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  1. Locals will get their alloted quarterly FP+s and that's it. They will then stand in standby lines for everything. Some rides will be off limits for locals, such as TSMM, Splash, anything with large standbys normally. ANyone who thinks this isn't going to decrease the average number of rides they get during a visit is already living Fantasyland, so they don't need FPs. -R
  2. I said that a few days ago. Pretty much ALL of the Disney sites are saying FP+ is either or, which makes it fairly worthless. Disney is essentially moving back to ticket books. Just like back then, you'll get a few goods rides with entry. Then, you can pay for extra. You used to be able to buy extra E tickets. Now you still can, with a Disney Resort room rental. Disney seems to really be wanting to limit the number of E ticket rides you can get. Ultimately, this may make events like MNSSHP a lot better deals,if they are still FP free. But, plenty of folks on here think its fabulous! I don't see how anyone can think this move is going to make a visit by a multiple visit fan better. I am positive I will ride fewer E tickets on my next visit. -R
  3. Assuming FPs are available at night. They aren't much now, and I can see this turning WDWs FP situation into TDLs, where you are lucky to get 3 in a day, and they are all gone by early afternoon. I love how so many folks are so quick to just assume Disney will do the perfectly right thing. Their history proves otherwise. Remember how everyone said Disney would outdo Harry Potter in a big way? Remember how the Yeti was so advanced, it needed a separate foundation from the Everest Mountain? I can't see how MyMagic+ can even remotely come close to paying for itself. And I can't see how all the major Disney fan sites could all be wrong about FP+ and FP being mutually exclusive. Well see in about a month. But I'm fairly amazed that no one on this site, which is pretty damn connected, has said a word about the programs being either or before I brought it up today. I thought I just couldn't find it. I mean, it's stated as fact on plenty of big Disney sites. -R
  4. I haven't seen other companies copy Disney. Universal did for a short time,and quickly stopped. Disney is the only place that hasn't made it a premium thing.... Yet. I always love folks who just say Disney is a company. Of course they are, and their profits rely on happy customers. Universal spent less on WWoHP than Disney did on FP+. A few years ago, Universal was a failed also ran, now it's more Potter, maybe Middle Earth, and perhaps JP expansions coming, Disney could be knocked down a notch. They will always be the main draw, but they could be faltering. Hell, Univsal built Transformers in half the time Disney is building a little family coaster. Well see. Disney is unmatched when it comes propaganda. They will do their best to convince everyone MyMagic+ is the greatest thing ever. After all, Disco Yeti has been wowing people for years. -R
  5. Essentially every top Disney board says its either or. My opinion is if it's either or, it's worthless. If its both, it's too much of a perk that will destroy the guest experience for the have-nots. And as for park hopping, the plus is absolutely one park a day. As for having faith in Disney. Fast pass was always a solution for a problem that didn't exist, so I don't know when they ever proved they know anything about line management that helps the guest,instead of their bottom line. Fast pass was good for those "abusers" such as myself that hoarded them all day for evening use. For everyone else, it just made them thnk they were getting more rides, when they really weren't. -R
  6. Now that we're perhaps hitting Orlando around Easter, I started looking more into this. Rumor has it it will roll out in February, so it will impact our visit. However, one issue, that I haven't seen really clear said by Disney, but is being said by fansites, is that Magic+ totally replaces FP. SO, if you choose your 4 Magic+ events, you do not get to participate in normal fastpass. I've read Disney say that the wristband replaces the FPs, but assuemd that meant your normal FPs were digitally added to your band. If this is true, and you forfeit normal FPs, I really only see this system being worthwhile on the absolute busiest days, such as when we're visiting. HOWEVER, even then, I see bonehead parents using one of their 4 things for Dumbo, or Pirates, or a parade, essentially wasting one of the 4 uses. Now, these may be boneheads that are currently using getting FPs for Philharmagic, so that may be a wash, but I think the average Disney mark that stays on property, with length of stay passes, will easily be convinced that making sure they can ride Pirates at 8 pm with no