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  1. Tweet Tweet! Get your phone ready! It's coming! I dunno what it is! BUT IT'S COMING! OMG! I gone insane... I'm going in circle to make sure I have 4 BARS for the next hour... Okay I'm not that insane... I have four bars... So I'm good to go and ready to jump like a kanagroo when it comes! IT'S A TALLEST WATER RIDE!!!!>.. Just got it when I typed this! WHOO HOO!
  2. ^ Oh that's right! How could I forgotten Expedition Everest !? It has been 4 years since I have been at Walt Disney World. I need some Magic refill soon.
  3. Vekoma and Disney... That's sound a little naughty... Disney is suppose to give us pleasure and magic moments while vekoma gives us hell at the most part. Don't get me wrong. I like Vekoma which they are not too bad. I do prefer B & M so far. I wonder if this will be true. DSI team are very creative and I hope this will allow them to generate ideas and hit it with a bang for their 40th anniversary!
  4. I could see how this ride would be workable for Disney! Sweet! I'm hoping this is a real news, not another rumor.
  5. 10 mph? You're right that it is going to be slow but fun ride but 10 mph? Nah... I am thinking more like 20 and I don't know who will be building this coaster at this point. If it is going to be like Vekoma Model such as Rugrats Runaway Reptar like at Carowinds/Kings Island... that's about 1 minute and 30 seconds... I think there will be about the same time with some extension such as some pause time for some "laughter" show. I definite see it as a dark ride/inverted coaster... This must be a first inverted coaster/dark ride? Am I wrong? If not, I'm interested to know other indoor inverted coaster as well.
  6. http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/jim_hill/archive/2008/07/21/monday-mouse-watch-get-ready-for-wdw-s-monstrous-new-coaster.aspx Read more here I'm very excited to read about this! I'm now pump for some Monster's Inc time! I can imagine riding on this and soaring thorugh the various doors and seeing the different monsters! This should be a fun ride!
  7. Great Trip report! I can't wait to see the Dark Ride when I go to California someday. Maybe this summer if I get internship at Yahoo! in Burbanks... Happy Birthday Kristen! You are in luck when Robb got back in time for your arrival to this crazy world! It's world of Roller Coasters! Question about this picture... Did you all get like sunburn or what? Nice smiles from all of you! Robb, is that Philsbury Doughboy you were holding in your hands? Just wonder.
  8. It's very fade for me right now but here are the definite list of where I'm going... Kings Island - Opening Days (April 20th, 2008!) Indiana Beach in late August! Cedar Point - BooBuzz Event if still continue The reason it is fade for other part is depending where I'm doing my professional immersion (internship) for my master degree (Digital Storytelling from Telecommuncation Department). I am going to apply for Disney in florida and be able to achieve 30 to 40 credits while I'm in florida and a few stop on the way there and back from Indiana. If I end up doing internship in New York if I was denied from Disney in Florida... I have quite a few parks to hit in New York and surround states. I currently have 68 credits now...Whoo hoo... Wish me luck!
  9. Wonder who going to take over this mine! The crows already took over Mystery Mine... wonder what will take over that mine.... Rodents? That would be Elissa Friendly ride... if it come to be true.
  10. Great report.... a few loopless but still a great report! Glad you had fun! See you sometime or somewhere.... Here are some loop for ya! I know it is off topic but here it is anyway... Vortex @ Kings Island
  11. I agree with you Stuart! This is one crazy roller coaster... the teaser is getting me to crave for more information about Steel Hawg! I hope this is not what people think as a painful ride, I hope this will bring out the new era of unique and beyond the limitation of the past roller coasters in the history... 4th Dimension already made it debut... there are 4 roller coasters that I'm aware of that is out now but I'm looking forward to see new types... I know I haven't ridden over 1,000 roller coasters yet but I like seeing something new and creative! Indiana Beach has brought my attention about Steel Hawg and I'm looking forward to the outcome!
  12. Indiana Beach just reveal the ULTIMATE TEASER for Steel Hawg! It is an video of the Steel Hawg! It looks fun! Check out the video on the site! Just an fyi... it is Flash 8 player with 4 MB! Whoo hoo! It look wicked! Source: Indiana Beach's Blog
  13. WOW! That's just wicked! I'm looking forward to that! I might be able to make it to the Scandinavian TPR 2009 trip depending on the job and so forth. I want to go to Bon Bon Land and ride on Dog Fart Coaster... and sadly get farted on. But that look just wicked! It look smooth like the baby back! Ahhh airtime!
  14. Hey peeps... Indiana Beach have been teasing us terribly! here is the latest post on the blog... They will reveal the "ULIMATE" teaster today @ 2:30! WHAT-CHA! And second posting today was about the cottage... whoopie doo... If you care... just go to http://www.indianabeach.com/blog and read on... there is A picture of it. Not 2 or more... just A picture. Can't wait until 2:30 EST! WHOOT!
