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  1. I'm glad the new additions appear to be family friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone as opposed to being kids only rides. It does kind of seem like a lot of construction is going on at Camp Snoopy though for 3 rides with fairly small footprints that are clustered near each other. Perhaps existing attractions will be relocated? I'm not sure if they're using some creative license or not with the concept art, but it would seem like a few moves would have to be made to get the setup in the picture.
  2. Nope, but I did just get a new attraction survey from them. Not sure I can comment on the questions they were asking, but in my comments I suggested they add an RMC coaster. With the amazing work it looks like RMC is doing, would love to see something from them at SFoG. I took the survey too. I wonder how they got my email as I've only been to one Six Flags park (Magic Mountain) and I've never owned a pass.
  3. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I can't see any of the pictures anymore. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Maybe they could turn Doc Brown's Fancy Chicken (which didn't make that much sense even when BttF was around) into a Krusty Fried Chicken; maybe add some of those Simpsons themed midway games that Orlando has.
  5. I spent many hours getting caught up and can't wait to read the next parts. I'm especially looking forward to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as those are places I have been to myself (hoping to add Japan to that list next year and now you've got me curious about Korea). I definitely agree with you about China. I had a good time there and I would love to see more of the country since it seems like it has a lot to offer, but I got tired of dealing with the constant rudeness and having to haggle for everything. I get it is how they do it there and it is a population not that many generations removed from the Cultural Revolution, but it is a huge culture shock. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Taiwan as I've spent a lot of time there and found it more laid back and friendly than China (parents are from there so I'm a bit biased).
  6. I think the occasional weekday event would be awesome since I know lots of people that can't make weekend events due to work. This would give more people a chance to go to events. Maybe some after hours type events on weekdays could also be considered that would be an option for both those who work weekends and those with 9-5s.
  7. I'm tempted to buy that Autobot mustache shirt every time I'm at USH, but I don't like the light blue.
  8. Makes me wish I had taken the time to see more of Hong Kong the last time I was there. We never left Lantau island.
  9. Just got a second package from my secret Santa with a beautiful poster
  10. I'm assuming this cute Donald Duck ornament I just added to my Charlie Brown Xmas tree is from my Secret Santa. It looks like they ordered this and had it shipped directly to me so I can't tell who it is from the name. I hope my SS steps forward so I can thank them or if this isn't from them, I hope they let me know!
  11. My guess is that Chrysler didn't want to sponsor a Tron ride since they want to promote Chrysler and not Tron. That being said, I'm going to try my hardest to design a car that looks like a lightcycle or recognizer.
  12. I'm in I love hockey and I collect pins. I collect Disney pins, but I have so many already; I would actually love to have pins from non-Disney parks.
  13. If you can get a good weight differential, GL can be non-stop flipping. An employee did tell us that they have toned it down a bit since it opened and that the mechanic that used to be stationed at the ride is no longer there all the time which seems like a bad idea given how much this ride seems to go down and how painful it gets for riders each time it does. I had a thought though, the OTSRs on Green Lantern are fabric so you don't really get the headbanging you'd get with noodles. Would these make a suitable replacement for Revolution?
  14. From what I understand, the rule applies to the whole ride, not just the trains. Even if they got new trains they would still need OTSRs.
  15. Yeah we were there Friday. Did you guys end up going on? For some reason the ride operators were taking turns riding while we were there. I think it broke down a couple of times during the day.
  16. We came in upside down but settled into a position where we were kind of at an angle. The vehicle kept rocking as if it was trying to upright itself but couldn't.
  17. Also at Lappert's in Las Vegas which is located inside the California Hotel & Casino, which has a Hawaiian theme. I had a crazy ride on Green Lantern over the weekend. My friend and I got put on the same ride vehicle as two tiny girls that were there for grad night with their middle school (I actually found it odd how many middle schools were there, I didn't think middle schools did grad nights) so needless to say our weight differential was pretty big. We pretty much spun through the whole ride. I don't think I've ever seen anyone spin on that first section of the track that just has a little dip, but we managed to do it. Then the ride broke down just as we got into the station and the vehicle was unable to get upright so we hung at this angle where all the weight was on our man parts waiting for the mechanic to show up. People in the loading area were actually yelling at the ride ops to help us out since we were obviously in extreme pain, but of course there's nothing they could do.
  18. I'm not sure how accurate the park map I got this weekend is (it says Lex Luthor will open in spring on the cover), but the paintball gallery is still listed under the games section and shop at the exit is listed as The Daily Planet Gift Shop (the description says it will have "basic necessities and an ATM for your convenience). Also listed as new is a chicken restaurant across from Apocalypse and a food location called Dogs and Snack in the What the Fried? area.
  19. The price and once per maze pass concerned me, but it appears that all front of line passes will be once per maze this year except for the yet unannounced RIP experience. I'm very interested in doing this now and probably have a friend or two that will be interested as well. The problem is I can't really commit until I learn more about the schedule. We get off work at 5 and probably wouldn't make it to Universal until 7 or 8.
  20. All the Imaginations reminded me a bit of South Park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOxt3cMTDZE
  21. Yeah, looks like it might be a thing of the past. I clicked around on the AltaVista translated Japanese site some more and found what looks like a list of seasonal attractions. I was thinking maybe the Water Chute might be seasonal since it might be too windy or something, but it is not listed. Hope there's a market out there for flume ride acrobats and the guys got new jobs.
  22. I was wondering if someone knew whether the Water Chute ride at SeaParadise in Japan was still operating. It is the flume ride with the acrobat standing on top of your boat as seen in the TPR Japan tr. I was reading that great tr in preparation for a trip to Japan and decided I had to go check it out. The SeaParadise English site mentions it on the introduction page and also has a picture of it on the access page, but not the access page you get by clicking access on the navigation at the bottom of the page. To get to the access page with the picture of the water chute you have to go to the introduction page and click on next at the bottom of the page. However, on the ticket page where it lists prices for each attraction it does not list the Water Chute. I tried the Japanese language page and just clicked around. I found a page that appears to list all the rides (the brown tab with what looks like a coaster car). If you roll over the buttons on the left they show a picture of the a ride and if you click on them you go to a page with what I presume is more information. The Water Chute is not listed. I tried translating the page in hopes of finding a maintenance schedule or something but that didn't go well. Even, in addition the pleasant vehicle is quantity, ill-smelling it is! Anyone know anything about the Water Chute or is able to read Japanese? If it did close down, this is one case I would be glad if they were just cheap. I'd hate to imagine it closing due to an accident or something. Japanese Site English Site
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