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  1. my two cents - is it possible SFSL gets passed by because we are NOT a destination park? SDC is in a destination City (BRANSON) and many other SF parks have a larger population base to draw from. I suspect RMC can write their own tickets nowadays and maybe a conversion is way out of the parks budget. SFSL is the baby brother in the chain and gets the hand me downs. Updating a coaster is great, but if they can't properly maintain a carousel or even paint the St Louis train station, or wipe the dust from the fans there, maybe there are other reasons the park isn't' more popular and able to justify the Coaster upgrades. Kevin Kevin - nice observation. You're probably on track. It's weird that it's so passed up. Look at what Six Flags Mexico even got the past few years in comparison - a THEMED Pandemonium in form of Joker with cool FX, RMC Medusa, SkyScreamer and now JLBFM. WOW. I'd be thrilled with that! I don't get why SFStL is passed over and Mexico gets that kinda treatment. Yes, RMC-ing the Boss is now gone forever. They would "LOL" at SFStL if they asked to do so for the would have been price. Terrible decision making at corporate, I guess. Yeah, I get your destination theory - why is Holiday World killing it then? They're in the middle of nowhere. Added a launched wing, several woodies, a super waterpark and another new coaster in the next 1-2 years? well they seem to be marketing themselves as a destination park too now - I see billboards for them in this area I wonder if you see SFSL billboards in Santa Clause IN. or Evansville I bet not. I do not think they are part of a chain either ( might be wrong) but no or fewer share holders means less corporate decisions that limit possibilities. I mean it may be possible that SFSL is the profit black hole of the company and they use it as a tax write off for the rest of the corporation. Kevin
  2. my two cents - is it possible SFSL gets passed by because we are NOT a destination park? SDC is in a destination City (BRANSON) and many other SF parks have a larger population base to draw from. I suspect RMC can write their own tickets nowadays and maybe a conversion is way out of the parks budget. SFSL is the baby brother in the chain and gets the hand me downs. Updating a coaster is great, but if they can't properly maintain a carousel or even paint the St Louis train station, or wipe the dust from the fans there, maybe there are other reasons the park isn't' more popular and able to justify the Coaster upgrades. Sometimes the little things are what people remember. Kevin ceiling and ceiling fan in St Louis train Station - taken mid season 2016 Carousel horse - taken 8.16.16 - pretty ghetto
  3. Close by - haven't stayed there in 25 years... so how good ?? about 100 yards from the park property and has a shuttle http://www.hisixflags.com/ check this out too http://www.hisixflags.com/packages/benefits-package/
  4. You know, the Marketing Supervisor job looks pretty interesting, since Six Flags St Louis's marketing needs a pretty major overhaul, but it'd have to pay at least $80k a year to convince me to switch jobs. And what in the heck does "Ensure that all team members within assigned areas are properly selected, trained, and scheduled to perform their job responsibilities" have to do with marketing, anyway? well definitions vary - marketing in some places can mean direct selling as you know - my guess is ( and I know nothing) that as a "marketing supervisor" for six flags st Louis you would be in the "marketing dept" and your duties would be over seeing a section of the parks shops and stands that sell things and make sure that they are properly staffed and inventoried and trained etc. I do not think there is much in the way of "marketing" six flags itself in that particular job. My guess is it is NOT a 80k a year job maybe 15-20K? good luck Kevin
  5. look here there is a valentines sale https://www.sixflags.com/stlouis/store/season-passes good luck Kevin
  6. I really agree with this,,, as a traveling carny in my youth, we routinely erected rides of relatively huge size with 3-4 man crews in less than 1-2 days. Sf has a much larger crew available to them( maybe even factory supplied ) and they are not going to be working high up. my guess is the site prep work ( queue line, station, leveling etc) will take much longer than the actual set up and completion of the ride itself. Kevin
  7. Hhhmm, refilling a cup should take like 30 seconds. For 10 people for drinks and food...Not even five minutes. in her defense she was actually assembling the cups as she went in some cases , but even with them coming in four parts you would think she could get the hang of it a bit quicker Kevin
