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The Next Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom?

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I'd say Michigan's Adventure. They only have one good coaster (Shivering Timbers), a lackluster collection of flat rides, and a very short operating season (Late May to weekend after Labor Day). This is by far Cedar Fair's most neglected park, and unless they give them something good soon, I don't see Michigan's Adventure going anywhere.


Good coasters in no way equal profitability.


Let's just pretend that Cedar Fair decides to give MA something Banshee sized next year - they need to make $25 million to pay that off. Let's say that the average guest, after paying for their ticket and parking, spends $75 there, which is probably pretty generous.


They need 333,334 people to come just to break even on the ride investment. And, that isn't considering the additional facilities needed to handle an additional 333,334 people - bathrooms, food, cleaners, stores - and the people within.


With the lower operating calendar, let's say they operate 150 days. That means they need an over 2200 guest increase in average *per day* to break even.


If MA adds a Banshee sized coaster, they are in way more danger of going belly up then if they add a few water slides every other year and continue to receive the same attendance.

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I'm gonna toss another park in here that hasn't really been talked about. Keep in mind I have no knowledge of how much these parks make so this is more of a gut feeling.


My prediction would be Six Flags America. My reason behind this is their location. They're right in the middle of 4 very popular parks in Hershey, GAdv, BGW and KD not to mention various boardwalk parks. SFA doesn't exactly have the best reputation, they haven't had a new coaster that wasn't used by another park in a decade and they're very close to one of their company's most popular parks.


I'm not saying this will happen anytime soon but if Six Flags ever needs to dump more land, I can very easily see this being the next park to go.

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In a way, you could be right on that it could be the next park that could go. I certainly hope not though. I really like their water park and they do have some cool coasters. But Six Flags could easily send those coasters to other parks. But why would they continue to send more attractions to the park if they were gonna get rid of it? If the park is to go, it won't be for a LOOONG time.

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I'd say The Great Escape (sadly). It's a park I really like but it really is neglected by Six Flags and I think a lot of the attendance comes from locals, or La Ronde/SFNE season pass holders, so I don't believe that park makes a lot of money. Again I'd hate to see it go because I really like it and have so many great memories at The Great Escape, but if there's one likely park to close it's that one.


Six Flags wouldn't close TGE unless they really had to. The park is the company's "ATM". The park draws 800,000-900,000 anually (Per town board meetings- TGE also reported attendance at a little over 1 million in the early 2000's during their board meetings for new rides). Like stated before, there is no competition for the park unless you count Darien Lake but that's also hours away. Also like stated above, it doesn't take huge investments to keep people coming back and SFI knows that.


The park is also in a tourist destination that draws a ton of people. The tourists with big vacation pockets play a huge role at TGE. I'd be willing to bet they'd close a bigger park before TGE. Similar to the sell off a few years ago- note TGE was never on that list. Comet is a draw in itself.

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^100 % true. When I wrote my post I was more thinking about the size of the park, the few bigger rides they get etc. etc., but what you say does make a lot of sense. And yay the Comet is awesome !

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