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Clayville Manor

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as some of you all may know, before halloween, i was making something called the "halloween project". and some of you may also remember how i just left you all hanging. unfortunately the file was lost. i would have really enjoyed to see all of your reactions to the movie.


Anyways, Clayville manor is recieving a MAJOR facelift. the house will look completely different, more sinister, and much spookier. the story is bent a bit, but the same concept.


In the late 1800's a man by the name of Carles Clayville built a sprawling estate in the depths of the untouched Black Mountains. What he didn't know was that the mountains should have remained that way.


Contractors gravely warned Clayville about the grim past of the Black Mountains, but Charles did not crumble. Some said he was strangely determined to have it built in a precise location.


The several construction workers refused to work in the mountains. On the day they broke ground for the first time, there was a fluttering sound coming from the wilderness. One worker was told to find who it was. the worker was found dead the next day. The autopsy report says that he was mauled by a bear. but no bear could possibly do what was done to that man. Workers were disappearing on site. All of the construction workers were too afraid to return working. So Charles spent five years building the house with his bare hands. The hands of evil, some would say.


to be continued...

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OK, without keeping this completely generic, I will say your park looks awesome and I would really like to get a download because its so good looking. You have a talent with scenery!

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