wait is a GREAT deal for them. I do see Splash and Space mountain, and TSMM becoming the domains of Magic+ only, since everyone will choose them, but the stupidity of the average visitor, and Disney putting red herrings on the list, could effectively remove all resort guests from the FP pool for some rides. It will ruin early rides, since now guests will rush to their 8 am Splash Magic+ appointment, making standby lines long immediately. It also essentially removes park hopping for resort guests, as they would have no FP benefits at the second park. And as I said, you would be insane to use this on anything but a very busy day, since you can defintelty get more than 4 FP rides in a day, especially considering park hopping. Now, I don't know about this whole thing. But, if it's true, I'm not worried about staying on property. Although, I don't know if we'll break the bank and stay at Universal the whole trip, since it's hard to justify the price on the days we aren't hitting their parks. -R
  7. Do you really take everything you read on the internet in a 100% literal sense? Again, Really, dude? -R
  8. Really, Dude? I know a thing or two about who's a big spender. Moderate resorts are the cut off right now. I think if current resort guests found out that just some of them are getting 3 or 4 bonus FPs everyday, there would be plenty of livid ones. A trip to WDW is big bucks for almost everyone there. It's just that you are segregated by hotel on what big bucks means to you. Disney is essentially making multi-tier entrance ticket pricing. That's fine, tons of parks have been doing it for years, including Disney with VIPs. But, there is a line where too many perks starts hurting the average guest experience. Universal doesnt' meet that with their free FOL for hotel guests because they don't have enough hotel guests. But, they apparently think they are at the limit, since the new hotel won't have that perk. FP added rides for many people due to ignorance of others, so most enthusiasts embraced it. Magic+ starts redistributing rides amoungst guests, based on money. It is a HUGE change. It fundamentally changes what is necessary to visit Disney and have the same experience you have had in the past. There are about 16000 moderate and up rooms, assume an average of 3 people per room, almost 100% occupancy, or about 45,000 guests. If just 10% (4500) of them are in each park every day, whcih is probably a HUGE underestimate, that is 15-20 THOUSAND Ride opportunities that are now out of play for all the other guests. That's a massive shift away from non-resort guests, and it could easily be 2-3 times that in reality, especially for the Magic Kingdom. I really don't see how that can even happen. -R
  9. How so? They are rolling out a major change in guest experience. Since I am aware of that, I would not want to go if I didn't get it. It would be like showing up at IOA, and being told only folks in odd numbered Universal hotel rooms got to ride Forbidden Journey. -R
  10. RFID wristbands arent' anywhere near new. Great Wolf Lodge has had them for at least 5 years. The water parks in Dubai have them. They are very nice, but Disney is not innovating that. -R
  11. In my dozens of visits over decades, no, I've never seen someone with a planner at WDW. And this works against those folks too. Families can no longer all get FPs, and then maybe split up with thrill seekers using extra FPs while some sit out a few rides. Unless they allow someone to walk up to the scanner, get a green light, and let someone else enter. Which, honestly, they may do, but if they don't, it will impact lots of families, especially ones with little kids. A sleeping kids FPs can be split up amoungst the parents, taking turns. I don't see many parents rolling a stroller with a zonked out kid up to a scanner, raising their limp hand up for the green, and one of them entering for a quick FP ride. It's a money grab, Disney is a company. That's understandable. But even FP, the Holy Grail of Disney crowd management inventions, was only loved by enthusiasts because they could a) exploit it via no return times, getting tons in teh morning, while idiots went to POTC or Jungle Cruise and b) idiots who just thought it was too complicated to use, thus freeing up FPs. Tokyo Disneyland is the perfect example of a park NOT full of idiots. Your first line of the day is 30 minutes for a FP. And odds are you will only get 2, maybe 3 if you are lucky all day. I can truly see that becoming WDW during Spring Break and Summer. And that will be a HUGE shock to many returning families. I don't know if Disney has released how the resort FPs will be allocated. I'd have to assume they are being added on top of the current FP allottments, so standby lines will get worse, and they are basically