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  1. We watched it twice from the GC deck, where you can't see the videos, but can hear it and see the fountains and fire. I really can't see how the videos add THAT much. All teh hype I had heard for WOC made me sad when we chose to skip DCA because it was raining heavily, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't just sour grapes that WOC simply is not Fantasmic 2.0. I was shocked that there was no pyrotehnics, just some fire. That really took a lot away from it, imho. Not to mention that you basically have to stand in place for 2 hours if you want to see the show. WTF!!! -R
  2. I just can't believe that there isn't some way to drain the sewage to the sea in an emergency. Or helicopter drops of food and water bottles. Sounds like the Superbowl all over, as far as destruction goes. But at least there haven't been any rape reports yet.
  3. So, I have one video, probably my worst one, closing in on 2 million views. I got an offer from Youtube to monetize, but I never did, since people say it's really not worth it. I do have a few more vids with thousands of views. Now, today I get an offer from Fullscreen to be in their viral database. Has anyone done this? I assume Robb is a full youtube partner, but obviously I don't get views like him. So, any small timers have any experience with trying to get money from Youtube? -R
  4. Well, my XP went from 137 where it had been for days, to over 50,000, so I'm happy. I just hope ill be able to turn by 1600 hearts into enough donuts for the volcano lair. -R
  5. Apparently my problem isn't unique. Others on the EA board are bitching too. Lets hope for an update Thursday. -R
  6. The donut thing is purposeful. There is no reason to make the donut speed up button be damn near EXACTLY where the do task button was, except to get people to lose donuts. I still have my glitch. I just switched iPads. I'll have to log back on to my son's and see if that resets my game. At least I'm getting money and hearts, which is really all that counts now. -R
  7. Totally reinstalled. Still 137 XP. Not that it seems to matter much now, but still. No wonder I haven't spent money on this game. - R
  8. Anyone else not getting XP? Now that I hit 25, it shows a new XP amount for the bonus, but I'm stuck on 137 XP. I've lost thousands. -R
  9. So, is it a donation per ride sorta thing? And all the prizes are on who gets the most rides? My marathoning days are pretty much over, especially on the KD coasters listed. Do you wait in line with the public? Damn work internet filters suck. I'll have to look more from home. -R
  10. I was trying to figure out how the hell to log out. WTF Origin? There are more Androids sold than iPhones now, you know, -R
  11. Just released for Android! Finally. I can keep things going at work. No more knowing a critical path item is going to finish an hour after leaving for work. -R
  12. Yeah, the Texas Star, (un air-conditioned) Skyway, and world's lamest log flume with be a real blast to ride when it's 110 degrees out. They announced these plans at Winterfest about 5 years ago, and my opinion is unchanged: who the hell wants to do these things in teh middle of a Dallas Summer, when SFOT is nearby, and really not any more expensive, if you visit often enough. At best, the State Fair attraction will be to the normal "carnival" crowd, and illegals. No one who can afford a trip to SFOT, or Hurrican Harbor, would choose this. -R
  13. I was getting cards on places where no missions were going on. I think I got 3 or 4 out of Bart's treehouse. -R
  14. I wonder if there is a bug then, becuase every card I get usually lets me click it multiple times, sometimes 5 times. I've gotten TONS of hearts from cards in my town, way more than I get from visiting others. -R
  15. Got the update, and did get to visit ONE Springfileld, where valentine cards were on all the houses, and you get one heart per house. -R
  16. No update, even rebooted. Anybody get the update on IPad?
  17. Yeah, that's what I said a while ago, when I was comparing it to Smurfs that my wife plays a lot. They have a lot of minigames. Some look pretty dumb, but at least they have them. And the perfect place for them would be Noiseland Arcade. Plus, as I had suggested, add the minigames to the premium buildings, so you actually get real content instead of just a sprite. Frink Labs could easily have 2 or 3 minigames included that are chemistry/lab related. But, if lots of people are paying $10 for a static SPRINGFIELD sign, maybe they just don't care about adding minigames. -R
  18. I rode it in LA, when I was about 7. It was my first roller coaster. I recall being scared shitless as I waited in line with my older brother and dad. I recall being asked on teh lift how I was doing and letting out a very feeble "alright". I was on the right side, so when we reached the top, and the train tilted significantly to the right to make the tight 180, I was terrified. The drop and corkscrew were very fast, and I didn't think it was rought at all. In the brakes, I was so happy, felt like I had conquered the world, and was hooked for life. The line was too long to reride. I'm almost 500 coasters down the line now, and still absolutley love riding the few Arrow corkscrews left, and sitting on the inside seat for that 180 turn. It brings back some serious memories. -R
  19. I got my second parking lot in a row yesterday! The game's getting a bit repetitive, really. i dont' even visit other Springfields anymore. CBG is always Cosplaying, Krusty is juggling, Martin is riding a bike, Frink is playing iwht his gizmo, and I'm getting a bit bored. -R
  20. Do Disney new effects work properly at all anymore? Their track record seems to be falling. I'd love to know if the Dragon at the beginning of HP is broke, or was simply turned off to not frighten folks, since that is sort of a glaring non-working effect too. -R
  21. Notice it looks like he has the entire bottle top in his mouth, for that very reason, no chance of it hitting his teeth. -R
  22. Looks like these are just your Facebook photos, but I can't see them. My employer is ridiculously strict on photos now. But I can see the majority of photos on TPR. Are these hosted separately, through an automatic feed from Facebook, or something? I also noticed this on some your trip reports, I wouldn't be able to see any pics. It's definitely an issue on my end, when I'm at work, but I was wondering what you are doing differently to cause it. I have noticed a few other folks' pictures too, so it's not 100% just you. -R
  23. That's a good way to put it, and most everyone on this site are the folks that use 8 GB a month on their phone. -R
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