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The whole East coast could all be under a wall of water hunreds of feet tall if part of the island in the Azores breaks off and slides. This is a possability and was reported after the Tsunami in December.

It has happened in Hawaii thousands of years ago. Part of the Big Island broke off and slid into the water and sent a wave over the island of Lanai which is something like 1500 feet in elevation.


The only differance between the East coast and Southern California is warning time. Hours for the East Coast and only a minute for SoCal. So since there is nothing that we can do if it happens and the chances are remote anyway in our lifetime, why worry?


If it really worries anyone, move away from the water.

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Exactly, its pointless to worry.


And anyways, with the Canary Island deal, thats only a WORST case scenario.


Reports (and common sense) point out that in the case of an eruption, the island is known to be more loose than solid. Thus, the island would break apart in peices, not ONE whole peice.



If you want to simulate the effect, fill up your bath tub. If the whole thing slid off at once, drop a bowling ball in the water. Duh, you can imagine that.


Now, the more realistic idea is the thing breaking into tons of peices. Now, cut that ball into a ton of tiny peices, drop it. Youll probably get a few big ones, but nothing thats going to really do anything but send some nice sized waves to places close by.




The whole thing about the entire island breaking off is possible, but highly sensationalized. Ive read countless scientific reports about the islands and its not been known to do that. Its past shows that it would break into peices before it flows in at once.

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yeah, well California has been rumored to be going underwater for some time now, with either breaking off at the San Andres faultline, tsunami's, what ever.


I live in Albuquerque, elevation 5000, I feel safe

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