you Chris!! This is my "This attraction is pointless and stupid but I love it anyway!" face. On our way for one last ride on Indy... Which by the way I adored, and it was cool to see what the Cali one would be like if everything worked right, though there are a few fundamental differences. The lack of stalling, for example. Oh, and I can't decide what's funnier about that shot: Me absorbing 99.9% of the flash, or the woman stuffing her face in the background. My best shot of the Aztec structure that houses Indy. *sigh* I need photography classes. And more patience. We camped out in great seats for the show, and prayed for no-rain! We did of course all run off and get food though. Fish so fresh your mother would slap it! LOL! Boredom breeds excessive amounts of self-photography. Bob rocks. LMFAO BOB!!!!! "Everybody wear the ears!!!! It'll be really funny right now but seem really stupid when I post it in my trip report!!" "Do my Bambi ears make you horny?" "Frankly, erm... No." I don't take pictures during shows, partly because they always come out badly, and also because I like to get immersed in them. This one was no exception. I loved the show, *adored* the music, the effects were fantastic and we had great debate over certain aspects of it... Fantastic. And even better, after staying still for twenty minutes to let everybody else leave, we had the park pretty much to ourselves for a last few rides... And more shopping. Chris, are you spitting on me?! WTF?! I don't remember this!!! Bob looks like he's dead, and floating in space. Yeah hi, I have a Pluto sticker and Bambi ears... How cool am I? Is it time for more Journey yet? Yes, yes it is. Thanks for making this day so fantastic, boys!! I had such a blast. My favourite park ever, and one of my favourite days of all the great stuff I did last year. WOW that was a lot of photos!! I miss TDR so much!! Thanks for reading. Next update will be decidedly boring and un-Disney. *sad*
  19. Spin Bullet, that's right. I didn't even care enough about it to spend 15 seconds looking it up on rcdb!! Accurate description there. That thing is pretty close to the bottom of my list. The spinning globe fountain is just so cool! For some reason I just really liked it as an icon. I know, but we had fun sitting on the rock hard ground outside the Prince hotel and putting the world to rights! Like I said in my first TDR post, I think that was the thing that was saddest about Disney, we walked up to you guys that one time outside Space Mountain, but we were all dashing off to hit a Fastpass schedule, and saw Robb, Elissa and Dave's group once or twice, and we continuously saw Barry at ToT, but that was basically it! The resort is so big, so we just kept missing each other! I know, I have to keep on top of this, I might possibly even finish it this week if people respond enough to each update (and yes that is a hint, because I refuse to put two giant photo posts on one page, so it has to tick over first!), I've got the whole week to sit at my computer and work, may as well do a few of these while I'm at it! As for the family shot, it's always been one of my favourite shots from the trip, but it wasn't until I actually posted it that I really realised what a great family picture it would be... if we were family. LOL. You can tell we're having fun. Last day of Disney coming soon! *sniff*
  20. I'm on a roll! Determined to finish this... Must... keep.... updating.... Day Three at Tokyo Disney Resort: A bit of park-hopping, and an evening at Sega Joypolis! So, as I mentioned yesterday, we had a bit of a lie-in this particular morning (til about 7.30... LOL), and then wandered over to the train station. The day before, we had discovered the Starbucks at the station, which made me VERY happy, so we stopped for coffee and breakfast before getting on the train. Nice to chill. On arriving, we made a beeline straight to Journey. *happy sigh* You can tell I'm pleased to be there. I'm schooling Chris here in the art of self-photography, as he kept complaining about his skills. Whose fingers are those?!?! I really shouldn't be lecturing anybody on self-portraits, I inevitably cut off half my head, but it doesn't really matter. Hey, I got all of Chris in the frame!! You have to understand how amazing Journey is, and how excited I was making my way through the queue again... ...and how sad I was when it broke down when we were TEN FEET from the fudging "elevators". *sniff* Oh well, on the plus side, they gave us a front-of-the-line pass for any attraction, which we used on Tower later when there was a big queue there but a short one for Journey. On our way out of the park an employee offered to snap our picture. She was great, did one with each of our cameras, framed them all differently... I love Disney, and I love that this picture