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Game of Thrones


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We're nearly finished watching Season 3. Again.


And I still do not believe we have actually gone back to the beginning, and re-watched every episode, so far.


We're nuts. And I'm pretty sure, we have never done that for any show, comedy or drama, etc. A first!

I was thinking of buying the Blu-rays and doing this leading up to the final season. I'll leave the books until the show is over

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Honestly, at this point the books and show are very different from each other. The first season was almost idwntical, but they've been slowly drifting apart ever since.


I have only just finished the second book and have noticed that. In the first book a lot of the dialog was lifted right out of the book. In the second with things diverging a little it is getting harder to reconcile the book to the series.

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Great first episode of Season 7! (But I still miss Margaery )

And..."rumor has it" that Maisie Williams was NOT told that Ed Sheeran was the one to be singing at the campfire. Big fan of his, she is. So, when she rode in on the horse, supposedly heard his singing and immediately recognized him, she then shocked the entire cast & crew and Ed too, by jumping OFF the horse, running down to him, and then giving him a big old BEARHUG! LOL. So they kept that take, and then did it right, for the episode.


I would love to see that outtake, if it exists.

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Tonight! Tonight! It all starts again tonight!


And there was another great, fully packed Entertainment Weekly magazine published,

devoted mostly to GoT, including synopsis of all past seasons and episodes, to date.


This is the copy we received. With Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) on the cover (of 19 covers available!).

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Funniest part of last Sunday's airing, to me, was Jon Snow's total shock reaction.... to finding out he's a) Not a bastard son; b) The True Heir to the Iron Throne; c) Been screwing around with a relative.

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^ Tis true.


We now (usually) keep the last episode of any tv show's previous season,

just so we can remind ourselves what happened before, etc. etc. etc.


This certainly worked for this show, thank the Lawds.

We definitely needed to remember, how it was found out, about Jon, etc.


We've just done it with StarTrek:Discovery, too.

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Well now, that's a few more of 'em....dead. I won't list them, since you already know, like myself.


Next Sunday's Grand Finale should be interesting. Hopefully, a bit less bloody, but hey. It's Thrones.

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no spoilers. . but.


last night's episode was, if not the worst, then among the worst written in the series history.


they are suffering greatly being beyond the books, and multiple characters acting very out of character - and some just downright terrible writing.


I'm not talking about the main "heel" turn a certain character took - that's been getting teased for a while (tho I do think they did the character a great disservice by having them go "full on bad-guy" in just a single episode.


but I'm more annoyed by just character choices that make no sense, set pieces that were simply there for fan service, and "Stupidity by script design". . with things happening this episode that shoudln't have been possible based on last weeks episode.


oh it looked great, but it was a great looking turd this week. . . and they really tarnished what had been a fantastic show.

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I don't watch Game of Thrones. Despite this, I have a general idea what has happened because I come across the spoilers from the conversations of others and the internet.


But I was stunned how I found out a spoiler from last night's episode. SportsCenter anchor Michael Eaves said the 76ers season ended like (Character X) on Game of Thrones died. This wasn't even an hour after the episode aired. People were furious.

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I think the character I'm feeling the most sympathy for, is Brienne.


And "just because"... remember that very first episode of GoT,

and where Jamie and Cersei were making out?


Looks like the tower "finally came down on them", so-to-speak.

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meh finale . .most of the final season was terrible, with a few stand out episodes.


Wasn't *bad*. . .just "meh"


but yeah.. . the finale was too expected, too clean, and left a LOT of script induced stupidity: biggest of which to me was

Grey Worm and his troops were JUST executing folks in the streets. *SURE* they didn't immediately execute a character who took that action. . no way do they "imprison". .they kill.


script induced idiocy.

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Whatever the rants are/were, about what these past few seasons were like...and especially this final season...


We enjoyed it, were pretty sure Dany was going to "get it" after "giving it" to Cersei's Kingdom. And we were happy The Pack Survived, after all that's happened in the seasons before this last one.


And Tyrion, too.


And that petition to re-write and re-shoot the entire 8th Season, is just dumb. Let those who want it redone, raise their own production funds, and then TRY to agree on what should happen, be done, blah blah blah.


EDIT: Now it's out, that one of the Season One Posters, the one with Ned Stark on the Iron Throne, foretold the ending episode all along. I.E. the three-eyed raven on Ned's right = Bran Stark? Who knows? But much fun to read all the OOOHHHHHMMMMYYYGAWWWWD reactions from the rabid fans, lolol.

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Uh....Spoiler Alert?




We both loved the special on filming the final season, last night. Kit's shocked look on what happens to Dany, near the end of the first read-through (he didn't read too many scripts ahead of time, apparently), is amazing! As well, the cheers for who kills the Night King is wonderful, lol.

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