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  1. canobie lake!!, last one was corkscrew in 1987!!!! they actually removed a coaster a couple years ago, how stupid.
  2. yea, not really. Ive gotton in the line for TTD when it was further down the midway, before the ride opened and i only waited about an hour. IT was July 31, 2006 when i went.
  3. Yea I live in RI and in West Warwick where there going to build it. I was kinda sad i wish it was a theme park.
  4. to me on the side of the cars, if they are cars are too high and it looks like there are no gaps either to enter the cars as in the rcdb.com picture. but i know though is a tarp and could be tied very tightly. It would see more as being wood maybe for the Q-house. if it isn't built already.
  5. like i said those trains can't flip through those corkscrews there two compact, and there only one car per train, i think cp would need many cars coming in. The majority of the ride looks like it's not gonna be over that water.
  6. straight--------- gals r awesome, there not very difficult, key advice, listen to them they love to talk!!!!, but there nothing wrong with gay people.
  7. Those things, they look to large to me at least, well at least too long for some of those tight twisting corkscrews. anyone else think that?
  8. i don't get why people are scared of inversions. Yes i was always scared of heights but it's never stopped me from riding a coaster, ive been on TTD, Kingda KA, and Millennium. Whoever says TTD and lkes they can't ride, those are the easiest there is no lift hill. Ur launced up, the ride is sooo fast that u don't even notice the height, the only time u see how high u are it a split second when u crest the dive before going back down. i've now though pretty much gotten over it. I like TTD better than KA becasue of the restraints.
  9. Yea this ride looks awesome, is there any other ones existing today? I'm glad that they got rid of the whirlwind, that thing was falling apart, rough, typical of old vekoma rides.
  10. really intamin?, there restraints are hydraulic they should be cumstom fit. Yea you'll be fine ur probally close to my size. Just try to stay away from vekoma boomerang models, well try one and see. B&M is fine but stand-up coasters can be very loose.
  11. finally COASTER ALMIGHTY!!!, about time right. I hate arrow corkscrews, there too painful, the extreme OSTR head bludgeon, ouchhh!!!and wayyyy too short.
  12. it's probally just a rumor, like what happened with flight of fear at PKD. Yes it is a classic, last time I went on it though was 4 or 5 years ago.
  13. Sure it does, u probally never experienced so, you probally have no right to talk. Oh, and not all coasters have the seat belt at the bottom, i rode the flashback in 2005, so i don't know if that changed or not in "06" season. I saw that it had new restraints though, this season. I rode the corkscrew at CP ( i hate the ride it's soo rough) but it had that seat belt too.
  14. You people are not getting it, i want to know of someone who has the problem because, they probally have a very similar body size to me and each coaster and seat vary. You can't base it on that. One time on the Batman: The DArk Knight coaster i got it so tight i could not breathe and another time i sat in the front and it was very loose . Ive never had a "problem" with it until that boomerang model. Most of the time i dont get a snug fit though.
  15. You little kids are stupid, Sure it will fit if ur smaller, there are more knotches just im between two, hello ride restrictions. Just I wanted to know if someone had the same problem as me, always being right after another knotch and too far from the next one. It means im right in the middle of one. or maybe i pick a bad seat i don't know. Someone said something about stand-up coasters. Yea i went on Mantis at CP a few weeks ago, and it was soooo loose but that made the drop more fun, but not on a Vekoma boomerang model coasters. Has anyone been on one of the DeJa VUs? i couldn't imagine what that would be like getting a loose restraint on one of those.
  16. I'd say Alpengeist, I like the whole Ski Mountain thing. With the tunnels and what not.
  17. not really, at the construction site NOOO, very little, like one or two peices. Outside the breakers express hotel there was tons of track all uncovered, someone else saw this right?. There was supports on the site that were not covered.
  18. the coaster is marked..........1986......tradgey derailed, three people died im sure it's very safe now though, safer then ever. i'd go on it.
  19. yea idk, it depends on the coaster and seat, im sure if i sat in another seat it would be different. I'm about 120 pounds about 5'6, im athletic, idk, my midsection is flat. yea none of my friends have problems either. i went on alpengeist at BGE and it was soo tight i could not breath but the majority of the time it's very loose.
  20. i thought this coaster was gonna be a Intamin ball coaster? i went to CP from 7/31-8/2 and there was no track on the site
  21. Anyone have the problem that i have?. I'm skini, but not that small, When i board any B&M, vekoma, or arrow ride and the restraint is too loose and i push down hard and it dosen't get any tighter. someties it can make the ride better but simetimes....... I went on the flashback at SFNE before and will never go on it again, i really was slipping out up the lift hill, i had to push on the inside on the car to keep myself upright. I was sitting in the front seat. on the way backwards i was slipping a little in the inversions. when i got off i was shaking, my friends were concerned becuase, they said, i looked like i saw a ghost. i love coasters as u can guess i love intamin coasters, custom fit, Hydraulic lap bars, TTD, millennium, superman ROS (SFNE). i love those and wooden coasters i have no problem being loose, it makes it more fun.
  22. yup three new videos now on the main site one a virtual ride AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea it looks like a great ride
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