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  1. Aside from Bill's experience, the rest of the posts (including my own) claim minimal waits, so I'm not sure what you're on about. Anyway, we won't know for certain until they open to see how/if they're doing spacing on coasters. All of the Cedar Fair parks pages that I've looked at, including Dorney's, have removed the "reduced capacity on rides" text from their COVID-19-prevention actions. If it's like last year, on a Saturday, yeah you might have some substantial waits. I'd expect crowds to be a little bit larger than last year, simply because more people are comfortable going out n
  2. Because Gov. Murphy basically put a halt to all "non-essential" construction (or other work, for that matter), for a large part of 2020. After it was allowed to restart, I have to imagine the park still wanted to feel out the trajectory of the pandemic before investing anything else into it.
  3. So KD just sent out an e-mail to pass holders; there will be a preview day for Gold/Platinum Pass holders on Sunday, May 16th, ahead of their main opening on Saturday the 22nd. That's all it says, no hours posted yet. If they're open late enough I might swing by on my way back from Kings Island.
  4. Yeah, the Fast Track will really only provide a major help at Great Bear and Fahrenheit (drops you in the station), and to a lesser extent Skyrush and Candymonium (provided there is queue built up on the ground). For most other rides the merge point is too far back to really make much a difference.
  5. Last I checked (just now) a SEAS Platinum Pass was $408 after taxes and fees, but yeah if you can get one for $200 I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.
  6. Fair enough. Hopefully for you by that point they'll be selling daily Fast Lane.
  7. Look, I get it...staying at Breakers or Express can be awesome for a trip, especially the first one, but if getting on as much as possible is your priority, the Platinum Pass + All-Season, All-Park Fast Lane is the better option. You get the same Early Entry perks from the Platinum Pass as you do from staying at Breakers/Express, and you also get the ability to bypass lines all day for all three days. Even if your wait with the FL+ is 30-45 minutes, that's still a hell of a lot better than the 2-3 hours waits you'll encounter without it. Now if money is no object, absolutely combine the
  8. I reiterate my earlier stated notion of buying a Platinum season Pass along with the All-Season, All-Park Fast Lane, through one of the Cedar Fair sites that is offering it. You do not need to go to that park for it to be valid at Cedar Point. This way, you'll have Fast Lane Plus for your CP trip, and can do things at your leisure. It's Labor Day Weekend. The park is going to be slammed. You also get Early Entry with a Platinum Pass, so you don't need to stay at one of the Cedar Point Hotels.
  9. I had inferred it from the fact that SFGAdv's site has two options to buy Power Hour tickets, one for Passes/Members and one without, and the fact that the website states that "a ticket is required for everyone" whereas SFStL's just says "reservations are required for everyone." But I could be mistaken.
  10. Doesn't appear that they're charging Season Passes/Memberships, as they rightly shouldn't. *coughSFGADVcough*
  11. Stopped by the park for a few hours today with my father to burn off the Bring-a-Friend I had with my Season Pass before it expired. Not worth a full TR, but here are some notes: -Reservations were checked by no one. -Row skipping on coasters is a thing of the past; though my dad and I did get our own car on both Justice League and Dark Knight. -Social distancing in queues was actually a thing! -Season Flash Pass holders were directed to a booth separate from the main Flash Pass building to pick theirs up; it was located near the old entrance to Old Country across from Sky Screamer
  12. Hey now, I hang out by myself at parks all the time. The last time I went to a park with someone was 2019, pre-COVID.
  13. End of June should be good anywhere in the country. Some school districts run in to the first week or two of June.
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