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  1. I've got to wonder how this will age. There are a lot off BIG moving objects. I just don't see them operating a long time. Yeti anyone? -R
  2. Only the old section is river fed. Even in August, it is pretty darn cold, which on a vey hot day, is awesome. On a warm evening, like this past weekend, it's a bit of a shock. R
  3. Yeah, I guess I was in the minority of those not thrilled with that announcement. Turning the current day one that is usually a dinner and night ERT on Dragon's Revenge, into a day with 12 hours of bus rides to and from a park that isn't that large, and really offers nothing that the New Braunfels park doesn't do better, just isn't very appealing at all. With the 12 hours of bus rides being the obvious big negative. Plus, I don't see how there will be ERT there, unless they are going to do redeye bus rides, which is what I have a feeling they are planning to do. We had a blast this weekend, though, for sure. I've got a lot of GO PRO videos to get on youtube here soon that I'll share. Great pics. My normal underwater camera seems to be about done. The flash no longer works, and it's getting water inside in the lens area, so I didn't get many with it. The GO PRO pics are a bit fish-eyed, but still good. -R
  4. I'm assuming that from the picture. The large ones had unique hands too, but this one looks to have hands similar to the movie. They should at least offer a variety of pre-made hand poses, but I definitely wouldn't expect them to be uniquely scanning/casting hands. -RO
  5. This isn't worth it. They make full size ones, however. Kevin and Olivia on Attack of the Show had full size ones made. I can't find anything about the company, so maybe they are out of business. I recall them not being absurdly expensive. This looks crazy expensive, especially since it seems the only unique part of the sculpt is the face. So you are buying a $10 figure, with a 1/2" uniquely sculpted face, that probably isn't very detailed, or lifelike. -RO
  6. Are there triggered sounds or effects at all? They should really charge more for night, since it looks 1000 times better then. -RO
  7. One question: Were FPs still on? It'd be interesting to have a FP with a return window of 3:15-4:15 AM. -RO
  8. THere should have been some uber-special item handed out to those leaving at 6am with the special mickey ears. Sort of proof you made it all day. -RO
  9. The pics on Screamscape make this mini golf an absolute after dark only affair. The pictures are absolutely amazing. Looks like they truly have made a next gen golf course. Especially if there are a lot of sensors triggering effects like they hint. -RO
  10. How is doing what CMs are told to allow, abusing the system? The people that abused a system were those getting GAPs. Those were totally changed , but then the rules softened I believe. I think the same will happen here. I always love how the Internet is full of people that always follow every rule to a Tee. Funny I rarely run into these people in real life. -RO
  11. Or, and here's a crazy idea - you pass up the Fastpasses because they're during your dinner reservation and that's how the rules work. Spoken like someone who has never had a ressie. They charge you if you miss. I'm amazed people think A Disney trip should be full of "tough shit" moments. Really? -RO
  12. I don't know, you seemed to agree with about everything I said. This thread is MUCH different than I'm seeing on other forums. It is by far the most pro change forum. I, like apparently you, can see that it will greatly impact my visits negatively. One good thing is I rarely have eating ressies, except for the rare times I stay on site. trying to get FPs around dinner reservations will be very difficult. Imagine walking for 20 minutes over to the Mansion, only to discover the FPs are currently during your dinner. they'll need FP time signs all over. I just see many situations where the new system will decrease the number of E ticket rides you get. And losing just one is quite a bit. It doesn't surprise me Robb doesn't care. He lives in Orlando, and won't be spending too many full days at the park. For someone on vacation, to lose one or two E tickets because the times didn't work, or you got sidetracked, really blows, and is VERY un-Disney. Which is why I ultimately see this being changed to something more like a 2 hour grace period. Disney will never change a magic moment of a CM letting you on Tower with old FPs for your final ride into a big FU, your nights over, get on the bus. And you know damn good and well they wouldn't turn a Brazilian group away. Another reason I see this being toned down some. -RO
  13. Yeah it's a first world problem. I live in the first world, and wish this country would stay first world. If you thought about what TV show to watch last night, or what cereal to eat this morning, that too was a #firstworldproblem, #toopompoustorealize. -RO
  14. Aren't I supposed to get a bonus piece of crap for the Love Boat clue? -RO
  15. ^agreed. The folks saying this is fine seem to all be single. They have no idea what it's like visiting WDW with kids. This rule change is no good for families, which I thought was who Disney wanted to please. -RO
  16. My guess is from this. You posted a pic of the four man bobsled in Flamingoland UK. That park has a custom SLC that has a clone, In Happy Valley, ShenZen, China. It's called snow mountain Flying Dragon. That park is very close to Window of the World amusement park. You are definitely in ShenZen.
