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  1. Here's my picture from Celebration V of the Wampette. She was amazing. -R
  2. I'll have to friend him. I have what I think is a great idea for a mashup character that I hope to bring to a Celebration some day. -R
  3. Sadly, we missed this years event, although it was pared down from CV, imho. The lack of the Studios night event was a big negative. And I'm sure we would have not made it to the panel where the Maker and Turkleton showed up, and I would have been very mad. The Star Tots giveaways were quite cool, though. As for the babes, teh Ewok chick is awesome, but I this the Wampette from CV has her beat. I did see a few voluptuous Slave Leias that were awesome, as usual. And the new LEGO cosplay is quite cool. The best costumes I've seen were the Muppet stormtroopers, Akbar Ghostbuster, with trap, and the winner, R2-Bender. -R
  4. One year Universal gave one person per group a hardhat with a light on it in the Pseidon attraction. We had to walk through the water tunnel, and I hit a short wall with my shin quite hard. I can't believe how dangerous it, which is why said attraction didn't return, I'm sure. -RO
  5. I've seen the point mentioned in many places, and you may be the first to say it isn't a problem for the dark ride section. The onride is big problem. ANd I would think THAT will be what changes it. If they lose onride photo revenue because of the eyes blocking out kids, the eyes will go, for sure. Sounds like you did most of the big rides, and went to Disneyland, and took a nap, yet think it's a two day park now? It seems essentially everyone there was in the RSR line. Getting Blue 1.5 hours after opening is rather amazing in the summer. -RO
  6. Were you there with a smaller rider, who rode in the front row? -RO
  7. So much for the projected massive lines all summer. This front row issue sounds pretty massive, and wasn't mentioned in fanboy reviews.will a ten year old boy see much at all if he's sitting front center? -ro
  8. Us old long haired guys gotta stick together. The difference with WDW parks is that mist everyone ther has park hoppers. Many DL tourists don't, so DCA needs to justify a full day ticket purchase. -RO
  9. I've waited longer in California twice than the two times I rode in Florida. But hey, why bother with empirical evidence, right? Let's get back to arguing over videos and hearsay. DCA's version has no Fastpass, so saying you stand in line longer there is not really a valuable comment. THe standby at DS is always very long, and FPs are gone early in the day. I can't believe you folks will even argue this point. Proof that you really don't know what you are talking about. It is pretty much an accepted fact that TSMM is not as popular at DCA as it is at DS. But whatever. And DCA went up 3%, or about 20,000 entries in 2010. Far from what is needed. I always love when people say stuff like "I'm sure Disney did their math and the investment will be great." If that were the case, there would be no reason to trade stocks. ANd comments like that prove you know absolutely nothing about economics. -RO
  10. ^^I've seen plenty of posts that TSMM has shorter lines at DCA. You are the only person I've ever seen claim otherwise, probably just to argue my point. My opening day crowds are simply a response to the same people that are now saying RSR is ALL THAT. Those same people said opening day, and Sunday were going to be OMDD level chaos, and they simply weren't, not even close. So they do not have a history of knowing it all as they seem to believe they do. And as for the mouths, I think you are totally wrong. EVERYONE is saying the AAs are the great part of RSR, so their perfect operation is key. There is no huge theme room with fog and flames, and a rickety bridge, to entertain. It is the animatrons. Elissa agreed with that observation. I'm surprised the mouths are off already . I'd assume there are projectors with animated mouths that moves on the screen to match the AA movement. If the mouths are off, the animatrons off. The PJ should be mounted quite well and not move. The projection of BRer Rabbit hopping on the hill is rarely working, but has no impact on the ride. Lightning McQueen having a mouth on his hood does impact the ride quality. It's early, and hopefully things will be corrected. However, it sounds like they need to ban all items from being taken on the ride, including hats. And TTs operational downtime doesn't give a great feeling. -RO
