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  1. Oh! Speaking of donuts, I actually won 10 donuts out of the mystery box the other day!
  2. I had a request out for Erik for a long time also. When they did the update that you could delete requests sent out, I did that an resent it. He accepted it right away. I think the first one go lost somewhere.
  3. Like the macaw pics! How did you get the Fire in the Hole picture? Where you in the car at the time?
  4. It's still not showing an update for me either.
  5. Really been on a Nightwish kick recently. Listening to the Dark Passion Play (deluxe edition) album on Spotify. Currently listening to the song "The Poet and the Pendulum - instrumental version".
  6. I was having problems. It was lagging really bad and when I would go to other towns the game would crash. It was really frustrating.
  7. Just downloaded another update. When I started the game, a message showed up saying sorry about the frame rate issue and received 20 donuts!
  8. I got an outfit for Milhouse the other day.
  9. I just reinstalled the game onto my phone and it seemed to clear up the lagging issue.
  10. I'm playing on iPhone and having lag problems. I just gave up trying to play it because it just crashed on me 3 times in a row. Been having the lag problem since the update to get rid of the bunnies.
  11. I did that yesterday with the pink eggs. I won golden eggs. That gave me enough to get a gold box which I won Father Sean. So it actually worked out for me. The only things I got that were good was him and Banana Dictatorship.
  12. Ugh, just spent donuts on gold eggs, enough to get 9 spins, and I got crap out of it! Got 2 Kang topiaries, 2 gates, 2 sets of pastel fences, and blue eggs.
  13. WOW! I actually finished getting everything out of the blue box! I only have like 2 more things out of the pink one, but I'm pretty screwed on the gold one. I keep getting fences from there.
  14. I thought it was because my town was over ran with bunnies so I always did a sweep over the whole town with my taser before tapping the carrots. I always got them after that, but it must have been coincidence.
  15. ^ I love Avenue Q! Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Dark.
  16. I haven't been getting much out of the blue box except Easter ponds.
  17. I wonder if the clam from Ollie is a gift for the social part not working as I got one last night also.
  18. I must be a lucky one because I haven't had any trouble with visiting friends towns.
  19. Easter update in the App Store! Downloading now.
  20. My Homer keeps raiding his own and the brown house next to his.
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