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  1. Kurt Cobain didn't blow his brains out, Courtney Love took care of it for him. Since I believe that his 'suicide' note was really a 'goodbye to my music career' letter, I think they were probably already broken up. But I choose The Beatles as the most unfortunate band break up.
  2. That is one of the best PTR's I have ever seen! I have been working on a project for Day of the Dead for Spanish class pretty much all afternoon, and while taking a break I stumbled across this, and I am happy I did! The altars are amazing, and the concept of the holiday is so simple, yet so touching. Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us! It is awesome to see something you have been studying in such vivid, breathtaking photos!!!
  3. LOL, 'pots heads' Glad you had fun, Joe will get over it, and I'm sorry about your your car!
  4. Joe, thanks for the blue bag, I thought it looked familar,lol oh yeah, the stuff inside the bag was pretty good, too!!! seriously, thank you very much, you are great!!!
  5. I don't have a favorite charecter, I love them all! I need to catch up on last season, hopefully they will do a marathon!!
  6. ^ Watching too much Baywatch? It's actually refreshing to hear that guys don't especially like fake boobs!
  7. This topic is too funny!!! As a girl I say natural. They look more attractive, and as soemone mentioned before,if there are any complications you run the risk of losing your god given boobage also, and I don't care who ya are...that's not hot!!!
  8. My middle name is Elizabeth. Meghan Elizabeth is waaaay too common. At least I have an 'H'
  9. Not sure if these movies are disliked, or if people just don't know about them so they get skeptical, but I love Mean Creek Swimming Pool Elephant Love Me if You Dare Tadpole There are a ton more, but I can't think of them right now. BeemerBoy,I also love 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt is CRAZY in that movie!!!!
  10. Dude, thanks for reminding me that I have summer reading to do,lol I have read a ton this summer, just not any of the books on the list...oh crap.
  11. I hate when you go shopping, find something really cool...then you cant find your size. Or when you see something you really want but want to wait for it to go on sale, then when it finally does, they run out of your size or you are broke... Maybe that doesn't happen to guys a lot?
  12. Oh, man! I am really sad to hear that this place is going 'down hill'. I have great memories of going there with cousins and having a blast! I have passd by it while on Orlando trips, and always wanted to go back, but now it looks like I may not get a chance... I absolutely love the Buzz Light year bumper cars!! I hope that y'all decide to go and check it out, just reading everyones own memories brings back a few lol moments.
  13. thanks! I really do need to check out the sigs,lol
  14. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any unofficial websites/forums for PKI,Dollywood,Cedar Point...really just any that you know. I am planning a few trips and I have been able to find one for Carowinds, but no others! Thanks, Meghan
  15. That does suck, but I really hate acid reflux, now I can barely move!!! It feels like fire in my tummy,lol
  16. I have never been, but since I am planning on going with ACE in September I found this web site http://www.carowindsconnection.com/community/ It's pretty cool and they are all very helpful, hope that helps!
  17. CoasterLou, your hair color is beautiful! And Colin, I am very jealous that the beach is your backyard,lol
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