  11. http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-disney-california-adventure-retrospective-06201217,0,6371327.story
  12. Again, No ne is truly reading my comments. I have never said the money spent was not needed, or that it isn't going to help improve the park. How can it not? But to say it is money well spent is a different thing. A lot of the money doesn't seem to be well spent. TLM was about $100 million, and seemed to do nothing to attendance, and was heavily criticized for not seeming to be worth it's budget. Even TSMM doesn't have NEAR the lines it has at WDW. And the large sums used to remove the original theming is very hard to justify. RSR looks very cool. But im already seeing comments of the mouth projections being off, and it's down a lot. Yep, it's new, and we'll have to see how it does going forward. I personally think a $250 million dollar ride should be more than RSR. I have that opinion after seeing Forbidden Journey and Transformers. I originally posted, agreeing with JJ, who said he didn't think the ride was an E Ticket. And we really don't know how good of an investment even Carsland is. It sure hasn't done what people were saying it would. Even opening day was crowded, yet plenty of people got multiple rides on it, even with a big downtime. And Sunday, which was to be Armageddon, due to APs, was really just the same as opening day, and the rest of the park is still about normal. Folks on here saying its a great investment because they want to go now have little economic sense. There needs to be over 10 MILLION visitors JUST for the new additions for Disney to break even with admissions. And those visitors need to show up in the next 2 or 3 years to really impact the IRR. If merch sales increase dramatically, that will help, but thats a number we never see. We'll see if that happens, before idiotically saying its a great investment because RSR is really cool, so it's a billion dollars well spent. There is no argument against me except "it's a cool ride, so you are obviously wrong". -ro
  13. Really? I'd sure hope that if you post to this site, a billion dollar investment would catch your eye. Hell, I'd think half that should catch eye. But that sure doesn't mean it's money we'll spent. Millennium Force and Son of Beast opened the same year, and cost the same. We're they both good investments? They were both very big investments for their respective parks. R
  14. Well, I am an engineer, and I've been working on a $4 billion dollar project for years, what are your credentials, Mr Knowitall? And I never said Carsland won't be a success. How can it now be? It's he only Disney part of DCA. It is just in my opinion that RSR isn't what I expected to cost $250 million. I think it is just a really fancy D ticket. Funny thing is, JJ said the same thing, and wasn't chastised, Wes obviously has something against me. And the other $800 million went to redecorating the park, and adding a C and D ticket, and I just don't think 95% of the people buying a normal ticket gives two shits about the improvements to the entry plaza and Pier, which cost quite a bit of cash. The point is, a ton of the money went to redoing big areas of the park, not adding to the park. RO
  15. I'm amazed how so many people attack anything that isn't praising Carsland as the best ever. And E Ticket is an extremely normal thing to use as discussion for Disney rides. It has evolved greatly over the years. Throwing out a list of them 40 years ago is completely pointless. And I don't believe TSMM is included. A lot of that billion was spent on things that added nothing, due to the disaster that was DCA. R
  16. I'm well aware of kids and Disney and Cars licensing dollars. However, IMHO, RSR is an extremely expensive ride for what it delivers. Yes Disney caters to kids, but they have never spent anywhere near this much on a ride, let alone a non state of the art ride. Non Cars fans may like the ride and the land and the new entry plaza, but would they have liked anything that cost a billion dollars? And I'd have to guess that putting in 5 $200 million rides would have impressed folks more than what was put in. Yeah, JJ is old, we all know that, but a lot of people at the park are. His opinion isn't totally unique, but right now, the den of fanboys and media that were wined and dined callin gCarsland the most brilliant theme park expansion ever, is a bit annoying. -rO
  17. ^^wouldnt they rather get a picture WITH Mater? Which probably has a lot shorter line.