  8. I think that depends on your pass type and if you paid for one as part of it.... Kevin It was during that sale a couple months ago where it was the free upgrade to gold. I didn't do a dinning pass. I got this from the season pass page FAQ - Unlimited soft drinks is a feature of the Premium Season Dining Pass or Premium Membership Dining Pass. Season Dining Passes allow you to eat lunch, dinner and a snack every time you visit the park all season long (depending on which Dining Pass package you choose). If you visit the park 4 or more times it is an incredible value. For more information, visit the Season Dining Pass page. So you might be beat out --- sorry ( I am no expert --- I would check with guest relations anyway they have so many bonuses and specials on the passes at different times, you might actually have it in there somewhere) good luck Kevin
  9. I think that depends on your pass type and if you paid for one as part of it.... Kevin
  10. Does anyone know what a food service worker makes at the park? I say it might not be enough to motivate them to expend even minimal effort. Even to stay warm. I took my nephew out to the park on wed to get his 2017 pass processed and pick up his drink bottle. The crowd was reasonable at pass processing and everything went pretty quickly. Then we got in line to get his drink bottle and time literally stopped. It is my hope that this employee was very new because I cannot understand how anyone who had even a few hours work into it could appear so confused and unsure of what they were doing. it is no exaggeration that it took her more than 5 minutes to wait on each person. This was to get a cup of soda with no cash exchanged. It seems technology to speed service is not quite up to the level it needs to be. Not one transaction I saw was a paid one, all were using season passes. Its not like she had to be careful making change. 25 minutes to serve 10 people drinks and a couple of pretzels seems a bit excessive to me. maybe a pay increase would help. Rant over - sorry Kevin
  11. was just there today - as best I remember - Lunch 2:30 - 4:30 Dinner 5:00 - 8:00 snack 2:30 - 8:00 don't quote me but that is what I thought I remembered - it should be close Kevin
  12. good to know - I do know about friends made working there as I was a team member back in the long gone days. I also know it can be boring and miserable when it is slow - and if you add the cold --- BBRRRR not much if any of that construction was designed for year round use. I wish the event success because it all contributes to increases in the bottom line and that means bigger new attractions over time.. Kevin
  13. Aaaand now it's closed today. Obviously the park would have really liked to be open today, as it's rough to be closed for a whole weekend. Today wasn't supposed to be too bad, but now the expected temp at 2:00 is 32, and the expected temp at 9:00 is 21 with snow. Besides the temperature, having to keep the entire park, parking lots, and surrounding roads from getting icy will be hard. When I was in school, I remember how much joy I got from getting a recorded call from the principle saying that school was closed for snow. Now that I'm an adult, it's the complete opposite. I know this will sound disparaging and that is not my intent, but is holiday in the park even financially viable? - I know silver dollar city does it and many other parks, in far more northern area's as well, but are the St Louis crowds going to file out with temps this low? While snow early in the season has not even been a problem for the last few years, this years cold has had to have a negative effect on attendance. I know some income is better than no income, but cold weather takes its toll on equipment as well. Are the crowds there at all? I confess I am not a christmas person so it would take a lot more than lights and a few shows to get me out there in this cold. how has attendance been? is it worth it if you work there? I am just curious. Kevin
  14. I've dropped off my son and friends when they were as young as 12 and no one ever questioned them. He even had to go to guest relations once due to a problem with his pass so it was obvious to those in authority that they were unsupervised. The meal plan is a very good idea because then they really don't need to carry any money. thanks you that is very helpful Kevin
  15. -as I said I am not worried about him behaving or anything I just don't want them to stop him at the gate and ask about parents or guardians if he happens to be out there with a friend or two and no adults in the party. I appreciate all the input - I was going to get him the meal plan as well then he really can go without a lot of cash. has anyone here actually left kids all day with no supervision? if so any problems or concerns? thanks all for the info Kevin
  16. sad part is I used to work at the park ages ago and I can't remember the policy. Kevin -
