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  1. So I was just cruising some old pictures on my computer and came across some pictures for the Moreys Piers fire from 2008. The fire happened at night after closing on 6/16/2008. A good chunk of the piers was damaged due to the fact the Wildwood fire department couldn't get their trucks on the beach. Luckily no coasters were harmed from the fire. On the right is the employee bathroom and on the left is the bumper cars. Here is the burnt bumper cars building. The brand new forklift got melting pretty bad. Looks like the steering wheel is made of chocolate. There is a view of the bathroom again and the Moreys piers offices. The fire got really close to the hazardous material storage area. This fence went up faster then the fire did. New and improved bumper cars now with a cliff. The guess your weight station was pretty hot that year... The little zamperla seal flume was making in throughout the fire ok until a fireman realized it was full of water. Yep. Destruction from a distance. partially removed ride. The bumper cars... Uhhh... i mean a beautiful view of the ocean. This guy did all the work. Hes some sort of superman. My last ride
  2. I see the site, i see comments and i see a bowl of cereal on my desk!
  3. for me its gotta be Superman - Ultimate Flight every wait for that ride is at least 30 min+, and for a ride that is just there for the credit its never worth the wait twice.
  4. wild eagle looks goo can't wait to go down to dollywood!
  5. Green lantern (SFGadv) is a silly name, which reminds me of Chang. (Also a silly name)
  6. People like this really piss me off, in the end they end up ruining the fun for all of us. Here's another example of people being idiots, im not sure if yall remember the accident at moreys piers this year when a girl fell of the ferris wheel. Moreys enacted a new rule that there will be no more single riders on the wheel, i guess to stop people from standing up. well I went down and rode the wheel about a month or so after the accident and the rule change and as we were at the top waiting for riders to load 2 girls in their 20s where standing up in the gondola and hanging over the side looking down.
  7. I think it would be awesome to have an inverted boomerang on the east coast. Too bad we will be getting 2 of them next year, this and invertigo at dorney. Other then that is deja vu just as rough as the regular boomerangs?
  8. The far left hill has no chain return after the drop. Assuming its the lift hill maybe it will be a launched lift hill to a massive airtime first drop.
  9. quick quick we need to save that park! we cant let another arrow coaster eat it. But seriously this is really depressing.
  10. I would tear down rolling thunder at SFGAdv. In its spot I would put a better wooden racer that actually races!
  11. Well last week I was at work and my supervisor told me that he went to lake compound up in Connecticut the week before and rode the oldest coaster. I knew he meant Lake Compounce but what shocked me is that he was calling boulder dash the oldest coaster when the wildcat in the same park was built more then 70 years before it.
  12. I get little concerned when i see a wooden coaster swaying at least a foot when a train rides thru, or when you can feel a wooden coaster train flex while riding. It has been some time when i have had the crud scared outta me.
  13. Hey Chuck great trip report. Its great to see some inside pics of BD and all the pics of ECB... except the one where my girlfriend and i look miserable lol.
  14. Hey guys thanks for the advise it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully some day i will be able to not be so weird.
  15. This happened a few days ago at knoebels. My girlfriend and i decided to spend the day at knoebels which happened to be the day before the east coast bash. Unknowingly the TPR trip "road to cedar point" happened to be there. I only realized they were there after I arrived at the park. Now for me i see the TPR regulars kind of like celebrities and throughout the day i happened to be pointing out to my girlfriend who they were, but i feel like i made a mistake. My girlfriend happens to be a fan of the piers videos (she loves British accents). Well we happened to be walking through Knoebles and we saw piers. Out loud i said "hey is piers" so i could bring it to my girlfriend attention. The problem is he happened to be no more then 3 feet away from me, and he heard me. Piers turned around and said hello, as he was saying hello he realized he didn't know me and gave me a strange look. Now the reason why i tell you this story is because i felt really awkward not introducing myself after saying hi, and i felt like a stalker. I wanted to introduce myself at east coast bash but still felt to awkward to say anything. I figure i would make a public statement to let people know im retarded or something. so if he reads this..My Bad... and i feel like a dick.
  16. Long Island needs a decent amusement park. There is a amusement park thats geared for kids but no real thrill seeker oriented parks. Plus to get to a decent park it takes a lot of time and crossing the bridges gets expensive.
  17. Cant wait even better that its on a Sunday! leaves Saturday open for i dunno..... Knoebels? It will be the best weekend of my life.
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