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Ohio State Fair accident

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This...does not make me feel better about what happened but at least it's that much closer to finding a way to keep it from happening again. At this point I just hope blame ends up where it's deserved and that no one else ends up hurt by this if they didn't cause it. I hope they can figure out what caused the corrosion and make sure it's the last time it ever happens.

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Right, as bad and as tragic as this accident was, it's only going to improve ride inspections, safety, building and material strengthening.


Those who don't learn from their mistakes are prone to repeating them. And the industry learns a lot very fast. Think of how far we have come in 500 years of rides... from the early wooden man-powered wheels to the machines of today.


Oh, I did attend the fair and have pictures of fireball with a portion covered up (taken from public areas) IF you guys want to see it.

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Cares has published the actual safety bulletin. It has four Procedures the first of which requires sandblasting the interior of the gondola support to inspect for corrosion and cracks. If it requires sandblasting the inside of the arm to be able to see the cracks I can see how this issue has been missed.


Also this bulletin only allows the rides to operate until December 31, 2017. I suspect we are going to see some design changes to reinforce the arms.


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Interesting that that bulletin doesn't seem to cover the other similar rides like the Move-It, even though it's essentially the same passenger gondola. I wonder what that means for them. Either they think they aren't as vulnerable to corrosion and this isn't needed, or this text/fix doesn't apply and they aren't likely to be reopened at all soon?

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A photo taken by a visitor to the fair minutes before the accident shows the crack. My understanding is that the ride had been operating for sometime before this photo was taken so it's hard to know if it was visible when the ride was inspected.




The other information that came out though might be more disturbing to me. The Columbus Dispatch is where I got the photo but it also includes this information.


Investigators reported finding a can of red paint and a wet paintbrush under the ride, but they never concluded that the crack was what was painted that day.


What was painted will make a huge difference in how I feel about this accident. If the crack was just painted over there needs to be criminal charges. That kind of negligence needs to be punished. I find it strange that there does not appear to be any information on what was painted.

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This bit...


“Subject gave an example of a ‘drop collar’ that was damaged and cracked prior to an inspection,” the report said. “Subject stated there was not enough time to properly repair the area so a fresh coat of paint was applied to hide the cracks in order to get the inspection to pass. Subject stated the owners knew how the repairs were being made and they were okay with it as long as the ride gets a pass.”


No way of knowing if there's any truth to it, but if there is, no fair should ever hire AoA again.

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