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Emerald Pointe (RCT2)

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Hey guys! I just now realized I haven't posted any RCT stuff here in forever, but I've spent the last few years working on a project that I'm quite proud of.


I build at a snail's pace because I don't get much time to play, but this massive park is finally nearing completion. For the last year or so, I've been battling the object limit so I've taken to making tons of objects and I fully expect to max out every scenery slot in this park. Small, large and even walls (yes... walls).


Anyway, Emerald Pointe is a large theme park resort that I've sort of imagined would be located somewhere on Florida's gulf coast. Aside from the massive theme park, it also features a beach, boardwalk, 2 resort hotels and (since it's me we're talking about)... copious amounts of alcohol.


Enough blabbering though... on to the screenshots.



Park entrance road.



Inspired by CityWalk and Disney Springs, the Emerald Pointe Boardwalk is home to an incredible collection of insufferable tourist traps that allow guests the opportunity to take a break from their fun-filled day at the park or on the beach to overpay for a wide variety of mediocre culinary offerings, apparel and beach supplies.



In an attempt to make my boardwalk as Universal Citywalk / Disney Springs-ish as possible and in an attempt to bring my old hotel up to the level of the new one (while saving objects in the process) we've been making some major renovations to Emerald Resort... the first of which is Moe's! Moe's features a margarita bar and enough burritos to ensure that the hotel pool cleaning crew is always busy! It was also made on a Monday, which is how it should be...



When you're up against the object limit, building a second hotel is generally the best course of action, so stay where you play at the beachfront Emerald Palms resort with easy access to the boardwalk, beach and Emerald Pointe theme park!



The family friendly "Sandstorm" coaster greets guests almost as soon as they enter through the front gate. For more daring guests, Anzû (the giant inverted coaster) looms behind it.



Tram maintenance garage and park entrance area



An overview of the hustlin' bustlin' Coyote Canyon area of Emerald Pointe along with the adjacent Boomtown kids area.



Set your course for adventure. Emerald Pointe is coming soon.


Shown here: Boomslang (a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop), Zambezi's Fury (a Chance pirate ship), Python (an Arrow suspended) and Sankura Rapids.



Malangalanga Market



The currently unnamed jungle area of the park, featuring the Caiman dive coaster and popular Sapore quick service restaurant.



The Coyote Creek Log Flume and queue area.



This screenshot features the northern Sky Ride station along with Temple of Shahmaran. An interactive, highly themed dark ride.



El Estruendo and Conquistador



Deluge of Gilgamesh



Year 700 overview (a bit more progress has been made since).


I'll do my best to keep this thread updated, though the "3 screenshots per post" rule means that will take awhile going forward since it's a hyper-detailed park (plus, I build at a snail's pace anyway). You can also follow all of the progress at New Element.


Love it? Hate it? Just want to say "hi"? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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