  18. As to other comments, yeah it is amazing tha WWoHP as a whole was the same as RSR, but that's what seems to be the costs. The 125 foot mountain range, not 200 that people keep throwing out, is no more amazing than the 90 or so foot tall Hogwarts. In fact I think Hogwarts is MUCH more original and impressive. Big Thhunder has been around for decades. If you find comments from non fanboys, there seems to be a common thread of non 10 year old boys being underwhelmed. I'm sorry, no matter how people try and rationalize it, a $250 million family ride aimed at little boys is not a great investment, unless it vastly increases Cars merch sales. Maybe it will,I don't know. But I think someone planning a trip solely because of Carsland has drank too much Kool-Aid. -RO
  19. An E Ticket was a ride people were willing to pay the most for. If we went back to them, would the average person pay the same for RSR as they would Mansion, or Indy, or Screamin? And pay it multiple times? Or Chose Racers OVER the other E tickets at DCA. Kids would, but not adults, unless doing it with their kid. But are little girls going to give a darn about the ride? RO
  20. I watched most of the video. But a lot of animatrons don't make an E Ticket. Is SPaceship Earth an E Ticket by today's standards? It has amazing sets, tons of animatrons, and is in a huge building. What about Sinbad At TDS? I loved it, it has great sets, tons of animatronics. But it ain't no E Ticket, and probably cost a fraction of RSR, even inflation adjusted. Huge budget doesn't equal E ticket. C'mon, for $250 million, this ride should be much more. Spidey was $100 million, which is supposedly what TLM cost, which blows my mind. Is Disney letting the government control their purchasing? Is Monsters Inc an E Ticket? It's based on a Pixar movie, is full of movie perfect animations, has full 3D sets, and tells the story in a slow moving ride vehicle. RSR looks very large, and has an extravagant set, but doesn't do anything new with it. And it doesn't look to provide any big thrills. However, I also think Journey is too short. It really needed another big room, or maybe one more fast indoors section. As I've said before, RSR strikes me as the first kids E Ticket. Which does not equal an adult E Ticket, even though it cost a fortune. To each his opinion, but I still believe the crowd forecasts of huge lines all summer is just wrong. The rest of the park was already back to normal yesterday, it seems. I don't think overspending on Carsland will fix DCA. And the whole Carthay Circle love is insane. Like the average visitor gives a shit. Do people rave about Disney Studios entrance, or do they rave about good tower? -ro
  21. That's what it looks like to me. I mean, if Toad was all 3 D sets, and a some animatronics, would it be an E ticket? Would a 35 mph autopia that lasted 1 minute be an E ticket? Hell no. Does the sum equal an E Ticket? Ive seen folks saying that average park goers aren't really amazed by the ride. The fanboys, starving for a new E Ticket are over praising it most likely. Again, comparing to Indys opening day. I'd imagine damn near everyone getting off that ride had their mouth gaping open with amazement. I just don't see RSR at that level. It seems like a D+ ride with an F ticket budget. Yes, I said F. I mean, didnt this thing cost like double any other E ticket? I just don't see the bang for the buck here. -ro
  22. This is a big issue. NOt only did DCA ultimately cost WAY more than it should have, I feel the same for RSR. I mean, really, DCA is a decent park now, but it sure better be for the $2+ billion they've poured into. And RSR looks great, but $250 million for Mr. TOad on steroids and a short, slow outside race track, seems a bit on the pricey side. -RO
  23. I think Doc moves too, maybe not, I only saw a bit of that section. The Maters and Sherrif are teh WOW animatrons through, as are the tipping tractors. If they stop working, the ride is really just Toad with 3-D cardboard props. And some of them have actual moving mouths, not all are projected. It just seems Disney lets things break now, before fixing. I really wish I could hit RSR now, before it becomes a jumbled mess with no spinnign rock, a frozen snake, and no projected rats. Indy can make up for those things with the motion base and amazing rooms. RSR can't. -RO
  24. That's not a good example to use, like Elissa said. The more complicated "star" AAs in rides do break down regularaly. HOwever, it seems RSR has multiple complex AAs, and odds are one will always be malfunctioning. It's hard to tell, and I'm not going to watch the whole video over and over, and totally ruin it, but it sure seemed like they were moving pretty big AAs around pretty fast, and pretty quickly. It seemed like the "show" time was only 10 seconds, or even less. That's pretty quick to reset constantly all day every 10 seconds. Even Buzz and Potato are stationary, and take breaks. Plus, with a ride having a "star", they will obviously work on that one the most. With RSR, what are the top ones? They really put a LOT of big ones in, which really surprised me. This is much more ambitious than I thought it was going to be. However, I still see the inside portion s really just a high tech Mr. Toad. That's a good thing, but the ride is pretty low on thrills inside, and even outside. Its getting glowing reviews from teh Disneyphiles at closed, low crowd events. We'll see what a normal person thinks after waiting 120 minutes in the sun. To me, a true E ticket has to deliver thrills. Even Journey lacks a little, until the very end. I love JTTCOTE, but it is way too short. RSR's dark portion looks even shorter. And the outside portion looks VERY slow. This could be the first E ticket that focuses on the younger crowd, and doesn't really deliver to the older crowd. Indy can wow anyone. Is a 18 year old couple on a date going to be wowed by RSR? I just don't see it. Obviously the $200 million went to all the AAs, but is that really a good investment? We'll see. -RO
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