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Kongfrontation or Mummy?

Which would you rather have at Universial?  

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  1. 1. Which would you rather have at Universial?

    • Kongfrontation
    • Mummy

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Being that I went to universal for the first time after the mummy was there and kong was already gone, i can't say. I know I do love the mummy. I was riding it the other day and the guy next to me looked at me and asked (he had never ridden it before) "is this thing going to make me scream like a baby?" I said "it's very possible, especially on the roller coaster part" he looks at me with surprise and said "this is a roller coaster?", I say "yeah, you didn't see the signs all over the queue that said THIS IS A HIGH SPEED ROLLER COASTER RIDE?"

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I too thought that Kong was a boring ride, except for my first ride when I was about 7 years old. Back then the ride scared me to death, but as I got older it just got boring. Besides Mummy is a GREAT ride and I don't think that I will ever find it to be boring.

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I think a new Kongfrontation featured after the Peter Jackson film would be amazing. Imagine what they could do with today's technology.


The Yeti x 10!!!


That is a phenominal idea! I have to say, I do miss KONG - but I have yet to get my butt on MUMMY...I havent been back to Universal since Mummy was being built. I remember passing it thinking...Where the heck is KONG? lol - They should make a new Kong---Coaster!

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