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  1. I made a water show in RCT3 and i used the song Goodies, by Ciara i tried to do my best, but i ran out of time and finished up with this, hope you like it. Movie.wmv
  2. well, lol i have a radeon 7000 i think, and it has 64 mb of ddr for the video card, but the ripples do show, the water doesnt
  3. well, lol i have a radeon 7000 i think, and it has 64 mb of ddr for the video card, but the ripples do show, the water doesnt
  4. Well during the game, you press F10 to shoot screen pics, and Alt+Ctrl+F11 for video footage.
  5. Ok thanks, but now I have another problem, my rct3 now doesn't show water, after i fill a hole withg water, its not blue, it doesn't show, but I can put the pointer over it and the ripples form, but it looks like the ripples are forming out of nowhere.
  6. Is there an update or patch availble to be able to build tunnels in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3?
  7. But aren't you able to use Photo Story for taking video clips or footage of Roller Coasters
  8. How do I use Photo Story for my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3? I already have Windows XP And i already Installed it
  9. Hey, does anyone know any websites that have roller coaster videos in HTML form? I want to put some roller coaster videos on my website profile.
  10. The best days to go to any park are: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  11. I'd like to see you put Heaven by DJ Sammy on a roller coaster video but im not sure it'll work okay. Download it here.
  12. Oh My DAD has thet One The Sprint and that thing cost him like 5 or 6 hundred dollars
  13. Oh and one more thing, my player's name is Ricky Villacrez
  14. Hey anyone who owns a PSP and has Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix, go to Wi-Fi play at 5:00PM Eastern US time, If you are going to be there then respond to here or AIM me TO MiamiBoii4392. See You There, (hopefully)
  15. What's the name of that song from 2004's 4th place winner of the roller coaster video? You can IM me to MiamiBoii4392 on AIM
  16. That happened to my friend once, he was in Sea World and there was a thunderbolt and the Kraken went out. My friend says he was looping and right on the top of the loop is when the ride went out He says he was there upsidedown for about 45 Minitues. When the lights came back on They had to put the ride in reverse. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  17. No Would you live in a theme opark for a week eating nothing but junk food and going on the rides all day?
  18. Hey Robb, Will u put the winner's video on themeparkreview?
  19. i am 13 and my first actual coaster was the incredible hulk ride in islands of adventure and i was probably 9 or 10 yrs old and the highest one ive ever been on would have to be the Xcelerator in Knott's Berry Farm In Aneheim CA i rode it this summer but the hight wasnt so much just about 212 ft
  20. Yeah, one time, me, my cousin, and my sister were walking on the board walk in California Adventures, and out of nowhere, my couzun yells "YEEAYYUH" and everybody turns around.
  21. I need to know, what is the best coaster park to go to in Orlando?
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