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  1. Shirt: Tennessee Lady Vols championship shirt. Shorts: Blue Nike fish net shorts. Shoes: Barefooted.
  2. ^Probably if your not qualified to vote in any of them there is no point to vote not qualified for all of them. So I just wouldn't vote if I were you.
  3. No. Have you ever been in trouble with law enforcement?
  4. Yesterday I bought a Cannon Rebel XT camera, bag (which included; UV haze filter & extra battery), CF card and Cannon EF 75-300 mm zoom lens. With insurance and such it all came to about $1,200. Which was a savings of about $250 since it was a Best Buy bundle.
  5. Wow I can't believe Holiday World the king of parks is getting dissed. I'm shocked... but yet completely agree with pretty much everything you said. It's popular by me because most is true for me also. I personally thought the Voyage was a good coaster but was to long and rough. Although I thought Legend was even rougher. Same when I went last time the Raven had two people one also running control panel. Plus they keep crossing the track switching side for every train. When I was there they were running Voyage with two trains then switched to one. It took them so long to take a train off that the 5 minute line wait went to about 40 min. and stayed that way pretty much the rest of the day. The exact same thing I felt after I left the park. To much hype I think has went to there heads and there was at no point would I say Holiday World had friendly staff. DW, SDC, Disney World (in no certain order) all had friendlier staff. Me too. Hopefully it was but I've heard of this happening to several different people on different occasions so I wouldn't go to the park expecting to much.
  6. The reason I said it was because there is some parts of St. Louis (ones that we went through to get there) that were run down and looked very trashy. And I honestly was surprised it was that clean being so close to such a major city. It's not that I'm saying St. Louis in general is a trashy place but you have to admit there is some very dumpy parts to the city.
  7. ^It's basically if you arrive after 3 p.m. you pay the full price ticket but you get the next day for free. Basically you pay full for 3 till close then you enjoy the next day free. So it's like getting several extra hours for no additional cost. Great trip report glad to here you had a good time and hope you have a good time on your next visit. Can't wait to see the photos.
  8. Even though this is not a Six Flags thread I just want to mention it. In my opinion Six Flags has never done that great of a brochure. I personally think that almost every other park that I have seen does a better brochure than they ones I have seen of Six Flags.
  9. Thanks for the trip report. Renegade looks great. During construction I thought that entrance would look odd but it actually looks nice.
  10. I forgot to do this a couple of days ago so here it is. My name is Zac I and I live in Southern Illinois. I really started liking coasters in 2004 and have rode all of the coasters at any park that I have been to since. Before that I had only rode a couple but wasn't really into them that much but now I can't get enough of them. Also I don't really go to parks just for coasters. I love riding them but I think park experiences should go way beyond coasters, when I go to theme parks I like to be entertained (meaning coasters, flats, water rides, shows, games, shops, theming, etc.) I don't just like flat out thrill parks I go for the experience more than anything.
  11. ^I agree that is one ugly prom. I would be ticked if our school decided to do a Mario theme and it came out like that.
  12. She is a celebrity she will get the littlest possible sentence allowed.
  13. ^The entire front row in my computer class does that. It gets on my nerves. They will literally sit there and be talking then go "no way, omg....wtf" honestly just say the words if your going to say them daily, it doesn't take much longer.
  14. Exactly my point. Don't tell people that they should ride a bus when your one trip that isn't necessary takes more gas than that bus.
  15. True but I wasn't thinking in terms of storms I just meant on days it rains. At typical theme parks most guest leave once it starts raining and does so for a while. Where as a indoor park people won't leave and really some may purposely come on rainy days just because there isn't anything else to do.
  16. ^Probably because it can operate in pretty much any weather condition that Atlanta would have. Think about it this park would never have a rainy day.
  17. No what I was stating is unless you do it don't complain about others. I'm not saying others should walk or use public transportation. I'm saying people who drive hundreds of miles on trips shouldn't tell other who drive one mile to work to walk instead to save money or gas. And I'm not angry at my trip-related consumption because I know I use that much gas and I'm still going to use that much gas but I'm not telling others they should walk to work instead of drive when I'm driving hundreds of unneeded miles that would be a little hypocritical of me to drive to theme parks while telling other to walk to work.
  18. Very true. I have turned my car off in traffic before. Because face it if you have sat on a interstate for five minutes and you know your not going anywhere anytime soon go ahead and turn it off. My family has cut down on trips and we really don't make any useless trips other than if you count theme parks.
  19. ^^Actually a "need" is clothing, food, and shelter. Everything else is classified as a "want." So the statement is true.
  20. Well three miles from my house it's now $3.12 but about 35 miles from my house it was $2.95 at wal-mart (which is where I bought it at) and about 1/4 of a mile from that it was $3.16 at Kroger's (but it is possible to get 15 cents off there so it would be $3.01 for some still 6 cents more than wally world though.)
  21. I use to play trumpet but now I play baritone. Band is not really that fun but it gets me to Disney World , Canada's Wonderland and Cedar Point so who cares how boring it is I can deal with it for all of that.
  22. [rant] You know what I find funny? Is theme park enthusiast saying people should take public transportation or should walk instead of drive. HELLO theme park enthusiast use a ton of gas. So really unless you have a ton of theme parks really close to you none of you (and I'm not just pointing out a few) can complain about people buying suv's or anything else. Some that buy suv's will actually spend less then some enthusiast because they don't drive hundreds and hundreds (some thousands) of miles a year to theme parks. If you (if any one here is) are concerned about sticking it to the gas company maybe you shouldn't go to theme parks think about how much gas you wouldn't have to buy and think all that money the gas company wouldn't get then. Maybe examine your own driving habits before complaining about others driving habits. My family will still be going to theme parks. We are going to save where ever we can any where else (ex. turning unused lights off, etc.) But if others don't want to change or don't change who cares it is there money there spending not yours. But don't say some should walk or use public transportation when you probably use more gas than anyone on that bus. [/rant]
  23. Hmmmm. That would be awesome to do in the same day. It would be a long trip but o well...look at all those credits to be had lol.
  24. All of those ideas that you listed work except this one. Actually not buying anything else in the store may save you then but they will just raise the price of gas to make up for the money they stop making inside. Plus not buying gas hurts the gas company more than the station. Most stations actually make more money on the stuff inside more than they do on the gas itself. So not buying inside will raise gas prices at that certain station then.
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