already too bad for most enthusiasts to use. If you are going at a regular time, not even peak, do people on this board really wait in 90 minute standbys for something like Splash? We did at DL for Star Tours, because it was new to us, and Mummy Mountain. But this was also on a Halloween event Friday night that was way more crowded than we expected, and we basically had to make do. But I now know to never hit Halloween on a Friday night at DL. This is a clear move by Disney to give resort guests a much better experience than non-resort guests. We've been waiting for this to happen for many years, and here it is. However, it's coming at a time when Universal is hitting grand slam after grand slam, and Disney is taking 2 and a half years to build a family coaster with a small indoor section (that is really just replacing an indoor section that they recently destroyed). The research on this move started well before Mr. Potter came to town, and Disney, as all companies, can't stop something once it's started, so they are doing this. Maybe I'll be wrong. I haven't been to WDW since the FP enforcement. We were thinking of going over Spring Break this year, but I don't know. At this point I wouldn't go unless I knew I was going to be getting the resort FP addon. If I was paying big bucks for a moderate, and did NOT get the trial FPs while others did, I'd be livid, and probably end up being kicked out of the resort before it was said and done. And sadly, now that the boy is in High School, we simply can't pull him out for an off-season week anymore, which really sucks. --R
  12. I am usually against WDW's attempts to make you plan more, and this is no different. They do say you can rearrange if you want, but I'm sure that depends on availability. And if you are at the park, I doubt you'll be able to bring up the app and change your Splash FP times, day of. Clearly this is being put in place to give resort guests more FPs. On crowded days, 3 or 4 extra FPs that don't impact the times of other FPs is a HUGE perk! And if you can buy more, then that too is huge. What sucks is that it will pretty much force you to stay in a Moderate or better resort. And since we don't hit Disney our whole vacation, we will have to do all of our Disney days together, and switch hotels when we aren't there. Ultimately, I think this will REALLy lower the product that the average yocal staying offsite will get from a day at Disney, which is A LOT of people. I remember a good friend of mine, and a smart guy, at work said he had a hotel room at the "Main Gate". Well, it was one of those crap Kissimmee maingate places. He had no idea. ANd there are a lot more of him than "us". The other thing with this that no one has mentioned so far is that this essentially makes FPs 100% non-transferrable. Some folks won't use their allotted rides, and now, they can't give them to someone else. WHen a Japanese girl came over and gave me a Journey FP late in the day, I was EXTREMELY happy, since I simply didn't have the time for another ride. That can't happen with the magic bands. And instead of you giving the ride to someone, it will be absorbed into the standby collective, and have an insignificant effect. I'm sure WDW will still be packed, but everything they have been doing is to essentially take away any advantages that hardcore fanboys have at the park. If Universal didn't exist, and wasn't spending tons of cash on new rides, it would be fine. But I think Disney is risking some PR points here. And if Mordor starts to rise to the North, it could certainly spell Doom. -R
  13. That blows, I needed ten more to get lights for Frinky, and my houses weren't due until 10. -r
  14. I rode it I think the last year of operation. Don't remember much, but do recall it being fairly unique in ride experience, and pretty decent. Wih I had rode the log ride then too, since I had to pay waaaay too much years later to get that credit, which is also now gone. Other state fairs had similar rides. I know when I was young, we were in Georgia or Alabama at a camp ground, and there was a wooden coaster with parts missing at the fair grounds. This was early 80s probably. -R
  15. Did real good on stockings the last couple of days, and got Frink Labs this morning!! Yay! Sorta anticlimactic really. And strengthened my belief that no way am I spending $15 on the Volcano Lair. Should be able to get Christmas decorations for Frink Labs tonight. Thing is, I've got tons of money, am level 21, and have TONS of stuff to still get, since the town visiting gave you craploads of money and XP, but all my tasks have been at a standstill since teh church was built becuase it wanted me to take everybody off of coin earning tasks to do 24 hr stuff. They should have a Krustyland alternate town, where you build the entire park. I'd love to see how much money the game is making. Yeah, my whole family is playing, but not spending any more money, especially since I got what I wanted. It was nice giving hard core folks essentially one free premium building, but that makes them no money. And once Christmas goes away, I'll probably be doing two town visits a day, for a short time, just to keep stuff going. But, it did make for a good time for a month or so. -R
