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Covemont Mills, cancelled..

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Well, I think it is just the supports next to the top that look bad. If I took out the right side of that bulk, I dont think it would look as bad because the rest of the large supports are to the left instead of both right and left.


EDIT- Well I changed the supports ALOT and finished the buildings around Shadow.


Overview of it as of now


The Shadow area



Are the supports better now?


Please give me some feedback,


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I am very sorry to say this, but I have lost complete enthusiasm on this park. It just isn't as pleasing to me as it once was. I have prgressed in my skills through the park, so the theming is very good in places, but not good in others. I have really wanted to do a single theme park for a while.


So, for now, this park is on hold, maybe forever. I really want to start a jungle theme park, but I will have to go through some problems with my RCT2, because my data folder is too large.


I will show you a couple last screens of the whole park later just so you can see what I had planned out...


Once again, I am very sorry to everyone who really liked this park and was waiting for it. I just wish that I could have made the park so it was just Phantom...


You may see a new park from me sometime soon, you may not. I am just glad that my skills progressed through the making of this park.



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Well, the download is at the end of this post, but here are some screens of the other rides I had planned out.




Covemont Cyclone..my best classic style woodie...


Vengeance..the first hacked rocket I used in a park


Phantom..my best work ever. I put countless hours into it and still didnt quite finish it..


A Vekoma Whirlwind that didn't have an original name yet. Sadly, it never got any action..


Intamin mini-hyper..I love the first drop and everything before the twisty section which I never really got down because I was working on Phantom..


And last, but not least, the wave pool for the waterpark that was going to go in..

Covemont Mills_MichaelIngerson.SV6

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Sorry to bump this up.


Anyways, I think this park is one of the best parks outside of Newelement being made for RCT2. Tis' a shame everybody has moved on to RCT3, really.


I liked the architectural style that were in the buildings and how realistic and well done the parks are. Oh well, I understand how tedious RCT2 can get sometimes.

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