  15. That would be fun going in the circle with strobes lights and add some fog and standing up and holding on to the pole! That would be wild! I wonder how fast can the carousel really can go.... mmm that would be really fun but probably not safe. But it sound fun... *Hint ride engineer, you got a new challenge*
  16. Afterburner look delicious! I don't think the ride layout will be like that since it will only be 96 feet tall and hopefully wider in the horizontal layout. I don't know how in Indiana Beach. I'm sure they have someway since they are able to fit all their other rides at the park. And on top of that, 3 inversion baby! Whoo hoo! We will have to wait for the track layout!
  17. I'm pumped! I'm only 2 hours away from Indiana Beach... I may try to take some time to go there and take pictures of Constructions and do some Steel Hawgin' Podcast! Whoo hoo! I like the idea of making it accessible for all park patrons regardless their size but I'm not sure if this will be accessible for anyone over 6'5? Another word, is it Casey the Gaint friendly?
  18. **EDIT ON 1/19/2008 I guess I'm declaring this as an unofficial thread for Steel Hawg... anyway... Have fun! On Indiana Beach Blog, they just released the rendering of Steel Hawg's car! Look pretty nice... Can't wait to see the track layout and how they will fit in the park! Source: (View From the Crow's Nest) Indiana Beach's Blog
  19. The video was wicked! That must have been a totally awesome experiences! Thanks for sharing the video!
  20. The last photo shot look spazzlin'... Looking forward to the rest of them!
  21. Great pictures... I enjoyed them... I love the Jack's Balls... I mean Jack's Ball without an s... I wonder if there is a bony balls. Anyway... Great pictures and I can't wait to see the rest! Did you get a chances to go to Animal Kingdom?
  22. I can definite feel the magic from seeing these great pictures! I love the night shots with light fogs... It's so magical! Ahh Disney... You really turn me on!
  23. Now... Jurassic Park has a calling with a new plan... to build a new electric fences around the rides not only to protects the park patrons from T-REX but to protect the morons from getting run over. Not really that they will be adding one or anything but what you think of that idea? I think it make perfect sense to kinda remind them... DO NOT CROSS... Boat is coming at ya! I didn't realize this... I made to my 50th post and it is about the idiots at IOA!
  24. DAY 2: July 25th, 2007 | Pigeon Forge, TN (Part 2) Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride is pretty good for a side road attraction. I would recommended to check it out on the rainy day or a extra day! Anyway.... here is the rest of trip reports for Day 2! I forgot this one... This is next door to Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride! Pretty cool! That's all... It got dark after I left. Cool Art Piece! Where's Chucky? He is suppose to be my HUSBAND! Of course... Virtual Coaster... Does this count as a credit? "A hippopotamuses can run faster than man!" Imagine that! It shows that iPod really rules... This should be the future hearing aids... Walls... Loop ride... Whee! This was kinda fun... a little foul but fun. Experience what is like being in the Tornado Rush! Whoo Hoo! You're about to enter to your final resting place... NOT! Everything is lopsided! How queer! WonderWorks is it! Interactive museum! Beautiful sunset... I will never forget this. Driving back and checking out one more place before I call it a night... Oh look! There is a comedy barn! I'll passed this time..
  25. Final Week is over with and I'm on break so I can relax more... anyway DAY 2: July 25th, 2007 | Pigeon Forge, TN (Part 1) Supposedly we were supposed to go to Dollywood going with the special they have which you can buy the tickets after 4 PM and hang out there and come back next day for free! Due to the rain, we didn't do that. Bummer. Anyway... We left Bowling Green, KY to Pigeon Forge, TN. We made one stop before Pigeon Forge. Of course, I have to get one credit even thou it is lame one but not for the coaster whores! And after that, we checked in the hotels and then grab some dinner at Bobs Evans. And then it was a free night in Hillbilly Las Vegas! I will let the pictures tell the story... Enjoy! I'm king of all SITH! HAHAHAHAHA! Da Spit-ta! I'm your guardian angel! Boo! This is where we get brainwash for 14.95 and the rest of the ride is just for recovery. Let the ride begin... T-Rex breath really smells at this point! What are you looking at? I'm stuck in this crappy hole! - T-Rex Mmm What's that!? A dark ride credit... Si Si I say! After little coaster fun and checking in the hotel, I took a drive in Pigeon Forge. You can see that the weather is pretty bad.. There is nothing much to be excited about this ride.... Just go around about 5 times. Here is the real reason why I came here... Speedway Draft! Some other NASCAR Driver... Is he still in the race? Mmm... not interested... I think this guy died in the accident during the race. First stop: NASCAR SpeedPark Good Morning TPR! We rules, Human drools!
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