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Anyone know where this is?

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An old friend sent me this picture tonight. It is an old historic building that he is renovating within an amusement park. I'm doing a little investigative research and will have more to report shortly.


Apparently Hilarity Hall was a popular name used at many parks back in the day.


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My Google-Fu is strong


almost 100% certain, that's Bushkill Park in Easton Pennsylvania that operated until 2006, and is supposed to be reopening the rides portion this year. The Skating Rink reopened a few years ago.


and that pic, the "bones" of the structure look EXACTLY like the old "Barl of Fun" funhouse (including the awning on the building to the right of it and the placement of the upper window, lower doors, etc):





the Wiki write up mentions that it's rennovated and reopened in 2018 . . hope this helps!





EDIT: yeah, just noticed in the Wiki entry:

"The Bar'l of Fun was one of the oldest operating funhouse in the United States, built sometime before 1935.[1] The funhouse (currently under renovation) is also notable due to the amount of untouched Folk art painted on the walls and on banners inside the building. "

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and 100% confirmed -- the FB page for Bushkill features an image of the park, and the "swing" ride with the ducks/swans in front of your friend's pic, matches - placement in front of the Barl of Fun too:



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Ok Bert, your Google Fu skills are strong, as there are not even any online references of a "Hilarity Hall" being at Bushkill Park.


I will be visiting Bushkill Park on Saturday morning to tour the work being done for the 2019 funhouse opening. Also, I'll be learning more about another classic that should be operating at the park in 2019.


If anyone has any serious questions you want me to ask, please post them here or send me a PM.

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well, of course, i'd like to know if they are going to repair the Carousel housing, and then get a replacement carousel?


(since the wiki entry noted they have had 2 vintage carousels operating at the park, but both were sold off over the years). Luckily none were on site when the roof collapsed from snow.. but every park really needs a Carousel

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I live not even 5 minutes from bushkill park. 2004, 2005 and 2006, the park saw flood after flood after flood. It used to be an extremely smaller version of knoebels.


The red line in the photo shows you just how high the water was in 2004. The park never really recovered ever since then. The owner has finally started trying to get things back up and running. Last summer, the park opened for one day as a little benefit day to help raise money for the park. About 3,000 people attended.


Bar'l of fun was always so much fun. So many memories from there.


check this article out from last summer.


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Wow. This place looks like what I would call a TPR Fixer-Upper.


But the owner was so overwhelmed with the turnout, (read the article!)

it sounds like he's thinking of re-opening the park for real.


Good for him, and great for the locals support! And the Barl of Fun (inside) looks

a lot like a few of the European Fun Houses I've had the joy of bruising myself in, heh.



....and BUSHKILL Park is a really awesome name for a park, too!


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How about an online re-startup fund of .....$250,000.....?


I have no idea how any of these online funding things work.


Anybody else? It's just a suggestion. An idea to help, from afar.


And I would gladly donate 20 bucks or so (U.S.), towards such a great cause.


p.s. The Barl Of Fun Fund!

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