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  1. Age: 29 Middle Name: David Girlfriend/Fiancee's middle name: Christin Secret Crush: Carrie Underwood Pet Peeve: I better not get started Color of your bathroom: Ugly pink (it was like that when I moved in!!) Best Movie of ALL time: Terminator 2 Best Song of ALL time: I've got a list online Best TV Shows: Of all time: Early Edition Currently On: The Amazing Race, Joan of Arcadia, The Simpsons Favorite Band/Artist: Alabama Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Haunted Mansion v@ Disneyland Yummiest Ice Cream: Strawberry If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Uh, my soon-to-be-wife? Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: A betta named Napoleon (are fish considered pets?) Favorite Color: Blue Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): To any bus system I haven't ridden Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: YUCK!!!!! Best Vacation Spot: Portland, OR: Home of Powell's, Washington Park, and Tri-Met! Cook or Go Out: Cook Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Desert Feel free to add more options as you see fit. OK. Favorite transit system: Tri-Met (Portland, OR) Favorite national park : Denali National Park, Alaska Furthest been from home: Maryland Favorite Sacramento bus route : 23-El Camino Car(s) currently owned: 2000 Saturn SL2 named "Zippy" Kitties or puppies?: Kitties Favorite place to go caching : Just about anywhere States lived in: Currently, California. In the past, Virginia and Alaska.
  2. Looking at your .sig: I'm not from Germany, but my family is. There was a little town of Umbach, near Kassel in central Germany, founded by my g-g-g-g-grandfather. He owned a lithography shop at a bend in a stream. Hence, our name. "Umbach"--"around the stream." I'd love to go visit someday. I understand the town of Umbach got destroyed in WWII.
  3. When we go to Disneyland Resort, we just park on the street or in a hotel lot somewhere. Hee hee. Used to do the same thing at SFMW, but now the spot where I used to park became a 2-hour zone over the winter; it'll be a pain in the ass to keep going out there to the residential neighborhood 3/4 mile away. Until the city figures that out and changes it back, I'll have to do the Curtola P&R lot and take the Vallejo Transit 91 bus. Which is fine with me, since I love buses.
  4. But where exactly? I'm trying to picture it exactly from the video and my extensive knowledge of the area. Is it where the old Circle Theater used to be?
  5. Me: Nope (knock on wood), but I've sure deserved my share of them. I'm a leadfoot, I've just never been caught.
  6. For six years, I worked in mortgage foreclosures--I worked for a company that did the paperwork for banks that were foreclosing properties. I got laid off from that in January , so for now I am a freelance writer looking to get into city planning (as that's what my degree/education is)
  7. Straight guy. Getting married this November. To a GIRL.
  8. Try hiring a few entertainers and scattering them around the busiest queues. That should make your rating jump tremendously.
  9. Actually, put Dione and I down as a definitely maybe . . . There's a chance I may be heading down to SoCal around then (haven't seen the family in a couple of years.) Now we have even more of a reason to go. And, I do believe our SFMW season passes will work there! (Woo hoo!) At this time, depending on scheduling, I'd say we've got about a 40-50% shot at being there. If it comes down to it, we'll be saving $$$/vacation time for our wedding/honeymoon in November, but you never know. I'll definitely let you know either way before June 1.
  10. I am fairly certain that happened on Zonga! at SFMW a few years ago, too. ]
  11. Elissa "too bad the explosion didn't take out Deja Vu!" Alvey That happened to us last October at SFMW. There was an accident on the freeway that knocked out power to the park. Everything was closed up by 3:00, and we finally were able to get out of the parking lot at 10:00. We got NUTTIN' for our trouble.
  12. Nope, I don't have the ticket book yet. I understand that you get those at the clock tower the first time you go on the pass. She *COULD* get the pass at the park, I suppose, but she doesn't want to--she wants it mailed, just like mine was.
  13. So they sent us our 2005 season passes, with instructions to activate them online. Mine came in the mail last week. (Do I really have to stare at Mr. Six all year?) Hers never came. So I went online to have a new card sent to her, as the Six Flags FAQ's asks people to do. But they want $11 in shipping to send her new pass to her UPS!!! That doesn't make any sense; if they sent mine free???? Why can't they just print up another one and send it out? Or even just let her do the voucher thing like they do for first-time passes? Needless to say, she's a bit annoyed. She'll be calling Six Flags main customer "service" line today; hopefully, they'll arrange something. We'd hate to have to boycott them this year, especially since my season pass is already paid for.
  14. My brother is three years older than me. He once got me on the "Demon" ride at PGA by getting us in line, then telling me it was the line for the Carousel. When we got to the front of the line, and I saw the train coming, he said it was the train to take people to the carousel. When you're six, you believe stuff like that. I loved the ride, and the rest is history. Off to my first Medusa ride of 2005 tomorrow . . .
  15. YAY!!! We'll be honeymooning there shortly after you--we're getting married November 5, and will be in Disneyworld shortly after that. (Dates TBA.)
  16. No point, just a random observation. This IS the random board, after all. Robb: Was I out of line with this post? If so, I apologize.
  17. "Stuck in America" by Sugarcult (I think?) just came on.. I can't hear that song by Sugarcult without thinking of the Great America video. Which, of course, was Robb's plan all along.
  18. We'll be heading there for the first time this season on Saturday. This is our favorite time of year to go, because the crowds haven't discovered the place yet and the weather is neither too hot nor too wet. Thanks for the report. -Jim
  19. So my nephew is three, almost four. His dad is in the Marines. We took him to Marine World. At the end of the day, we asked how he liked it. "It was fun, but there were no Marines there!" That had us laughing all the way home.
  20. Offically, United Methodist, but baptised and practicing Assemblies of God. (Not obnoxious and in-your-face about it though; I don't prosletize.)
  21. When I lived in Anchorage, there was one there. Never went there, though.
  22. Wow. I've always thought it's more comical than gross, actually. Unless it builds up because the *^%^&%$@# handymen don't pick it up!! I have two handymen I call "floaters," meaning they're not assigned territory. If I see something askew, I'll use the claw and put one of them over there.
  23. Umm, unfortunately, Dione would kill me if I posted a pic of our desktop here. I told her nobody else would ever see that picture. Sorry. (She thinks it's hideous, but I like it.)
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