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  1. The point was that under Newsome's guidelines, that's how every state would qualify - not saying what each state is actually doing.
  2. Not trying to get into a debate here, but how is working and earning a living not a constitutional right? Second paragraph man.
  3. Just to further prove how agenda-driven Gov. Newsome and his people are, here you go: Californians will be allowed to congregate and vote without masks. I guess the pursuit of happiness (i.e. putting food on your table) isn't a "foundational constitutional right" in their mind?
  4. More Bayern Kurves are always good. My first (and only) was the one at SFGAdv back when I was a little kid, since Kennywood's was down during my 2017 visit.. I *think* the one from SFGAdv was the one that went to Riverside but I can't be sure.
  5. So, basically no change from before, since all California's major parks are in Moderate (or worse) coded areas, right? Anything further I could say would be construed as a political comment and thus is reserved.
  6. If it was for all SF parks, sure. I plan on hitting a bunch (Georgia, St. Louis, America, Darien Lake) next year pending their opening. That said, Gold season-long is good enough for me being valid only at SFGAdv (a park that I don't plan on visiting super-frequently*) for only $40 more than it would cost for one day of it. If I go only once next year, which is likely, it pays for itself. *In case you missed any of my prior rants, I grew up 15 minutes away and threw away most of my youth working there for 6 years, so it's a bit of a sore spot for me.
  7. Thanks. And yeah, Flash Pass is a no brainer. They're actually selling season-long Gold for only $140 right now, when it would be $100 for just Sunday.
  8. So...I'm highly considering taking advantage of the $60 Season Pass offer that's going on right now (mostly in prep of a road trip next summer when, hopefully, more parks are open) and heading to the park this coming Sunday. I'll admit I haven't really been following what's opened or closed at this park. Really I'm just concerned with Ka, El Toro, Batman, and Skull Mountain. I figure I'm safe in assuming these are all running?
  9. Yeah, I find KI's food options to be decent enough to not necessitate leaving the park. Tom+Chee is the shiznit, and unlike Melt at CP, is on the meal plan. Just avoid any of the pizza places. A tip for the Miami River Brewhouse to skip the line is to just ask to sit at the bar. Every time I've asked the host if I could just go in, they've allowed it.
  10. Those signs have been the same since Mystic opened, so I'm pretty sure there's nothing to read into them.
  11. I'll admit that I'm one of those "change for the sake of change of alone is bad" people, but if this improves the experience for mobile users that's a win. One question - in the old forum, the thread/post title would appear above every post. Now, it's just at the top of the page. Any way to restore the old way?
  12. With Fast Lane it won't matter what order you tackle the coasters. Pretty much every coaster there that accepts Fast Lane (which is all of the adult coasters except Bat and Woodstock Express) has the merge point at the station. Do what you want and enjoy your day.
  13. Not KI, but at CP on Saturday the 3rd of October it barely broke 60 degrees and the park was busier that it had been during my July or August visits. Fast Lane highly recommended.
  14. Trip report coming maybe, but I had an awesome time at CP the weekend of the 3rd and 4th, with my super-expensive-but-totally-worth-it all-season Platinum Fast Lane+. Those without were having a less good time on Saturday - waits of 60 minutes plus for things like Iron Dragon and Corkscrew, 2 hours for Valravn, Raptor, Maverick, etc. Saturday, Maverick was running, as was every other adult coaster and Power Tower. Sunday was rainy so I didn't stick around all day but if the weather cleared was probably better. I had to have one of my cats put down on Wednesday, so I'm still in kinda a
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