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Video (Hi-Def) TR: Splash Mountain

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I'd upload the files, but they are too big for this page (nearly 8 min vid).


Walk through of an empty stand by queue and ride through of an empty EE. No annoying screamers.


Includes 'B' show of Yeti.


If you want a smaller size, hit the subscribe icon at the bottom of the page, and your iTunes should download it (a podcast size) immediately (40+ megs).


Click here to download

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Erik: Maybe I'll upload a hi-def of the Yeti itself, and put it on the other page...


That should fit, and will be quicker than Apple's server.


Yeah that would be fine, just as long as you post it to the site itself it will be fine.

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Mate, for someone who's dream it is to goto Disneyland, you have just ruined it for me


Nah, I really enjoyed the Splash Mountain one.


And this also does show me that our theme parks in Australia are really bad in the themeing department.


Again, Top Job mate.

A real high quality production, and was just a pleasure to watch.

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I DID get hit! My glasses were totally wet, I had to aim the lens down -- the rest of the camera got nice and wet!


My first Splash was Disneyland -- right when they added the seperators (not when they widened the back).


Both are great rides.

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