is a total family holiday snapshot!! This spinning cascading globe might be one of my favourite Disney entrance icons. There's something very cool about it, I could watch it for ages. Hello, little tiny home country so far away!! I'm starting to miss you... only a teeny bit though. On the monorail over to Disneyland, Chris catches up on some sleep. Hello!! Taking a leisurely tour around the park! The only thing I remember about this is that there was a British women behind me who looked like somebody famous, and that I was talking to ducks a lot. And this is another one of those pictures where somewhere on the site, Chuck has posted the reverse. In line for Pirates, Chris tried on my outfit. LOL!!!! We laughed so hard at how skinny he looked in it!! Surely he should look fat in my clothes!! And then, suddenly, it's evening and we're leaving the park! I so fail at taking regular photos. Hi Bob. A little close maybe. Step back juuuuuust a teeny bit next time, okay? We met up with the group at the station, Robb and Elissa grabbed our train tickets, and we were off to Joypolis! Passing by the Fuji TV building. Funky! "TICKET, SHINY!!" I really didn't care too much about the coaster and neither did Richard, so we bypassed that line initially and headed right over to the Halfpipe. Awesome guidelines. Surely an indoor amusement arcade is an ADD-sufferer's paradise?!?! More hilarious instructions. The halfpipe was kinda fun, but made uncomfortable by the fact that the guy moved my restraints so my feet barely touched the floor, and Aussie Richard was inexplicably too tall for the thing and had to hunch. (I say inexplicably because although this is Japan where the average height is much smaller, Richard isn't *that* tall, and other people his height had no problems. So who knows!) The coaster on the other hand, made me want to die. Robb and others have posted pictures of the damn thing, but those restraints... It was like being inside an instrument of torture, and I got off feeling like I'd been in some kind of car wreck. I don't even remember the name of the thing or anything about it, I just know that if I ever go back to Japan, I'm skipping that one!!!! Mmmmmm, crepes!!! These were the best crepes of the trip, hell, they were the best food of the year! I had a peaches and strawberry cream one, and a Choco Custard Creme one, which was an orgasm in a pancake. It's hard to tell from this picture but this can is SUPERSIZED!!! Giant cans of Coke are my favourite thing ever. Mmmmm, caffeine with crepes. Apologies for the horrifically out-of-focus picture, but this is a foot-massage machine. And God it's good. At least it was. My feet inside said machine. I hadn't quite figured out the settings, but had changed a few things and had it so it was a totally heavenly experience. Then some Australian idiot came over and started flipping switches and suddenly the balls of my feet were trapped in a vice and I couldn't get out of the machine or find a way to turn down the settings. It hurt so badly!! Who needs enemies with friends like these!! *sniff* After getting seriously freaked out by a 3D sound attraction and then having to sit in a smoking area for about half an hour to calm down, we headed out. I was devastated to find that Condomania was closed for the night!! Walking back through the station for the journey home, I became jealous of Kristen's stickers! I only had one! So unfair! Another night finished in the bar, with overpriced drinks but a cracking view. Next up, last day at Disney! *sob*
  21. Dude, don't spoil it, I have pictures from Dumbo to tell that story with on Day 3 or 4!!! They were really cool! The pink thing you can see on Sully's back is actually an animatronic Boo with moving eyes and arm and stuff. Fun parade with a slightly annoying but ridiculously infectious song. Chris and I sang it for the rest of the trip... and Korea... and the flight home. LOL!!
  22. ^^ Generally speaking, I would prefer it didn't rain. But for somebody who isn't used to heat and despises humidity, having spent, I dunno, like 25 days or something in stupidly high temperatures? I was ready for the rain!!!! As for Mansion, yeah, I've never experienced any of its guises in Halloween mode before, though several times I've missed out on experiencing it at all because it's been closed for the Halloween refit. I just... Maybe it's because I've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas all the way through and am just generally not a fan of Halloween anyway, but... For me, Mansion's charm has always been in its creepiness. It's not scary, but it's creepy, and dark, and I love that! With all the halloween stuff in there, it's entertaining, and bright, and so cleverly done, but loses everything that makes me love it. I'm glad there's somebody who shares my view.
