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  1. Because, as had been discussed previously, they hadn't planned on opening much if any of the amusement park initially.
  2. My usual plan of action at this park if I'm trying to hit everything as quickly as possible is as follows: -Dominator and Berzerker during the pre-opening operation period. -Woodstock Express before the line of kids gets too long...this will never have beyond a 30 minute wait but I feel a little weird as a nearly-40 year old adult waiting for a "kids" ride. -Tumbili -Reptilian (it is on FL, but it has horrible capacity). -Anaconda -Racer 75 -Apple Zapple -Grizzly -Twisted Timbers (two laps to make the most of the locker situation) -Flight of Fear -Intimidator 305 Then I start on flats that I'm interested in that don't have FL, followed by flats that do have FL, followed by re-rides on coasters.
  3. You can redeem your FL purchase at any store that sells it, but the easiest way if you get there at opening is to go to the upgrade center booth immediately to the right after entering the main gate. If the park has a posted opening time of 9:00, the main gates should open at 8:30, along with Dominator and Berzerker. Note that quite a few rides are not on Fast Lane at this park. For adult-rideable coasters, that's Anaconda, Apple Zapple, Tumbili, Racer 75, Woodstock Express, and Grizzly. If you're concerned about getting on any of these, I'd hit them first after the rest of the park opens at the posted opening time (especially Apple Zapple, Woodstock Express and Racer, in that order.).
  4. 43 years, actually. And yeah, those speculating about a "non-trimmed Beast," or even a "less trimmed Beast" ever having opened to the public are just plain wrong. You just feel it more since they switched to the magnetic trims, which slow the train down much quicker in a shorter period of time (to the same speed) compared to the old skid trims.
  5. I think he meant "why are people, not the park, bothering the city, because absolutely nothing is going to happen."
  6. I'm reminded of that time last year when I made a last minute trip to Cedar Point over Memorial Day weekend, and the only hotel in the area that wasn't $500 a night was the Maples Motel....about 5 miles down US 6 east of the park, and the only thing separating the hotel from the double-line freight tracks was US 6, and the hotel was right near an intersection that crossed the tracks. Literally every 30 minutes a train would roll past and blare the horns. The proprietor, who was admitted awesome, was gracious enough to offer ear plugs on check in.
  7. Let the speculation about Adventure Express' future begin. Yes I know they just repainted it and it's not going anywhere.
  8. Everything right near the park is kinda lower mid-grade, if that bothers you. I used to stay in the total shithole right on property, simply because you can walk across the parking lot to the park, but that hasn't been open for years. I now typically stay about 20 minutes north on I-95 in Thornburg; there's a Best Western there that is quite nice. Since you're coming from the south, I'd look in Ashland right off the highway. I see a Hampton Inn, a Tru by Hilton, a Days Inn, and a Quality Inn, so there's a good spectrum there. As a plus there's actually bars and restaurants nearby, whereas the Doswell exit off 95 near the park has a Burger King, a 7-11, and that's about it.
  9. Ouch, I'm hurt? And yeah, the Golden Ticket Awards are kinda a joke around here, but with only 86 posts on a not-even-three-years-old account, I shouldn't expect you to know that. Have fun with your "amazing" Cedar Point experience, featuring: -30-minute-wait-after-merge with Fast Lane on two of their top 3 coasters -Their top four coasters being maintenance nightmares, and rarely running for an entire day straight. -Most of the flats not being on Fast Lane. -The only superb food being at Melt and Famous Dave's, which aren't even CP restaurants. -No sense of urgency by most ride ops. -Separate admission water park, without any Fast Lane-accepting rides (the swim up bar is nice, I'll give it that). -Complete lack of a log flume. Like I said, I do not question that CP has the better coaster lineup when compared to KI, and I still consider CP to be my number 2 favorite park. My opinion was, and is, that Kings Island is the better overall park experience. But this is a Six Flags thread, and arguing about CF parks belongs elsewhere.
  10. There are more to parks than coasters. I'll put in in CF terms, maybe that'll help: Cedar Point, without any argument, ultimately has the better top-tier lineup of coasters than Kings Island. No one will question that. However, many people believe that KI is the overall "better park" - I'm one of them. KI just blows CP out of the water in terms of ride operations, Fast Lane offering and access design, food operations, food offerings, layout, overall quality of of coasters, and type of adult flats. Others really love Knott's Berry Farm for all of the shows and the historic Ghost Town section. Point is, you can't judge the quality of a park simply by it's top two coasters.
  11. This will be the only "major investment" your park gets for the next decade; cherish it.
  12. No concerns about Dr. Pepper haha...I rarely drink sodas. Unfortunately the park only closes at 8 on that day, so no chance of night rides. Thanks!
  13. @anonymouscactusAwesome info, thanks! I'll probably be also checking out tube slides (I don't really do body slides) and the lazy river in the water park.
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