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  1. Well, I re-encoded it and instead of renaming it to .mov kept it to the plane old iPod friendly format. it worked within the broswer and save the target as in Windows XP. Sorry, didn't know what happened, you guys were right, it didn't work. But somehow I remember testing it a while back and it did then. PC's are WEIRD (its worked on my Mac the whole time). Anywho. More pics later on tonight (of the train car). Email me if it works if you can folks, thanks. J.
  2. Its an interesting hotel. Stayed there several times. Its my favorite non over the top luxe hotel. 1) Its interesting to see how much has changed over the years -- namely -- the boat ride around the hotel is gone !! 2) Do they advertise the three part 'adventure' anymore? I remember when that came out -- you had the ride film, then the game show thingy, then the theatre of time. 3) Does the laser show work at all inside? My favorite part of the attraction ride film is actually the elevator TO the ride. It TOTALLY feels like you are free falling. Which ride-films did you ride? I've only done the attraction one. That one is kewl. J.
  3. Hey, per video problems...I've zipped both files so- - hopefully that helps? J.
  4. The way its worded can be taken two different ways. Hmm. Watch some loser lawyer tries to finagle stuff with their short kid getting on.
  5. The fun thing about reading a trip report (especially by someone seasoned) is you find out something new. No idea that Whispering Canyon had an all you can eat skillet for breakfast (and we are at that hotel eating at least half a dozen times a year!). Sounds interesting! P.
  6. Here's some more pics of the costumes then. Winter jackets aren't new -- I think I've seen them around.
  7. Here's a second one just finished it and its from today (not like there is a big difference) -- And more photos! Click here for 2 new videos posted today. A few things to report today: A 72 hour testing will commence end of December (72 hours straight operation). December 27-29th I believe. Disney intends to have DVC, Passholder and Cast all come around the same time for rehearsal. Added a new sound effect yesterday. Yeti doesn't work 100% of the time. Fastpass time is the 'current' time now. Cast has to wear construction helmets. They do have hats, but they haven't been released yet. Costume: Scaffolding still there by waterfall. Didn't see it on while I was there. Some new props: Construction esthetic: Speakers inside of transformer (see grill):
  8. You need quicktime 7 or the latest iTunes. Essentially its a video podcast. edit: I've checked -- its compatible with Windows XP -- you just need the software. If this becomes a big problem for folks, I'll format it to something more universal... or something.
  9. Here's a video. Cleek! Follow the link for picture recaps (if you are so inclined).
  10. The track 'clicks' at the beginning and end of the lift (the curved sections). The 'straightaway' section puts up a ratchet system automatically when it senses the chain slows down to a stop. This is just a plane jane variable speed chain.
  11. Let's see -- what is new: The warning signs are up (as well as the height requirement badge). The floatation device by the river is down Some scaffolding structure is up by the waterfall area and part of the village has been wrapped (Cristo, were you here!?) Diego was giving some folks a tour today and he had some cool things to say (Diego is an imagineer). First off, the lack of a 'clickety clack' up the lift is very deliberate (its not just because its some newfangled technology or the sound is annoying in general). This ride is supposed to be a 'train' -- and how many trains go clickety clack up a mountain he says? That would be 'too coasterish'. Another 'too coasterish' thing would be the lifthill itself. They wanted to avoid the look of a giant lift hill so they added a temple area/mountain as to visually break up the major lift hill. This make the 'train' look less like a coaster. On Thursday they will be doing some evac testing -- so that might be fun to check out. I will have to look at my older photos but it looks like they've done a little more themeing of the major stairs visible in front of the mountain. Today, electricians were testing the fastpass system and fiddling it a bit. Pics up chortly. Jose Diego giving tour. Fastpass signs tooled with. Extra warning sign inside stand by entrance. Water fall area has new scaffolding Part of the village is wrapped by Cristo Warning. Height badge and Warning up. Yesterday this banner wrap went up. One of the signs was 'ripped off'. Broken off top of rock repainted.
  12. Essentially you are looking at what they did @ Everest before you could really 'see' anything being built. This is CIPP, cast in placed piping. It allows you to re do piping that's been damaged. Basically this is a 50 million dollar project and has been going on for about 2 years and has another year and a half to go. These are rare shots -- few folks have seen this work because they aren't up that late!!
  13. It has two lifts. And those pictures were from wdwmagic's pay section so.... Crummy night shots of Everest... Are they unloading tarp to cover the back end of the mountain? Is this the Yeti going back to California for serious repairs? But What's this? Cranes? Why the secrecy?
  14. BTMR at WDW has a ways to go as well (and quite a level change) and obstacle (over the train tracks). They might just have some decent power at the Storage end -- enough for it to coast after say a 10-12 mph 'launch'. The area looks fairly level. Get it going to about 12 mph, it could easily coast for 500 feet without a steep falloff in speed at the end
  15. ^ Thanks for the compliment Guy 'the master videographer'. If you want to get good shots another photographer affirmed this tidbit with me: The trick is if you shoot a lot of (what you personally will consider good) photos, then the chances you get a 'great' one are much greater. i.e. the total amount of 'night shots' I took were 18. You only saw the 'great' shots. So I do take time to take pictures, just maybe not in the way you think? Yes, I did deserve a day at the spa. The in-laws were in town, and well, its hell. J.K. They are great people. My wife took her mother out to 'tea' while my father in law was at a conference (this is all at the same hotel). I thought I'd try out the hotel spa since it sounded 'luxurious' (WWT&JD?). I heard they had a private lap pool that even regular hotel guests had to pay to get in, so I was happy (no chirrens under 16 allowed!). I'm a whore for good, clean (read: not urinated in), non busy lap pools. Speaking of whores, I whored this off the internet: Taken April 2005 p.s. pm me an email address and directions if you want an ee photo sent to you.
  16. My photos must be so sexy...which night shot are you talking about? I can email you a full resolution or sumptin (RCTFan). P.s. no update today -- was chillin at the SPA for a spell.
  17. Not much new -- the rocks are gone-- first batch of (non trainer position) of cast members are being trained. Part of the backstory is that the train was originally used for a tea hence the smell of tea when you cross over the bridge. Looks like they are running only 4 trains of the total 5. Fun, fun fun! Its the Healthy Fam- I - Ly! Both parents smoking. Programming the Fast Passes Perfect weather today -- nice clouds -- a 'matterhorn' shot. The Rocks were cleaned up. Shot of the Day -- Jazzy Accessory The tea smells great. Life preserver, nice touch Disney
  18. No official opening date yet. Some folks say earth day (america's that is). Expect technical rehearsals for a bit in mid february. Then it close down for a bit, then open back up a week or two before the grand opening -- I'm guessing.
  19. Discovery Channel will be airing a couple shows based around the ride when it gets closer to opening. I hope they show construction footage, the whole process of design etc., problems they had with the coaster or challenges etc.
  20. Wow -- still smooth after all these years. Is the trim that noticeable?
  21. There could be structural issues -- I don't want to jump to conclusions -- its just that I haven't been informed or cast members haven't been told there are major delays (the ones I've talked to). Minor delays yes, but nothing to push back the opening date. Sorry -- he could be right, but not according to my sources, what I see there everyday.
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