  23. Still in Japan... Tokyo Disneyland!! I love this Disneyland. I think in many ways Paris is more beautiful, and for me, the original Disneyland is the most magical (and I have been to the Magic Kingdom, several times, but the last was when I was about 13 and the others are all pushing out my memories of it), but overall this ranks pretty damn high, mostly because this whole resort is just all kinds of awesome. I've seen it described so many times as kind of a greatest hits of the Disneyland parks and I think that's fairly apt. My greatest sadness was that I didn't get to experience the Mansion as it should be: I hate Halloween and was slightly irritated by the Nightmare Before Christmas take on it, although I thought the outside theming and everything was incredible. Thunder was lots of fun, loved it, though I think Paris still wins on that count. Pooh... I don't have the words to describe Pooh, what a fun ride!! Must rank in some of my top attractions ever. Anyway nobody cares about this, so onto the pictures. The next morning. And it was STILL raining. And I was STILL loving it. It wasn't as cold this day and I had remembered to bring a hoodie (although an extremely unpractical one) with me just in case, though I didn't wear it. Rain = heaven. After getting inside the park and buying a couple of TDR umbrellas (and almost a Mickey haemorrhoid pillow), I spotted my favourite character and made a beeline to molest him. It's kinda creepy that you can see his disembodied leg in the window display behind him. Splash. I was way more upset about this being closed than I was about missing the credit over at DisneySea!! This picture was taken while in line to get a fastpass for something... I don't remember what our plan ended up being for this day, but knowing how long the Fastpass lines could be (don't get me wrong, they move damn quickly, but they're loooooooong), it might even have been Space Mountain. Later on, in line for Pirates (so awesome) and after the rain had *finally* stopped, we found one of those little ears... Unfortunately, Richard in the background means you kinda lose the full effect, but I think it looks rather fetching on Jeff. An extremely Mickey-shaped lunch. What was weird about this meal is I know that somewhere, I have an identical picture from a meal at the Magic Kingdom. And I mean identical. I swear to God even the cup is the same, the Disney stuff on the other side of it. This picture is so funny for no reason. And somewhere in Chuck's TR is the other half of this scenario. Chuck taking a picture of me taking a picture of Chuck taking a picture of me taking a picture.... I really didn't take many pictures this day, as all of a sudden it's evening... That kind of rain leads to beautiful skies and sunsets later on. Even though the focus isn't great and my camera was on some weird setting (it has one of those little wheels that gets turned round in my pocket) I still really love this picture. Such a gorgeous sky. So pretty!! This is right when I decided I just *HAD* to go shopping. *RIGHT NOW.* Hey, you get the urge, and what can you do! Of course, I ended up buying nothing, all of my shopping was done in huge amounts on Day Four. But anyway. After Disneyland's castle a few weeks before, this was heavenly!! I'm not a big believed in "bigger is better", but Disneyland's castle is just kinda... well, I don't think it's exactly beautiful. This one is a stunner. Around this time, the boys decided to go off and ride Autopia (which Jeff and I skipped in lieu of feeding our addictions and not being bored), and then Richard decided to go and put his ticket into one of those machines that might just pick you to be in the parade... The rest of us all refused, and guess whose ticket made a little fanfare noise and whose holder was converged upon by Japanese members of staff?? Yup, that would be Richard, who then got to walk behind a float clapping and singing. Fool. Obviously, even if we hadn't been planning to watch the parade (which I totally was), at that point we had to, to spot and laugh at Richard. Sadly we didn't see him. But the parade was good! And hey, CHRIS!!! "Happy happy happy happy Halloween, let's all celebrate! Come and join the party like you've never seen, we can hardly wait!" I can't remember the rest of the lyrics now. I adore these electrical parades and I seriously don't think I had seen one since I was maybe eight or nine. I found him!!! Wow, that was tough! This float was so beautiful. As children, my little friends and I all had our own Disney movies and characters (princesses) that we loved. My friend Rachel loved Belle, so I was taking these for her. Awwwww. *sniff* These guys were cool, running about "scaring" the kids and doing acrobatics and stuff. Knowing that Elissa likely wasn't watching, I at least tried to get a good picture of the boys for her... I failed, but here's Chip anyway to prove that I tried. By this point, I was totally head over heels in love with this resort. Both parks are amazing places and I really can't wait to go back, and I know I need to stop saying that because it's getting annoying. Having been there more than 30 minutes before opening and not left until we were kicked out on both days so far, we decided to have an extra hour or two in bed the next morning, then park-hop in a chilled out fashion until we left at teatime to go to Joypolis, then do another full day on Day Four. Off work for a week so have no excuse any longer... This report WILL be finished before the Europe trip!!!
