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  1. Here is my recreation of Silver Bullet. Sorry about the quality of the screenshots. Tell me what you think. 1 SILVER BULLET.nltrack
  2. Well, first of all, its Call of Duty 1, and second of all, for PC. I was just at the server, waiting for about half an hour just wandering around the levels. No one showed up.
  3. If you have Call of Duty online for PC, then get on it and look for the server called "TPRCOD" tonight . I'll hopefully see you there. And please don't be late if you're going to go on. Tonight at 7:30 EST time Feb 22. (Sorry I didn't go on last night. I had to clean my room, I'll hopefully make it tonight, but if you don't fine the server, then please do the favor of making one calles TPRCOD.)
  4. I also think that it'd be awesome if you could edit and design your own roller coasters in a designer like No Limits has, and then you could place the roller coasters in the park, but that'll never happen.
  5. I think if they make another Roller Coaster Tycoon, its going to have to have improved graphics that can run better on low preformance computers, I mean, not everyone has a super computer.
  6. I would like to enter. I've submitted my track. 01NL_contest_enrty.nltrack
  7. Come and join the No Limits myspace group http://groups.myspace.com/nlcoaster Join and post your screenshots.
  8. I got my sidekick 2 this december, It's the ultimate communication device.
  9. NO, all of you are wrong, go to coasterradio.com and play the episode when they interview Robb, and he said that he met Elissa at Knott's Berry Farm http://libsyn.com/media/coasterradio/coasterradio_113.mp3
  10. I think the Sheikra is better, because you can get a little of both oblivion and Sherikra itself, you have a drop that goes underground, and you have the drop that IS Sheikra, but from what I know, all the Oblivion does is drop underground and turn to the brake station, (correct me if I'm wrong) but sheikra has one inversion and a splash section, i dont mean to compete that strongly
  11. Did you enter a registration number when you opened the actual 3D simulator?
  12. Well, if they put that its not even 1 year old, then they wouldn't accept its profile.
  13. If you have myspace, add the Sheikra's profile, its at www.myspace.com/sheikrabuschgardens Make sure to request it
  14. You go to my computer> local drive C,>progam files>nolimits 155> tracks, and put the files in there so you can open them
  15. Here are three no limits tracks I have made myself, feel free to download them. The trackes are, The Incredible hulk, Silver bullet, and Speed the Ride 1 SPEED THE RIDE.nltrack Speed the Ride 1 SILVER BULLET.nltrack Silver bullet 1 INCREDIBLE HULK.nltrack Incredible hulk
  16. Well, can someone send me the setup file for No Limits so that i dont have to buy it?
  17. Actually this is one of the numbers from this Family Guy episdoe when Stewie wants to call Lois and doesnt know the number and his first guess is 867-5309 but after that he tries "111-1111 lois? damm. 111-1112 lois? damn. 111-1113....".
  18. I pre-ordered Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and it came with this box for free, and inside this other box, it had a paper with a code for me to download and install these tree proffesionally designed roller coasters by the designer of the inverted coaster in alton towers called Nemesis, I have the archive in my computer, i hope this downoad link works.. if not, email me to miamiboii4392@hotmail.com and i can send it to you by email attatchment RCT3 Bonus Coasters.zip
  19. nope, they dont work, im sorry but if you Email me i can send it to you, Miamiboii4392@tmail.com
  20. Oops, the first one didnt work, try this one. Medusa, Scream.wmv
  21. Heres A video that I made from Photo Story, i hope it works at all. I there is a problem, Email me at miamiboii4392@tmail.com Medusa, Scream.wmv
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