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Recently my mom and a few friends hit up the first Long Beach Ice Dogs home game. In total there were 9 of us peeps. Me, my mom, Dorien, her two sons, Trez , and her son, April and Johanna.


The game was at 7:30 so we left the house at around 5:00 to get the tickets (which we ordered in adavance) then go out to dinner with April and Johanna. Well, we arrived at the Long Beach Arena at around 5:30 only to be told that there was no record of 9 tickets purchased! After person after person trying to find out what happened, one person rememberd that she had talked to my mom about the tickets. So after 30 minutes of waiting around for them. We got them with a 50% discount for the trouble! So, a bad start but they made it good. So off to dinner. We went over to RockBottom Brewery. Had a pretty good dinner over there. We decided to walk back over to the arena and meet up with the rest of the group probably freezing to death outside of the arena. After we got everyone we headed inside. Since this was their first home game of the season we expected there to be major entertainment and other extras about. But the place wasn't booming with excitment like usual. This lack of enterainment went throughout the night by the way. After we all sat down it was time for the game to begin. Usually when the Ice Dogs first come out to the ice they switch off all the lights, turn on the fog machines, turn on stobes, play music. (Last year it was "Lets get it Started") But this year they came out onto the ice without warning, no annoucment or anything!


So okay, entertainment sucks but hopfully our team will play a great game. Well I hate to be so negative about my home hockey team. But they looked pretty bad out there that night. Too many misses, always getting penaltys. Most of the time it was 3 to 5 out there on the ice. The intermissions were okay, not as great as when we first started going to these games, but not bad. The other team (Fresno Falcons) kept scoring on us. They also seemed well cordinated. And it seemed as if we never quite got it together. So, bottom line is that we lost 2-5. One of the goals made by our team was amazing though. Complete breakaway , one on one with the goal, top shelf goal.


So although the game was dissapointing we still had a great time hanging out with friends. After this game was played they've played a few more and have won all since our game. So thats good. We'll be back to another home game soon!



So if the 2-5 loss wasn't bad enough there wasn't a single fight!


Infact nobody is cool with it! So bring out the beer!


So after the 1st period it just kinda fell apart. As you can see. I'm NOT cool with it!


So why give kids "Ice Dogs" shirts when you can give them "Bud Light" shirts! omg!


Trez and her son order the 5 pounder nacho platter!


Dorien's two sons during the intermission.


So Spike tries to cheer up the crowd. And it worked.


A not so good start.


This is their team stealing the puck away one of the many times it happened.


Puck dropped! Game begins!


The team during the National Anthem, the singer was actually pretty good.


Here's that super exciting introduction!


Spike, the teams mascot.


So we get back to the Arena and saw that they are giving out RockStars!


Here's our "not so normal" group!


After getting the tickets, we headed to RockBottom.


Ahh, the Long Beach Arena.


On our way we drove past my High School.


Mom all set for the opening game!

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Great Photo TR. Dude, that arena rocks for a minor league team...or maybe our arena just sucks really bad? I was going to do a photo TR of the St. Louis Blues game I went to in October, but they didn't allow cameras in. Anyway, that sucks the team didn't do very well. I'm kind of in the same boat. The Blues are pretty bad this year. Oh well, it's still early in the season!

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Wow! No one was there. At my hometown we have a minor league type thing and we get pretty big crowds. But I guess I can't compare because Hamilton Bulldogs are in the AHL and that is all the NHL's farm teams so. Oh ya I was gonna ask are the blue lines and creases painted yellow because that seemed weird but a pretty cool change And is the ice blue or is that just the camera.

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Yeah, its a pretty small crowd for a Simi-Pro hockey game. Considerding that that's about how big its ever going to be! (Opening Home Night). When we first started going in 98' most of the arena was always full. Now, the crowds are going away which cuts funding. So when funding is cut then you aren't able to provide the same quality entertainment as before.


@ Phishy. Well she has dated younger guys before.


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