  24. Only Derek could announce his engagement in the beer thread!! Congratulations and best wishes to you both.
  25. Okay, I was gonna be mean and post EVERYTHING else first, leaving TDR until last, but that would just be mean, seeing as I know this is the only reason any of you even stay with this report. So, without further ado... Day 1 of 4 : Tokyo DisneySea! Part of me would love to sit here and go through every attraction we did and rave about it, but really there's no point. Any of you who are interested will get far more information from actually doing some research, looking at the TPR updates, and reading other peoples' trip reports. I'll just get distracted by gushing. So I'll try not to. All I'll say (apart from photo comments) is that DisneySea is not only the most incredible park I've ever been to, it's also pretty much my favourite place I've ever been to on the planet. The place just has this incredible atmosphere, and moreso than I've ever been in any other park, I just felt totally immersed in it. The theming is outstanding, the food and attractions are wonderful, the Japanese people are (as always) pleasant, polite, and efficient... God I loved the place. As much as I'm *sure* there must have been a couple of little gripes (c'mon, I always have to have something to moan about) at the time we were there, I honestly can't remember a single complaint... Except that there weren't enough varieties of popcorn. Okay, trying to stop rambling. I'm so in love with this park. Oh, both a rant and an anti-rant: The only thing that was sad about the four day Disney experience is that everybody split into groups on day 1 (we went from being a huge group in transit to a group of about 11 waiting at the gates to a group of 6 once we got inside) and then because we really didn't see anybody else (the place is freakin' huge!) except to maybe wander past and wave hi, it was hard to make plans for the following day! So your group on day one was kinda your group. This was what made me (and several others) glad that the weather forced us to change our itinerary, as at least we weren't all separated for the final four days. Apart from that though, it was fantastic, and I had an amazing four days. Huge shout out to Chris, Bob, Jeff, Chuck and Richard for making it so much fun! Aaaaanyway. I had kept every wristband I'd been given in Japan, and had said throughout the trip "I'll take them off when we get to Disney"... It was a few days earlier than expected, but I stuck by my word. Even though I was sad to do so. I love Kristen and Elissa's expressions in this picture!! And I can't tell whether Chris is yawning because we've all had like three hours sleep or whether he's gasping out of the window in awe... LOL. Once inside the park, we basically "ran" (except I refused to actually run, much to Chris's dismay, I thought he might cry for a moment there) to get fastpasses for Tower. We had to wait a few minutes for them, but not long, and we were astounded at the length of the line as we left it. Tokyo is Fastpass crazy, it was mad that at some attractions the line for Fastpasses was longer than the line for the actual attraction! They move fast though, to be fair. I don't actually remember what we did first after that... Journey (amazing)? 20,000 Leagues (amazing and retro)? The crazy simulator with the phallic symbolism? Mmmmm, Tower. And check out that crowd... They're all there for Chip n' Dale's Cool Service! I'm certain that Elissa approves. And of course, being Japan, everybody in the crowd treats each other with respect, enjoys the show, and then calmly move on. And there are Chip n' Dale, squirting the crowd with fire hoses. This was all kinds of awesome. Gotta love the people with umbrellas. We likey. Chris, this smile looks so FORCED!! I love the old cars, trams, and horse-drawn carriages that many of the Disney parks have. This is in the American Waterfront part of the park, which has a cruise liner and all kinds of big band New York type stuff, which I think I have some pictures of from Day 3 or 4. I don't remember which attraction this was attached to, but Chuck, Bob and Jeff obviously had to sit it out. We had a lovely three-course meal at Magellans, which was hidden away in the rock caves. One thing I love about having plenty of time at Disney (or any resort for that matter) is having time to sit down and chill out over a meal instead of just grabbing fast food. Can't remember what my starter was, but I do know I only ate half my chicken because they kept appearing with this bottomless bread basket with like six different kinds of rolls which were sooooo good. It just became funny because every time we'd finish a piece, they'd be back with more baskets and we'd be choosing a different kind of bread! I honestly don't remember whose dessert the previous one was, Chris's maybe? Think this one was