  17. My nephew is going to be 14 in early summer - thinking of getting him a pass - What is the park policy for kids being dropped off at the park? He is not a sh*t head and I am not worried about him causing problems or acting a fool, but I don't want to get him a gift he can't enjoy. Mom and Dad work so he would go with friends or be dropped off by parents. I can't take him and stay with him all the time either and would need to drop him off. I just don't want him to get hassled on a technicality so if there is park official position it would be nice to know. I hate to just roll the dice and hope he can go and have fun with his friends or if he will require an adult accompanying him all the time. any help quickly would be much appreciated. any parents drop their kids off? experiences? much thanks Kevin
  18. We were there on Sat nite as well. No matter what year it is the ridiculous food and drink lines make me laugh. Folks with the dining pass willl throw away fun time just so they can squeeze every dollar they can from it. We opened and closed City Museum yesterday, I sat there on the roof just imagining what they could do with an old wild mouse or junior coaster up there. The 207m variant of a Vekoma might be a decent compromise - seems to fit. Layout probably works with the stuff already on the roof. And no need to manage the logistics of lifting any chains up there. They'd have to deal with the safety rules and maintenance schedule though. with the untimely death of the creator, I feel as though expansion on that level is not likely... is the ELI Ferris wheel still up there though? Klong
  19. here was my experience about 2 weeks ago I printed out my voucher took it with me - I offered both ( my current pass and the voucher) at the toll plaza - they used my current pass- I took both again to the ticket line - they asked if I wanted a new pass or to add my 2017 stuff to my current pass - I opted to keep the same pass just have the benefits for 2017 added. - they scanned both voucher and pass did some keying of something on their end said "all set" and let me go through. I was skeptical at the ease of this procedure- so for my own piece of mind I went to the processing center by Excalibur - waited in about a 5 min line - I asked the attendant to verify everything on my pass they did and showed it all to me on the computer screen. Current and future pass info was there and visible to me.( including parking which worried me since they did not scan at the toll plaza) it was mostly painless - in fact the worst part of all of it was getting my new drink cup - now that was a 25 minute wait as the attendant was either very new or mentally challenged. I never get why it is so hard to fill a drink cup and return it to a customer when there is no money being exchanged. seems each one took nearly 2-3 minutes - I used to work food service in several fast food and regular restaurants and I could do multiple drinks at once. oh well good luck hope yours goes as smoothly as mine did Kevin PS I am single and have no friends so you may have different needs
  20. careful if you do a lot of that and you might get a theme park instead of an amusement park - Kevin
  21. Thanks for the suggestion! Way better than breaking policy. After spending a week at WDW, I think one of the big things I was amused by was the difference in park policies. Riding a roller coaster? Just throw your bag at your feet and give your restraint a little tug, we'll be happy to send the train. Tripods? Sure, go nuts. Try to wear a purse during Star Tours? NO. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED. Meanwhile, at SDC, they demanded you empty your pockets entirely before they'd dispatch a train. Having a dozen cell phones per train sitting at the station feels like a recipe for disaster but I guess in family friendly Branson Missouri nothing bad ever happens? glad I could help - just take your time and shoot a lot and you should get some good stuff. I am just wondering what they will do if we get any serious snows in Nov/Dec this year. kevin PS I despise christmas, So my attendance will probably not occur anyway.
  22. as a former pro photographer I would suggest using a small sandbag (hand size for your camera) and any of the fenceposts/railings/trash cans as makeshift pods. I once shot fireworks in Chicago using this method with a 8-10 second time exposure with very exceptional results. it is easiest and best? no - but it can work. keep it small so your not lugging a brick all night but they should let it pass through security. I would think. or try this https://www.thepod.ca/ http://www.deadtreephotography.com/blog/2010/04/using-a-sandbag-as-a-tripod-alternative/ http://terrywhite.com/great-tripod-for-those-times-when-you-cant-use-a-tripod/ http://www.instructables.com/id/String-Tripod/ just a thought. good luck Kevin
  23. thanks for the info - i presumed it would be relatively slower on Sunday. but it was really pretty crowded - I saw cars in every available lot and they were all looking really full. I'll just go early next Sat. as far i as I would have had to walk it would have been quite annoying Kevin
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