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  1. Lets see: updates: 1) they are handing out yeti business cards to the disneyeverest.com web site. It should have a vidcast soon (site opens the 16). 2) they have 6 trains. 1 for parts 1 spare 4 running (they CAN run 5, its just a little tight and don't do it 3) Yeti doesn't always work. They've added a B show as a back up. They have a fog and strobe effect if the yeti breaks down or if there is a delay in loading. 4) DAK cast preview begin possibly monday, maybe tuesday, wednesday...nothing has been confirmed. So far, NO soft openings for the public. 5) they have a cool fog effect outside the main tunnel drop and they have a snow/mist effect after the main lift hill in the mountain range there. Like overe here: Closeup. New sign under banner: Smoke out of back of train The backside of EE!
  2. Don't take out Indiana Jones! I loved that ride. EE will be open I think in end of January for good. And then they'll do they grand opening in April. Just my hunch.
  3. Anyone told the story as a kid not to put change on railroad rails because trains can derail? One set of wheels jumps over the quarter, nicks the steel, the next set make the nick bigger -- and it continues over and over... Maybe this happens with coasters? Maybe crap gets on the track and gets ground into the rail. Maybe the wheels get nasty. Maybe the wheels get loose. A few things I've noticed about coaster wheels. Wheels are rarely bought new after the train gets old. The wheels are retread.
  4. I paid 50.50 to get into Disneyland Paris the other day. CHEAP! (but the ride there wasn't -- lol). I don't know, I think raising prices is good and bad. Its hard to judge it.
  5. Deeming Barry oversensitive is a little judgmental. There is some validity to his first draft, second draft too. If I was this kids boss, I'd sure as hell want to know if he mouthed off that way to a guest! J.
  6. Like I said on another (more 'luxurious') forum: no pics. I thought it rude. Like those guys don't get photographed a billion times a day anyway. I met about half a dozen players and coaches as well etc. Its a small hotel (142 rooms). So it was impossible not to be bumping into them before and after Monday's game. I'm pretty sure it was Ricardo Carvalho who I sat next to at the business center doing computer stuff for a while. Lots of players. I don't follow the league so, can't remember faces/names too well. What sucks is I wanted to buy one of their jersey's long before, and when the team arrived, it reminded me to look for one. alas, never found one in London. Weird. I'll go online. Next time they play West Ham, just visit the hotel. Its off of Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf.
  7. Thanks so much for this info! Something to do tomorrow (after a visit to EE). Great! edit: these are all repeats unfortunately...still, some might want to tivo it.
  8. To all you Football fans: Chelsea was staying at my hotel. Cool guys.
  9. Yah the train is a regular vekoma train that goes up the lift, then scoots down and right, heads up a track then behind you the track rotates and switches out. you ride backwards for a bit, up to 40 mph and then back up another ramp, the track spins/rotates out in front of you, then you head down the big drop. I can't wait for an onride video.
  10. I'm posting these to fan the fire. I haven't put anything new out there for a week. Hopefully soon though we'll see some pics from cast members. J.
  11. ^^ lol. Never thought heat could affect gum like that but yeah, that must not smell nice!
  12. Yah, WDWMagic is starving for info lol. Next week I hear I might have an opportunity to actually ride the attraction. We'll see. Per cleanliness comparisons Sören: The things my wife and I noticed were the gum stains on the ground (there are nearly none of these stains in Disneyland or Disneyworld because they don't sell gum). Now, that's not a slam against Europeans in general, just the French lol. Names were carved or written in white out/marker on the posts of BTMR que. That is wrong on so many levels. So Six Flags. Granted those are just two things, but with some of the trash on the ground and in the que (and lets not forget the prevalence of cigarette butts). Its just not as sparkling. New park, but really ridden hard by the guests! Now on a moderately busy day at WDW, its not like I enjoy the crowds either -- the crowds are different in character -- I'd say crowd 'quality' is a step below WDW a step above Disneyland. With WDW, people save up a few years and fly out there. Its special, everyone feels special because they've spent a lot of cash and are on their best behavior (like going out to a nice restaurant). Disneyland -- 60% of their clients are locals -- so the crowds are a little rougher. I have no idea what the guest composites of DLP are -- but, well, its just how I felt about the crowds. Not hostile line jumping just "I don't care about others at all" line jumping. I did not ride RNR -- although I was tempted too. One day when TOT is done and the new kiddie rides are finished, I'll do a Disney Global tour lol. There goes the bank!