mine! Yum. Okay, no, not Chris's.... Jeff, did you have creme brulée?!?! More crowds for a parade with literal floats!! I loved this, even though the boys mocked me for waving at Pluto. He could see me, damn it!!! And seriously, WTF!! Mickey, Minnie, the chipmunks, Goofy, etc, all get damn cool floats: A unicorn, a castle, a dragon... And Pluto is atop a freaking FROG?! GAH!!! LOL at Donald getting stuck in the middle of the lake though. Mermaid Lagoon! I was seriously impressed with this area and had no idea it existed until we arrived. Bob and I decided to get ice cream and wait outside while the others went in to the Little Mermaid show. After about half an hour we had finished and went to see if we'd missed them leaving as they had been so long and there was a performance "due to start" as we had arrived... Turns out they were still sitting there waiting, so we ended up joining them. It was actually pretty damn cool, even though it was a bit odd, being so truncated and all, and some of the effects (awesome as they were) were strange-looking... Like the guy who appeared to be, umm, rather too friendly with Sebastian... Who yes Bob, is a crab. Not a lobster. Damn it!! I loved these jellyfish! Every single part of this area is themed themed themed. The ceiling, floors, every inch of wall... I'm constantly amazed by Disney. Bad photography, but you can see the cool effects and lighting on the floor and ceiling. Outside, we bumped into Robb, Elissa, Dave, Joey and a couple of others. Kristen's hat is awesome. Though Elissa's ears were better. I *almost* wish I'd bought those instead of the ones I bought... Next time. Mysterious Island, with Mount Prometheus. Home to Journey of the Centre of the Earth, which obviously makes it my favourite fake mountain ever... Somewhere, Jahan is crying. Well, assuming he's recovered from the explosion caused by the Matterhorn thread. Journey requires some mention: I was really curious about this ride, as it seemed to combine so many different aspects of different attractions (and ride systems) that I love, and I had heard such different things. It gets pretty much universally good reviews, but some people had told me it was their favourite attraction of all time, others had said it was great but not worth too many re-rides, and still others had said they thought it was good but vastly overrated. I personally do not think it's overrated, it's one of the few times ever that something has been built up so much for me and yet has not been anticlimactic. And I never got bored of it. But I don't know *why* I like it, it's just awesome because... It just is! I noticed something different in every seat and every time I rode, I love the acceleration and the drop, the crystal thingies are gorgeous, the lava monster is frighteningly realistic, there are parts that startle you, even the queue is gorgeous. The whole area around the entrance is beautifully done too, huge cavernous walkways. Fabulous. I miss Journey. Meditteranean Harbour area. Disney always does lighting well but I thought the lighting at DisneySea was particularly good. Can you tell that I really REALLY love this park? A sub that doesn't involve Nemo. Such nostalgia!!! A couple of hours before closing, we camped out to watch the evening show, and then headed off in pairs to grab food. At some point not long after Bob and I returned, bumping into Brian along the way, it started raining... Just slightly... And then the downpour started. That rain was HEAVY, we were literally soaked to the skin within seconds. The show was, shockingly (lol), cancelled. On the plus side though, it pretty much cleared the park. I forget the order of the rest of the evening, but I know we rode Tower again (best preshow EVER, but a meh drop sequence... at least that's what I thought the first time, it seemed better each time, though maybe that's to do with expectations... HOLD ON TO YOUR BACKPACKS!!!!!!), and at some point Chris was like "hmm, it's barely raining now, let's go and ride Aquatopia!" Aquatopia: Fun but stupid. Great but pointless. Seriously, WTF. Forward, stop, spin, stop, backward, stop, spin, stop, turn, stop, forward, almost hit a rock, stop, backwards, too close to a waterfall, stop. I love it, it's so much fun, but it's just... so pointless and stupid. LOL. Chris hates me saying that. If it was at "his" Disney it'd be better... Love ya Chris. Anyway, Aquatopia in the rain? NOT fun. The rain HURTS when it's coming down hard and your spinning into it. After walking to the tram station, Bob eventually insisted that I take his waterproof for a while, as I only had a t-shirt and was beginning to get hypothermic. Thanks Bob! It's hard to tell just how soaked we are... Believe me. I've never been so saturated. "Chris, you look too happy! Take it again!" "Muuuuuch better."
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