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photo TR: Encounter Zone

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Here are some pics from Encounter Zone at the Wafi Mall in Dubai. As usual I will let the photos do most of the talking here. If you have any questions let me know.

They have a Crystal Maze, based on the UK TV show and a kiddie fl yer called Komet, sadly it was closed.


That's your lot for now, somewhere I have some better quality pics and will post them when I find them. Thanks for readind.









The rest of these pics are from the crystal maze.


This area has lots of simulators and games.



The Tomb, is a horror walk through with live actors.


The other side is for older children


The "Dip your hand in wax" was popular today.


When it opened this was the longest indoor slide in the world, so they claimed.


Lunar land is for younger kids.


You used to enter the station up these stairs.



Not very good pic, but the track dips through the rock facade here.


Here you can see the track on the roof


The Komet was closed, the ride op said they were fazing it out because it was too old.


Encounter Zone consists of Lunar land and Galaxy Land, separated by a food court, No McDonald's here though.


Going Up.


Encounter Zone is on the top floor of one of the many extensions at Wafi City.

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I actually saw an article on that batflyer once years ago (WAY before Stealth) in some random magazine in a dentist office. Im suprised that no one has ever mentioned the first ever flyer<,

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It was made by a company here called select contracts. here are some details from them


"We designed and built the Komet in 1997 when Encounter

Zone was built specifically for that site, it is a gravity fed sky

coaster so only has the 7ft uplift at the start and the rest is managed

by gravity. Quite an engineering feat."

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Its looks like a fun park! The maze though, that would be really fun!


Somehow I could see Robb begging the ride op that he is small enough to fit in the car, when hes completely pushed up against the window with his camera.

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I just wanted to add that I've had some of the BEST times playing the Crystal Maze at Oakwood in Wales. I really wish more of these were still around!


Great update! Thanks for the pics!



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