  16. I could see the Corn one being real, simply because its 90 day length is so crazy, I could definitely see there being a secret payoff. Even the Perfection flowers seem a bit strange, like there is a secret to them. -R
  17. Especially since they do the same stuff. BOth coin ones do the same animations. IF they could burn things up with what they spit out, that could be cool. I could burn down my brown house slum, now that it's not worth the hassle anymore. If I do well on Santa bags, I should just get enough donuts for Frink Labs, which is very cool. -R
  18. A quick check on YouTube shows one on the CIN network, and the otheron CDYN network. I doubt there are videos of the early queue, but it's obvious the CDYN video from LA doesn't look to be something made in 95. -R
  19. I'm averaging a little over a donut per stocking.. Most are one, 2 and 3 are much rarer. In fact I've got 3 more than 2. Then you get none when you get the reindeer. So, SLH's donuts will give you 45-50 donuts. I think he's worth getting. The second Funzo is not worth the 20-25 donuts. -R
  20. Holy crap! They did exactly what I hoped for. I've got 2000 coins. I was getting 2 and sometimes 3 donuts. Then a reindeer, now I'm getting 1 donut each time. Let's post odds were seeing. Does it go to one donut each time if you get a lot in a row? I may be able to get Frinks Lab!
  21. The first line preshow was serious, with warnings, and Silberman talking about Sarah, but I believe it was after T2, and HE was in a psych ward. Then there was a fairly plain preshow, iirc, removing the characters, then the current, jaws-esquire one. -R
  22. Hell yeah. Ride quality doesn't even compare, and Flume #1 was a tough credit to get for a while, but seems to be running more reliably the last few years. -R
  23. ^^^ Because the story starts: Buena Park, CA – The oldest log flume ride in the country will ... -R
  24. I never got to see the one in Hollywood. The line was always too long when I remembered it was there, or it was closed. I've seen it many times in Orlando. My son and I MUST see it every visit, usually at least twice. Yes, the preshow was a pain. You should have had the opportunity to skip it, which probably would have really upped the numbers of attendees too. Hell, Shaq's retired now, and some of the other stuff in the preshow is basically reality now. You COULD tuck someone in over the internet, with an HD video monitor included. Hopefully Orlando's will last a few more years. But, I'll be sure to have a final ride each visit from here on out. I LOVE the show. It was Cameron's masterpiece at the time. The most expensive film ever, on a per minute basis. Maybe still. It was essentially $2 million a minute. I really don't think that's been topped yet. Avengers probably got close, but it was fairly long. But movie budgets usually include marketing, so I'd guess T2-3D is STILL the most expensive ever, quite a feat for a 16 year old film. I remember finding out about it in Cinefex, and then finding out from a coworker, who had just hit Orlando, that it opened about 3 weeks before I went there. I was absolutely blown away. Sure, the CGI now shows its age, but the freezing T-1,000,000 is still the best 3-D effect ever, imho. I made a fan page for the ride on a very early web server, so I've got quite an attachment to the ride. THose were the days when I'd have to take pics, and hope they turned out good enough, weeks later when I got them, and scanned them in with a crappy scanner. I have many fond memories in the Miles Bennett Dyson Memorial Auditorium. And seeing my son see it for the first time was right up there with watching Star Wars with him. Heck, they could redo the entire 3 screen ending section with better CGI, probably at a fraction of the cost of the original. They should bring back the original preshow that was all pretty much official cannon, with Dr. Silberman. The more recent hokey preshow doesn't compare, so I'd guess Cameron's control contract has expired. But, I guess it must be replaced by a much more longer lasting franchise, Despicable Me!???! Maybe there will be a T5-3D some day. I mean, who the hell thought there would be a Star Wars Episode VII? -R
  25. Good news, but teh oldest log flume is the still operating Flume 1 at SFOT. -R
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