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Movie, TV, and Video Game based rides

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You forgot one thing... Video Games...


For me, I have been waiting for the days a park chain or park snaps up a few video game licenses and uses them on a major attraction. Sure, theres the Tomb Raider rides, but I'm still waiting for...


Mario and Luigi: Superstar Coaster (named after the GBA game "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga"). A racing/dueling coaster, can be any type, I would prefer a woodie though.


Sonic The Hedgehog... Come on, hes a famous supersonic hedgehog... he goes fast and hes pretty much well known. And you can't go through a level in that game without looping a few times. This would be perfect for an Intamin Rocket like Storm Runner.

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Resident Evil the ultimate scare coaster. Can you survive the horryfing track transitions just like the horrible camera angles, can you find the card key to open the door to the coaster, and can you survive going backwards on the ride just like how you back track in the game?

Can you Face Terror in Resident Evil!?

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