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  1. If you can't respond = because logic and common sense are hard to refute. I honestly wish you luck in keeping this park open or re-opening it. I can say I don't think you will succeed, but I hope you prove me wrong and if you do I will visit the park and apologize. Kevin Long Fat old guy
  2. If this park was MAKING Money when It closed...It wouldn't have. This is called progress. If anything gets too old and decrepit, (like Me) it is replaced or put on the registry of historic places where it can't be destroyed. Not paying rent for three months or more, having rides that look like they belong in a ghetto fair somewhere.??!! Nowdays people spend their money to get maximum entertainment. Unfortunately, these type of parks all go by the wayside as time passes. I loved Drive In's Growing up - had a blast - Now they are all strip malls or condo's - was it something cool that should have stayed? - I think so but if they didn't make money - owners bailed. (wikipedia drive in if you are too young to know what they are.) PS - if I was a politician in Wichita, I wouldn't worry about an online petition. Petitions are only legal when signed by registered local voters and as a politician, I would worry about my local constituents, not some fanboys - (Love that term) who live no where near my city or state. A few opinions Kevin Long old Fat guy
  3. After the first week he starts to decomp. for the next 2 WEEKS his bloated body is in the pool.. How many people got dead guy juice in there mouths and swallowed that.. Tasty..... Kevin Long Old Fat Guy
  4. Dammit.... where is the trip report?.... it has been 8 hours since the trip started and no report.... you owe us you bastards..... PS THE Above is a joke but I can't wait to hear the real complaints... Kevin Long Old Fat guy
  5. Thanks great trip report - It is rare that someone will take photos of something besides the big coasters. Your trip brought back a ton of memories for me, I was a a ride op at this park, for four years - way back in the dark ages. I haven't been there in 15+ years and I live less than 20 miles away. I could recognize a few things that haven't changed but most of the park is now diffferent. I worked there long before the take over and the influx of WB stuff. Thanks again
  6. Could'nt Resist when I thought Of it... unofficlal addtional entry This should probably be platinum since it also seems to be unlimited... you ho...
  7. Since I made the first One . Ill try to post the first Offcial entry My Official Entry
  8. If you want one not on the list try Wild West World. There is a Trip report on here with all of their rides on it. very clear and very recent photos.
  9. Not Sure who this is.... Don't know anyone by name.. if it's not jeff Johnston.. I guess you can just disregard his Johnston....
  10. Hope can't explain this... Sorry couldnt resist... notice he didn't write Big Johnston..
  11. From what I can see and have seen this is not much more than a "permanent ghetto Fair". It is unfortunate that you have no parks of substance near you. I sympathize. As a business person, this entire thing seems grossly mis-managed. If you would expect to make any kind of profit with this type of venture in the first year of operation you should have your head examined. Your daily expenses would have to run in the 1000's, if not 10's of thousands a day. If you open without enough capital to cover all your expenses for at least one full season you must be stupid. With out some (Major and I mean Major) draw (Coaster) you could never ever expect to get the size of crowds you would need just to cover operating expenses on a day to day basis. It would take 20 years for this to be a destination park, I mean the middle of Kansas , Gimme a break. Even if they sold 20,000 Passes at $50.00 (doubtful) that is only 1 million. not enough when you are 20 million plus in debt. This park will fade into a distant memory before summer is out. no company with the capital to bail them out will be dumb enough to invest in this place. Sorry I just couldn't take the unreality everyone was spewing. PS Comparing this place to SDC or DW is an insult to both places. Thats like comparing WDW and Any Six Flags, The differences are that much.
  12. Has anyone noticed that Kidtums bears a striking resemblance to Rob as demonstrated in these photos.. unretouched.. hmmm.... The Proud Father..... the happy daughter.....
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