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  1. ^ I totally dun goofed up. Yeah I meant the 13th for SFGAm TPR Day and the 14th for Wisconsin Dells. Whew... I think I'm beyond ready to be at SFGAm already.
  2. It looks like it is off a good start! What's the date for Wisconsin Dells? Couple friends and I are hitting the Dells the day after SFGAm with TPR on the 12th. Perhaps I will finally reach to my #100th credit somewhere in the Dells? Can't wait to see everyone on the August 13th!
  3. WOW! This is going to be the FUN-tastic day! Just getting caught up on the thread after busy weeks with work! Just learned that many members along myself will get to meet many TPR celebrities in PERSON basing on what I'm reading on this thread. I have been following TPR since 2005. I know my profile said 2007 but I was under jsguilkey prior 2007 before I switch over CoasterWarriors in 2007. I have enjoyed many posts by Chuck Campbell, DT, and many more! I'm already signed up like a day after it was announced so I'm pumped! Same here! Can't wait to see & meet everyone. We are staying at Super 8 which is about 5 miles from SFGAm for like $70 so it's not bad and then we are heading to Wisconsin Dells, Little Amerrika on the 14th-15th and Indiana Beach on the way back home. It will be fun! If I'm taking picture of you TPR celebrities, don't mind me... consider me as TPR Paparazzi... Anyway... I'M STOKED TO BE THERE ALREADY!
  4. So far the cheapest and closest are Days Inn Great Lake for 57 bucks and 10 miles away.
  5. My friends and I are working on the hotel thing... we are looking for dirt cheap hotel (not roach-infested, of course) to crash on thursday night and after SFGAm, we are heading up to Wisconsin Dells, and coming back to Indiana Saturday night. If we come across with a good deal, we will pass along. We are AAA members so I'm not sure if that will be a factor to you or not. I will keep you posted.
  6. I called this afternoon and they are open at 9:00 so I got to do it like ASAP when it is open and then I can reroute myself with the TPR Day agenda. Thanks!
  7. The only thing I got to worry about is getting my Season Pass (Yeah it is from Kentucky Kingdom, Go Figure) process as soon the office open. But other than that, I'm good to go! Here are the TPR Celebrity Roster that is coming to TPR Day at Six Flags Great America: - Robb Alvey - Elissa Alvey - KidTums - Mr. Terror Himself, Dave - Camera of Doom John - Diabetic Dan - Mr. Photo - Hanno - More as we find out!
  8. YES! YES! YES! I'm SO THERE! It's about time to meet the Alveys and the gang especially Elissa and of course the Awesomeness Robb !
  9. I agreed. It's a loss but let live the legacy of what Will has done in the past. I just contribute money to one of the listed charity of what I can out of my college budget but I made it do. That's all I got to say. It's a loss in the Industry and I hope people/industry will follow his path that he has started and be able to continue the path of the awesome success. Robb is already doing it. He is making people (us as TPR member) happy and moving forward with adding new things to the site and on the tour from what I'm hearing/seeing. No need to brag but Wes and Robb are 125% right on the ball.
  10. What a loss and I admire Pat Koch and rest of the Holiday World Family opening Holiday World today since that what Will have wanted anyway. I consider Will Koch a true legend in the Amusement Industry and a true coaster warrior for what he has brought past few decades. I had the privilege to visit Holiday World back in Summer 2007 and see all of his creativity and hard work in action. It's amazing. I'm looking forward to go back very soon. Rest in Peace and many thoughts and prayers from many Coaster Warriors out there that have the honor to meet the one and the only Will Koch and who have been dying to meet him one day but never had the chances like myself but I have lived through the experience by going to Holiday World and be a part of what Will Koch has brought the fun for the people like us.
  11. If this does happen, I will have to arrange Jason Voorhees to make his appearance. Also will need set up a Salt Booth to sell to anyone who is really superstitious about the day being "Friday the 13th" so they can buy a bag or two and throw salt over their shoulder before every coaster they go on. Hey it's easy profit! LOL.
  12. Wow! Robb must have read my mind somehow and it actually came true! That would be incredibility awesome! I will be in TPR Heaven if this DOES happen.
  13. Congratulation KT! She probably broke every record now for being the youngest on many rides like the youngest baby ever on the coaster, the youngest season pass holder, and etc... She is now 3 or 4 years old now? I lost track already.
  14. I sure miss Dollywood. I was there 2 years ago when Mystery Mine was open and it was a fun ride. I'm looking forward to go back maybe this Christmas or next summer and actually do zipline! Little off topic but still on topic in a way. Just got an email from The Cotton Factory of their new shirts... I saw this one. Elissa could get this shirt. I'm not advertising but if you want to know where it is... http://store.cottonfactory.com/cf-1141.html On the back, it said... Do Fries Come with that?
  15. ^Good for you. That's a clever idea. Actually Brilliant! I would love to see that happening. Jack the clown is my favorite icon so far for all of the HHN after reviewing many people trip report and watching hundreds of HHN on YouTube and other video media. : ) I can now see how SAW can be use for with HHN. I can't see it as a Haunted House alone since it would be boring to see Jigjaw in every room. But in maze-wise... I can see it as a game to escape.
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