  17. TDL is totally different. You're lucky to get 2 FPs there in one day. Of course, if WDW starts issuing FPs to resort guests, that may be what WDW becomes, which is a very bad thing. As for resorts always giving guests perks, sure. Universal is totally different, as their resort guests make up a much smaller percent of park guests. I'm always amazed at how few people are using the UE hotel passes. An of course Disney is there to make money, but the poeple on this thread seem much less worried then everywhere else I've seen, including the TPR FB post. I don't want to have to worry about time management on vacation, or risk losing a rare opportunity to ride an E-ticket. FP as it is requires a lot of planning and walking at WDW, this makes it worse. This is a very large shift of perks from regular guest to resort guest. Ultimately, after thinking about it, I can't believe this will last long without it having so many "exemptions" it is not any change at all. -RO
  18. Have you ever been to Disney? On any given day, you'll see groups of people crowding the FP return line waiting for their time. Self entitled people will be pissed about this change. Regular people will just follow the rules. I've been to WDW well over a hundred days. Quite a lot for a non local, I'd assume. Sure, some poeple are waiting, as have I. But if you have to plan your day, sometimes you get a FP, figuring you'll be there in the middle of the window. Well, at first I would. After knowing they don't expire, it made my visits much less stressful. And it isnt' cheating the system. Cheating the system was in the early days when ANY Disney card, including room keys from your visit the year before, would spit out a valid fastpass. Now THOSE were the days . Again, this change is just a money grab for Disney hotels. It won't impact the standby line. If there was a truly large amount of folks returning at night, slowing down the standby line, then the standby lines should have been quicker in the afternoon, when those people weren't using their FPs. My experience does not back up that theory. -RO
  19. They aren't fake, they are just not known stories now, because the system doesn't creat them. I'm simply staing them as the "con" argument in this thread. So, you're saying no one can argue the thread? OK everyone, this is a good thing, move along... -RO
  20. No one is going to plan on being at the ride at the beginning of the FP. You wll try and fit in it, but you have non-FP rides, bathroom visits, eating. Those will take place in the return windows. I simply don't see this being enforced hard core. It will be a PR nightmare for Disney. Imagine the 3 kids on a once in a lifetime visit to WDW, missing their only shot ever on Splash Mountain because their little brother got sick on Space Mountain, and they had to spend time dealing with that. This happens now, but those poeple still get thier rides. They think it is becasue the Splash Mountain CM was being FANTASTIC by letting them use an expired FP, so they give that CM a good mark as they leave for the evening, clutching a dozen Mickey items in their hands. Now, they will be denied, and leave the park without a visit to the Emprium because their kids are crying. I would say this happens hundreds of times a day now at each park. But, the lack of enforcement makes it a non-issue. -RO
  21. The lax return is VERY well known. People do talk in busses, elevators, pools. I would assume MANY poeple know it. This simply opens up way too many issues, when someone will lose a VERY large amount of thier day. If you miss your 3 pm Splash Mountain window by 5 minutes, it will take you 2 hours to ride that ride. Which will of course make you miss another fastpass window, etc etc. And giving out a pass at a broke down ride doesn't work because of this domino effect. And that's for resort guess and regular folks. If you have to be planning your day to the minute, a 20 minute delay for a large group of handicap folks, or a protein spill, or a really slow server at the drink stand , or you need to cross the parade route, will be disastrous. Your entire days worth of fastpasses could come tumbling down, and you are left with nothing but standby rides for the remaining 6 hours at the park. That would royally suck, and would have me at City Hall demanding something. They would have to give out fastpass excuses that were good for the rest of the day if you were delayed by as little as 30 minutes. There is no upside for the visitor, but a risk of a huge downside. -RO
  22. Fastpass always solved a problem that only it created. It was invented to get people out of line and into shops and food locations. Of course, I don't think the standby lines will be effect at all by this. Whether or not you get in a standby line is purely psychological. Ever notice how the lines pretty much always end a the line entrance? Last time I went, the Pooh standby had been vastly shortened, due to construction. It probably contained less than a tenth of what it used to. But, the line still stopped at the entrance. You can like or dislike this, but the truth is this will decrease the amount of rides you get, so that the onsite hotel guests can increase thier rides. Splash Mountain gives the same number of rides, period. This doesn't change that. It does, however increase the number of fights that a line CM will have to deal with, at least tenfold, likely more. The CMs are who will get this change removed. Probably after about 2 weeks of Spring Break, would be my guess. Anyone want a start a pool about when the first story hits CNN and Fox about a CM getting pushed down by an irate parent? -RO
  23. This is a very good point, but even more of a reason they are doing this. If you stay on property, you La Cellier ressie will be right in line with your fastpasses. If you're not on property: FU, essentially. -RO
  24. I've actually just had an epiphany: We just need an app that keeps a history of ride breakdowns that day. SImply find out which ride you could have just been stuck on, assuming the will have to keep track of this, if they really hope to enforce this at all. If you were eating lunch, and Pirates was down for 15 minutes, use your expired FP at Space, and say you were stuck in a boat at Pirates. Hopefully Mousetimes will add this info to an update. And yes, I'm "gaming the system". If I don't, WDW isn't worth a visit, imho. Any seasoned visitor know you arrive at opening, collect FPs for the E-tickets as fast as you can. Then, hit other rides, and use the FPs at night, when the Splash standby is 60 minutes. This is a money grab, and I rarely stay on Disney property. If I have to double my hotel costs, just to get decent FP amounts, it's not worth it. I'd assume you rarely visit WDW, Wes. Getting from the right side FP rides to the left side ones takes a great deal of time, even on light crowd days. -RO
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