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You know what I don't get, When people buy these very expensive Bob Long's and PE's and stuff and then spray and pray for most the game, but then I come along with a highly upgraded Alpha Black, pop out ounce and get 1 to 2 people out. I can last 2-3 games on one hopper, and most of the time keep humping the pods for my friends.

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I actually played yesterday for the first time in a year! I've been bitten by the paintball bug again, I definitely want to start playing more seriously now.


I tried to really get in to it a few years ago, but I was just too young and not experienced enough to really dedicate much time in to it. Now I really want to that I'm a bit older and not so afraid of being hit!


Part of me really wants an 09 rail or SLG, but there is an awesome sale on Invert Mini's going on right now that is very tempting. However Mini's are rumored to be very finicky so part of me wants me to spend the extra few bucks on a rail. I do really like the Mini though!! We'll see...


Anyways, it was a birthday party I went to with like 32 people. It was really a blast getting to own everyone, haha. Nobody was really that good, so I just kept to the snake and picked people off one by one. It was nice not having to use a rental too!


We then played 16 on 2 with two of the fields team players, and everyone got destroyed. I got grazed in the hopper, but was out. They were really good.


Anywho, here are pictures! Hopefully you can see them.


After game 1.


Getting ready for 16 vs. 2!


I'm out. Notice the gravity fed hopper. NEVER buy an Evo hopper! It puts all of its weight on the feed neck and WILL snap! That happened to me, so I had to go back to shake and shoot!


I don't really like aztec's too much, so I usually play the snake. This is one of the times I played backman and I ended up just saying "screw it" and moved in to the snake.

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^ About the EVO's, I have heard that happen to a lot of people.


At least you had a gravity hopper. I remember one time going to field and my eggy decided to stop working so I had to pull off the classic shake and shoot.


And 16 on 2 sounds like it would be awesome.

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^^Awesome! When your green machine rolls into town, we'll definitely have to go play some paintball!


Definitely dude! I want to try your PMR! I really want one, but they are getting a little expensive. However they are supposed to be highly improved compared to last years. Still, $500 for a DM-Lite sounds good to me!


Now thats a game, Speedball with Bt-4's and 98c's .


Haha, yeah it was a ton of fun though! You really had to use a lot of skill as opposed to relying on the speed of your gun. It was actually just as fun as playing speedball with better guns!


And the BT4 sucks ass.

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^Yeah, the PMR took the place of the Matrix series. In the past, whenever a new dye DM gun came out, there was a PM of the same number. Now with the SLG as the low end gun, they upgraded the PMR to fill in the gap.

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^I never travel that far.


Us people in the greater L.A. area have California Paintball Park (lots of fields, but if you rent, you have to buy their overpriced field paint), Warped Paintball Park (my personal favorite), and Field of Fire (closest one--the one you see driving to SFMM).


Opening soon is Conquest and Action Paintball Park, both off the 14. I'm excited for those. They're both run by good people.

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Joey maybe sometime you should drive out to SC Village in Riverside. It would totally be worth the drive for you, it is a fantastic place to play. Just a suggestion.



No thanks. They're owned by the same people who own Hollywood Sports Park, and I hate the way that place is run (Field Paint Only+a-hole refs=FAIL).

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Okay I have another question. This is gonna sound stupid, but seriously, how much does a paintball hurt? Because I might be playing speedball in the next month. All I've heard is "It stings" and that doesn't really answer any questions.


Stings like a bee for about 5 seconds then goes away. Unless you get it in the head, that hurts bad, gives ya a headache, but don't let that unenthusiase you into playing, it's fun!


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