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  1. This is a really good move for the park. The more attractions they can get in like this the better.
  2. Yet more great photos bringing back great memories. Thanks Hanno.
  3. Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester opened its doors today so we decided to go and check it out. To be honest I went not expecting much at all and boy was I impressed. The park is in the middle of the Trafford Centre, a shopping mall in Manchester which with this means a day there can now be fun. To say the small space they have there was a lot to do including a shooting dark ride, 4D cinema, Fire academy and a Miniland. A great day was had and it's not just for kids. Time for some Lego Fun! Don't jump the queue or the Lego man will get you. Pre-show video about the wonders of Laq's new job Lego workers on a break. Out of the masses in attendance (4) Andrew got picked to help restart the factory Fun Fact, Its takes 23 1/2 elephants to mould a Lego brick. Painting the bricks. A surprisingly good shooting dark ride with proper Lego guns. Andrew was helping with the final touches to Miniland. You are here! Manchesterrrrrrrrrrr Fancy a match at The Eastlands Stadium Alton Towers. Don't Look Down! Blackpool. There must be a fountain around here somewhere! You can see who's the fastest. Pick your favourite Beetles track And watch them play. Hi Erik! Sealife in Birmingham Not everyone was enjoying Legoland. Can you find SpongeBob? Lego theming everywhere. Warning, wild anamals at LDC. There's a Fire Academy here too. You can build your own cars. Andrew shows the kids how it should be done. The new opening for 'Top Gear' The cars line up. Things got dirty! Coffee anyone? You can ride a roller coaster in the 4D cinema with Bob the Builder. Lego Universe, a new game that comes out in September. SHOP Star wars and Lego = Awesome day!
  4. They want people to talk about it and let's face it it's working.
  5. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this but still not really expecting much.
  6. ^^ How the hell have you sit through a saw movie? Think I need to witness this. Come June a group of us will be dragging you in.
  7. You know Larry I think that is about all Relex is missing. Another great TR Divv and another great weekend.
  8. This is looking really cool. Can't wait to drag Scottish Steve in there.
  9. Robb, this just keeps getting beter and beter. Can't wait till Monday.
  10. Thanks for bringing back great memories Hanno.
  11. Yeah Roller Coaster was up and running as good as ever. And The Big Dipper was running too although it's now limited to one train operation.
  12. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the home of all your water fountain needs.
  13. It's looking really good guys. Thanks for all the hard work and effort.
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