  13. Nothing special, just a little trip report. I was really surprised with how tall TOT was! We waited 50 minutes to ride it. We then went over to Pirates which was quite huge and elaborate. But its all backwards in storyline It started to rain and that's when our fastpasses for Indiana Jones was up. Quite an intense ride. I'd hate to see the thing w/o the brake run! CRAZY. We walked around for a bit and then got stopped by the parade. Heard the music for what, a minute? And its still stuck in my head lol. "Silhouette! Silhouette! " Space isn't bad. Its crazier than I thought it would be. (have 'ridden' the attraction in no limits) It was all a blur! We capped off the day with Haunted, err Phantom Manor That was the day in DLP. I think when TOT get's built, along with the new kids play area, it will make it tempting to do both parks. J. 'review' Overall I think the park is ok. My wife and I did not like the crowd/people there. European crowds are weird (I know that will offend several readers here). There was a lot of chaos and people like to cut in front of you (not caring about the concept of 'merging' two separate lines). The one obvious time we were cut off at BTMR, karma got back to the bitches. We were the only two in line and skipped quite a few people when two were needed to fill the front seat of the car at BTMR. Gum stains are everywhere on the ground and everyone smokes (the park was quite dirty with graffiti all over the BTMR posts). I don't care so much about the smoking, people are addicted and its cultural. BUT when I see gum on the ground everywhere in a Disney park? I don't know, that bothers me. It was nice to be in a new(ish) Disney park and I don't regret going. I think (like how I do Disney Parks in America) I'll concentrate on going during an empty day. BTM has a great ending, Indiana Jones is intense, Space is cool. J.
  14. Was there yesterday: Very surprised at how tall the attraction was.
  15. Don't know whether to go today or tomorrow. Might be tommorow. Don't know what to do today (transit strike on till noon I hear).
  16. Well Glad R & E are safe from that awful train accident. Some Christmas for those families! J.
  17. Yah, his is actually better quality too (but he encoded it the same way I did). But I figured I'd put mine up there. So far, for the modern marvels I think I'm the only one who has something online. Can't wait to get sued by History Channel! Yay!
  18. Well, y'all have to have the latest iTunes/quicktime. That's 7.03. There WAS a problem on my end with the first two videos, but I've corrected that. I also checked both these ones and they are o.k. I'll double check them. Here's a nother longer segment from modern marvels. Go here. For the latest Quicktime/iTunes updates go to apple.com
  19. That's weird. On my Windows XP machine I get both sound and video. Have you updated Quicktime to the latest and greatest version? Try any program that works.
  20. Preview the ride (video) care of Raven from the Christmas Special this morning: Click here.
  21. Wes, do you work for the WDW web team or...? How is your position different from that in the WDW team here in Celebration?
  22. I don't know how the Mummy works in its track 'switching' but it took me a long time looking at pics over the months to figure out how EE does it. See if I'm not on to something: There are no 'switches' involved. Its rotation. The track spins in axis. If you see an actual track photo, you'll realize that they can weld the exact same track underneath the main support beam. An example of track: Taking a look at some pics from Orlando Rocks, you can actually see two tracks welded one on top of each other to a large tubular steel beam. Whoah. See how the last pic you can see an upside down track bending out from underneath the straight (right side up) track? 'Twisted'
  23. Its a 'Modern Marvels' show, so I imagine it will be for sale on DVD.
  24. For its time, "IN search of the Obelisk" was the best there was. Pretty crazy. I never did the IMAX theater (the 3rd attraction) there because originally, it wasn't built for IMAX, but for a modification if I remember correctly (very tall screen, overly narrow width), so I didn't bother (my hometown had a SWEET Imax theatre). I liked the 'elevator' ride down to attraction level the best. Basically you fall down a mine shaft. Soren, have you seen magnificent desolation at all? What did you think?
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