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  1. Bahahahahahaha!!! No camera can or will ever capture the true madness of a Brit Crew Bar Night. I swear, it isn't possible. Much amusement. Looking forward to seeing Thorpe pictures from Coleslaw: The Ride, etc etc.
  2. Mike's problem no. 91 - His inability to let his friends go to bed before 5am, even when they were up until 5am the previous night, again because of him and him alone. Brad, why do we stand for it?
  3. Wait wait WAIT. Did Mike just post?! THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!! And LOL at Elissa!!!! Great report so far Divv, I'd forgotten how much fun we had on Saturday, the sheer exhaustion of no sleep for two nights erased that day from my memory completely!! Some fantastic pictures. I miss you guys!
  4. Louise

    Korea Questions

    I knew if I bumped this with crap then people with real answers would come out of the woodwork. I'm actually keen to know this stuff myself. If I end up going back to Japan at some point I'd love to head back to South Korea for a couple of days again, hit T-Express and go back to revisit a few things. There just isn't anywhere close to the same kind of volume of information online about Korea as there is Japan.
  5. THERE'S A NEW FLAVOUR?!?!?! Those fans were amazing. Not that I ever carried mine around (I don't carry anything I don't have to around parks) but I stole other peoples' a few times and they were really good! I was totally baffled by how such flimsy little "blades" could create so much breeze!
  6. Hey BeemerBoy, I have TWO TPR magnets, so one of them is technically "spare"... What's it worth to ya? Make me a deal. I totally read this as candLes and got sooooo excited and jealous!!! I think candles should be next!
  7. Louise

    Korea Questions

    Hey Rob, For the Korea tour in 2007 we used a private coach company complete with amazing tour guide! I'm not 100% but I believe Robb and Elissa used the same guide and coach company again last year when they went back. Obviously I'm not going to speak for them, they know *way* more about it than I do, but seeing as we easily navigated Japan almost exclusively via public transport, I would assume the choice of employing a tour company in South Korea was due to this kind of transport not being as easily available and usable there as in some other Asian countries... Hope that helps a little bit so you at least don't get your hopes up too much for easy bus/train journeys!!
  8. A few random thoughts relating to this last update: * I fudging LOVE the group shot from Hurricane's and the picture of me and Brad, I don't think I had any pictures of us together and now I do! * The picture of me grabbing Rachel's boob... I do not remember. At all. I've seen the picture a few times but still don't remember the event. And I wasn't drinking. WTF. * Steve dancing NEVER gets old. And in the picture where it says "he did this for hours", he was actually dancing ON THE STAGE. And I'd like to point out that Steve was allowed to dance on the stage, but when Rach and I went up there we were asked to get down! Rude! Favouritism! * Something Divv didn't mention: When entering Hurricanes we were offered wristbands of various colours. No clue why at the time. Halfway through the evening we found out it was singles night and each colour wristband indicated what you were "into"... Apparently TPDave was gay, Rach was into chicks, and I wanted a one-night stand with a guy with money! So funny. * Small World totally deserved to be last ride of the trip. * OMFG BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at Big Mike clearing my view! Absobloodylutely hilarious moment, I nearly fell over laughing.
  9. Reason number 463 why BeemerBoy is awesome. It's my favourite film of all time. I say that about a lot of films to be fair, but Casablanca edges out any other film I say that about.
  10. I was okay with Santa Fe, it was fine, it's just that my expectations are much higher of Disney. Disney as a whole generally exceeds any expectations I have a thousand times over, but Paris... Just lets me down. Santa Fe is a fine hotel by most standards, but as Erik says, when you've come from somewhere like Europa where Colosseo is just indescribably amazing in every way... It can't live up to it. Hell, Erik and Divv stayed in Sequoia which is supposed to be more impressive, if even that didn't live up...! DLP is just meh for me now. Plus on this visit I received the worst service from two particular castmembers that I've EVER had from any Disney employee, hell, it's competition for worst service I've ever received from ANY park employee! Edited to add: HOWEVER, I must give Disney credit where due to be fair to them: Them giving us some extra ERT went a long way and was really very impressive, and the cast of characters at the dinner on the last night was really very good.
  11. Why did we not get some random Frenchman or tourist to take a photo with all of us?! Several great group shots but no Divv in them! That Casablanca photo is going to be my new FB profile picture. Thanks for putting these up and letting me reminisce, Divv!
  12. Eric, that last picture is so perfect! I only wish you were in it with us! It was so great to hang out with you again (and the other Erik Johnson for the first time!) even if only so very briefly! That whole trip was amazing beginning to end and the Magic Kingdom is always the icing on the cake for me! Much fun.
  13. Very cool, Cam!! Pleased to see this, it's good to see some of these rolling out as so many airlines have cancelled or reduced their orders due to "the current economic climate"... (So sick of hearing myself say that phrase...) Two things that I think are particularly cool are the Tailcam (though being a nervous flyer I'm not sure how much I'd be able to watch apart from when you're casually cruising above the clouds) and the Seat To Seat chat, which would have been amazing when three of us were flying to Orlando last year all sitting separately!! Thanks for posting these!
  14. ^ Not all of them are guys though don't forget...
  15. LOL Steve, I think you were being exactly as creepy as the long arms indicate. But we love you anyway. I have to say, Guess The Crotch may have been my idea, but I seem to remember me coming back from the loos and all my stuff having been STOLEN! I invite Rach along to be my ally and she winds up being everybody's co-conspirator in torturing me! Divv, do you have video to post of Steve in Hurricane's?!
  16. LOL Divv, was this a public service announcement or a commercial for a TPR trip?! So funny. You were so tanned! Love the pic of you, Erik and Fran! Is Disney next? More importantly, IS HURRICANE'S NEXT!??!?!?!
  17. Where's the pic of me and Elz I took with your camera while you were all whoring it up?! I'd like to point out also that I didn't win Jon a ducky, Craig did!! I don't think I did anything at that park! Anaconda shook several of my body parts clean off, the drop tower was quite fun judging from my expression (was this the park where the bus driver's kids line-jumped us in the drop tower line?! We were not having that!!)... Did I do anything else here?! Really was just a rest-stop on the road to Disney!
  18. Europe was great, I absolutely loved it! I think Phantasialand still *JUST* has the edge for me, but seriously only just, and I was thrilled Europa lived up to my expectations, as I was concerned having heard so many great things from Robb, Elissa, Dave, etc that I would wind up disappointed! Amazing park, INCREDIBLE hotel, great selection of rides, beautiful theming... I was very amused by all the, erm, "tributes" too. Keep it up Divv, loving reliving this trip! Living it for the first time in the case of the things I don't remember!
  19. I LOVE Colosseo. Hands down best resort hotel I've ever stayed in, and the bars were FANTASTIC, which of course if the most important thing. This was a hilarious night. Many good memories.
  20. <3 Tripsdrill <3 I wasn't stupid enough to walk across that bridge this time around after nearly dying in '07! Those stupid Adam & Eve statues got me this time around though! Mammut was okay, like you say Divv, but no, definitely nothing special, and was probably one of the few disappointments on the trip. I didn't have huge expectations of it but was expecting it to be better than it wound up being. It's a nice family woodie though, good starter coaster for the young families at the park.
  21. But... but... Yeah, but... You see it three times and it looks different every time and it's always duplicated like a visual echo!!!! Waaahhhh.
  22. The replies in this thread amuse me greatly. Thanks for the text guys, see you this afternoon!
  23. There is one scene in Hollywood Tour that I have failed to identify (and also failed to spot the clapperboard stating on what movie it is based) on both occasions that I've ridden it. Someday I shall figure it out!!!
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