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  1. Hey Robb, I went to SFMM today also to try and say hello but I didn't arrive until 2:30 so maybe I missed ya. I on the other hand had a real fun day today the lines were short as hell. Tatsu was running 2 trains when I got on it at about 3:30, only about 10 min wait for me. X2 was a walk on, went on it 3 times. Apocalypse is still running great, the pre shows I think are worse just because the guy talks a little too much now but what can you do, I stayed on it 5 times without going around through it again. The employees are all kids so they don't give a crap about what they do, IMO just need to find the good ones who enjoy the job which are few. I didn't think that they are staffing the park very well either, almost like a skeleton crew. But for showing up at 2:30 today it was a good day for me. Sorry your day wasn't that that fun.
  2. Awesome video Robb! I really love how you were able to get some good interviews with the ride company's! Thanks again my friend!
  3. I would say Grizzly at CGA could use it for sure... But I agree with most here that Mean Streak could use it! If Psyclone at SFMM was still around that could have also used it!
  4. I remember at WCB them saying they like to break records and they are working with Intamin I believe haha! Well finally something has come from that. I think it is a great addition. They already have the cables up to paint SM too when I went to work this weekend. I was like WTH? Cant wait!
  5. I am down for this for sure! Me and the Wife plus a guest or 2 if that's cool with you Robb! This is just awesome! You guys rock! Welcome home again! (Awesome Town)
  6. Very true Robb, I agree! Another sad day in the industry today. Prayers go out to her and her family.
  7. Wow! ^ I agree, it hits home to see parks in this condition! Thanks for the pics!
  8. This is like a bad dream. I am thinking about the family's here, I just can't believe this! Wow! Sad day.
  9. Holy Moly! That wooden coaster looks iffy! Such a great TR, its so awesome that we can see coasters in other country's. Please keep it up! Love it!
  10. WOW that was amazing, simply amazing! I can't wait to go see it myself!
  11. Looks like you all had a good time! See you tomorrow at SFDK! Can't wait!
  12. I think that the show is going to be great! Really looking forward to it!
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