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  1. Wow. Tragic for the families.... Though after watching that video I can't say for certain that's a ride I'd get on if someone were holding a gun to my head.
  2. Didn't you know, the replacement for Volcano is Tiki Twirl, the S&S 4D? In all seriousness, I'm sure they've got something substantial in the pipeline for '22 or '23. I'm also pretty sure that, while they have input, individual park GM's don't have the final say on what rides come to their parks in the CF chain.
  3. Canobie missed the portable shuttle at Selva Magica. According to RCDB, there are 6 Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops left in operation: Bullet @ Selva Magica in Mexico (Portable model with the tire driven spikes) Golden Loop @ Gold Reef City in South Africa Katapult @ Hopi Hari in Brazil Montezuma @ Knott's in California Psyke Underground @ Walabi in Belgium Shuttle Loop @ Nagashima Spa Land in Japan There are also 3 Arrow shuttle loops currently in operation: Diamondback @ Frontier City in Oklahoma Revolution @ Blackpool in England Sidewinder @ Elitch Gardens in Colorado
  4. Some people don't appreciate careening through a forest at 50+ miles per hour, for some reason. I'm not one of them and don't understand. Day or night, Beast in the front row cannot be beat by any other wooden coaster, IMHO.
  5. Why do they need to rename it at all? The only "California" theming it needs is being in California.
  6. Yeah, I love Dorney. Never any lines (for the dry park anyway), probably my #3 invert, a great collection of flats (some rare, like Enterprise, Demon Drop, and Apollo), an AWESOME log flume, and probably the second best water park I've ever been to (second solely since they don't have a swim-up bar). It even still has some of its charm left over from the pre-Cedar Fair days. There's nothing "amazing" about it, but its a nice little park, and perfect for swinging by Philly for steaks and drinks on the way home from (at least for me LOL).
  7. More power to you. I'm not that old school, but I definitely am in a lot of ways.
  8. That's all fine and good unless you actually want a physical card, which is a lot easier to pull out of your pocket and show to the cashier to scan rather than have to navigate back to the QR code on your phone every time you want to cash in your drink/dining plan.
  9. Can confirm, CF doesn't care which park you go to first with your paper voucher for a Platinum Pass. You'll get your photo taken and be issued a card that has whatever park you go to first on the back. My Platinum Pass will forever say Michigan's Adventure even though I'll likely never end up back there LOL.
  10. The all-park Fast Lane+ add-on has been around for at least two years now, at that price.
  11. If anyone's interested, the park has posted the ride maintenance schedule for the first quarter of 2021. https://buschgardens.com/tampa/park-info/ride-attraction-schedule/ Jan 5-15 Sheikra Jan 25-29 Scorpion Feb 1-5 Elmo's Safari Go Round Feb 8-12 Big Bird's Whirlie Birdie Feb 15-19 The Count's Cars Feb 22-26 Dessert Runners Mar 1-12 Kumba And on that note, my trip is booked for the 3rd week of February. BGT on Thursday the 18th and SWO on Friday the 19th, with Fun Spot Orlando in the evening on the 19th and Fun Spot Kississimee before my flight home on the 20th. E
  12. I'd say the odds are pretty good if they manufactured the situation.
  13. Sounds to me like the problem is the douchebag doing the filming, but maybe that's just me. Homeboy sounded like he had a point to make after being "treated so unfairly, woe is me" over the camera issue. By the way, it has been Six Flags Corporate Policy since I started working for them in 1998 that professional-grade cameras were not allowed to be used anywhere on park property without permission. If someone violates that, and then gives the security staff a hard time about it (which, by his attitude in the video, I'm 99.9% sure happened), that's when they call the police. This "videograp
  14. Your theory postulates that the general public, outside of coaster forums, will even know that something happened. As indicated by the near-complete lack of press that the incident received (not even Vegas' two major local news outlets, the Review-Journal or the Sun, picked it up), there is no reason to believe that they will. They're not intentionally hiding anything; I'm sure if a member of the press reached out for a comment, they would provide one. PR 101 is that you don't create press attention for negative things if they're not paying attention. The coaster-enthusiast community, h
  15. The fact they they continued to do it and are continuing to do it. Businesses don't continue unprofitable operations. Then again, it is SEAS, so I guess anything is possible LOL.
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