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  1. Sara, yes by all means read the books... sure the first 3 or so are when they are becoming teenagers... those are great but I think they got a whole lot better toward the end. I used to work at the LSU Bookstore on campus and I used to make fun of the Harry Potter "freaks".... until one of my coworkers jumped me and told me I needed to read them before I bashed(well I was just teasing) them. So I did... and I was amazed at how good they were... actually my 40 y/o sister was reading them too... which I found out later and she loved them too... so long story short... YES... Go read them! Go NOW! lol
  2. Yes I totally agree with you guys: Dollywood is INCREDIBLE! I have yet to find more friendly staff anywhere and they really are happy you are there. Even Disney could learn a few things from that park. That says so much. I think they are truly proud of "their" park. I think Six Flags needs to give THEIR staff something to be proud of and then I think the customer service would improve a bit. You have to be truly proud of your product in order to be motivated to sell it and want to improve customer relations. Also, I think the older staff set a great example for the younger members of the crew. Instead of just the older members being in supervisory positions, they are actually working right alongside the younger members. I think that helps a lot. But also the fact that more mature people would even want to be in those positions says a lot about the park. Nick "just my two cents" C.
  3. Hey that's awesome thanks for the update. I'm excited about this coaster. Doesn't look like too much more has gone up but yeah the weather has been pretty nasty. Again, thanks for the update. --Nick
  4. Hey, anybody have some new updates for the Bullet? Would love to see some new construction photos. Pretty please. --Nick
  5. Yes I must also tell you guys what an awesome job that video was. I enjoyed it from the minute it started playing. We don't see opening credits like that much. Very original. Also, the detail in all the TPR things...very cool. Even they font you guys used in your instant messaging was the "Theme Park Review" banner fonts. Made me laugh. Nice work! --Nick
  6. Dang, I LOVED the flooded mine, its such a shame they made it Daredevil Falls. I mean DF is a cool ride and all but it doesn't compare to the nostalgic value which was FM. I really enjoyed the ride. If anyone has any more pictures of it, please post them. Oh and thanks for all the information about what the pictures were of. When I was there for the first time in a while 2 years ago, I was looking all over for the FM. I didn't realize it was gone. Grrrr. But I was wondering what all the flooded mine business was up in that cave. Thanks for the info, Nick C
  7. Ok I have to second what RJ said. Kraken King...you have the most awesome signature EVER! I see it and I can't help but feel bad that I can't stop laughing. Poor guy. And about what happened; all I can say is that I hope nobody else gets a "possible Mission: Space related injury" before August. I have been waiting to ride that ride forever. Grrrr. Nick C
  8. Ironically, I find the trains to resemble crash test dummy mobiles. And WE are the dummy's.
  9. Yeah I remember when it was all slated to be built by Ogden entertainment or whatever. I was pumped...then I heard it was to be built in N.O. East and I was like "why"???? Yay lets build a park out in the swamp with no natural shade or atmosphere. What were they thinking? Anyway, I'm not surprised at all and I hope it all works out for both the city and SF. I had bought a couple passes for my nieces, nephews and I the year before it closed and we never even went. I did it mainly to give them a little support. Honestly though I had no desire to go and BAKE out on a concrete slab in the middle of a swamp. I do however support Blue Bayou/ Dixie Landing though. Its actually a pretty decent water park and if you guys are ever in Baton Rouge you should check it out. Nick C.
  10. Awesome TR. I too love POTC. I think the new chain is a wonderful addition to the park. Congrats on your masters. And stroller gang... hahahaha. Nick C.
  11. Hmmm. Well AED's only help if someone is having some type of lethal heart arrhythmia which can be converted and if its not of that origin then its not going to help: like a brain aneurysm bursting or such. You CAN use an AED if you don't know CPR but if someone is in respiratory arrest or it tells you to "continue CPR" then you are not gonna be doing too much good. Not only that but you only have a few precious minutes to get all that underway and if it was an aneurysm or some type of internal bleeding then its all very quick usually. Yea I don't blame Disney in the least nor the parents. That's reallly a shame for both parties. Ugh, I hate hearing about these types of things. But really, something else had to be wrong. If the ride was working properly then the child must have had something else going on. Most 12 year old hearts are usually in pretty good shape. Nick "we'll know soon enough" C
  12. About the AED. They probably didn't have one because I don't think every employee hired at Disney has to be CPR certified so they most likely wouldn't know how to use one anyway, although it really doesn't take a genius to operate one as most all of them talk to you and walk you through every step. I am sure they have them with Emergency Services. AED's are quite common and very small and it being DISNEY they probably have many. lol. Plus, you have to know CPR to use one. Nick C.
  13. Wow, that was awesome. I think Guy is my new hero. Haha. And way to go guys for the special olympics thing. I think that is awesome. Oh and the videos are a perfect touch to the whole report. Two thumbs way up! ---Nick C.
  14. Yeah its a free site, there is no need for an apology Rob. I am just thankful this site is here. Glad the site is back up as it makes my nights at work much faster. Nick
  15. Ok WOW! It's late and my friend and I just got back into Baton Rouge having spent the entire day at SFOG. Goliath is freaking incredible. Believe it about the insane hairtime...delivered superb ejector air. It's one of those rides you CANNOT get enough of. Front, back, or middle, it doesn't matter where you sit, IT DELIVERS. Ok enough, it was a beautiful day and we had a blast. We finally got the Deja Vu credit. UGH, that thing was horrible. We have a new favorite park. Nick"GO ride Goliath!" C.
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